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  • 1. CHICK-FIL-A DELUXE PRPLANJamie, Nikki, Rachel & Sam
  • 2. Situation AnalysisStrengths:• Family own brand• Loyal customers• Chick-fil-a Day• Established brand in U.S.• Locations in almost every state• Sponsors sports events and non-profit organizations• Known for its chicken sandwiches• Good online presence• Weaknesses• Limited international presence• Less locations than competitorssuch as KFC, McDonalds andBurger King• Limited menu- if people wantsomething besides chicken they willbe forced to go to anotherrestaurantTarget Audience:Middle and upper class families who are looking to have chicken as analternative to beef.
  • 3. Situation Analysis ContinuedOpportunities:• More advertising on positivethings the company does tocombat the negative attentionthey’ve received from thescandal.• They already sponsor sportsevents such as the Chick-fil-ABowl and will haveadvertising opportunitiesthere.• Do a nation widephilanthropic event to combatnegative media coverage withpositive coverage.Threats:• Backlash from anti-gayscandal• Protests outside ofrestaurants• Employees beingharassed by angrycustomers• Negative media coverage• Dan Cathy’s newfriendship with Gay ActivistShane Windmeyer
  • 4. Research Questions & ActionsPrimary Research:Would disassociating Dan Cathy with Chick-fil-A helpChick-fil-A regain a positive image?-Separate Dan Cathy’s personal views withChick-fil-A.What is your target audience’s opinion of Chick-fil-A?-Conduct surveys and focus groupsDid the target audience’s opinion change after theanti-gay controversy?-Conduct surveysDid the controversy hurt sales?-Gauge and compare rate of sales before, duringand after controversy.Would disassociating Dan Cathy cause problems forhis anti-gay statement supporters?What percentage of social media involving CFA ispositive?Secondary Research:How diverse is the ethnicity of Chick-fil-A employees?What actions has Chick-fil-A taken during the anti-gaycontroversy?Did Chick-fil-A social media views go up aftercontroversy?Do Chick-fil-A employees feel welcomed in their workenvironment?Would Chick-fil-A going green make a difference tocustomers?How many competing fast food restaurants are energyefficient and eco-friendly?
  • 5. Reshape Chick-fil-A’s image as a diverse,family oriented and eco-friendly environment.Goal Statement:
  • 6. coverage involving Chick-fil-A by 35%in 14 months.Strategy 1: Host a picnic event topromote Chick-fil-A as a diversecompany.Tactic 1: Host an annual countrywidediversity themed picnic during thethird quarter near Chick-fil-Aheadquarters in Atlanta.Tactic 2: Invite five guest speakers ofdifferent cultures to share theirAmerican story and what diversitymeans to them.Tactic 3: Provide a “What doesdiversity mean to you” questionnaireto all attendees.Strategy 2: Encourage Americans toengage in Chick-fil-A’s social mediarecycling campaignTactic 1: Create a hashtag (#CFAgreen) tobe promoted on all CFA products duringthe whole campaign.Tactic 2: Make an online survey aboutrecycling and post it to all available CFAsocial media platforms, as well as the CFAhomepage.Tactic 3: Localize the importance ofrecycling through Facebook check-in whileproviding pictures of individuals and
  • 7. Obj. 2: Decrease the affiliation of Dan Cathyto Chick-fil-A by 20% by end of plan.Strategy 1: Host an “AmazingEmployee” ceremonyTactic 1: Gain news coverage bypitching a story about the ceremony tonewspapers across the countryTactic 2: One winner per state gets anall paid trip to the Chick-fil-A Bowl.Winners will be nominated and theceremony will be held during the firstweek of December.Tactic 3: Post “Amazing Employee”winners on Chick-fil-A’s public websiteaccompanied with a short story aboutwhy these employees were chosen.Strategy 2: Host a countrywide fooddrive involving all CFA locationsTactic 1: The food drive will begin in thethird quarter and end during the fourthquarter.Tactic 2: Create a radio and digital PSA tomotivate consumers to donate andeducate them on the impact that they canmake with CFA.Tactic 3: A poll will be held to askconsumers where they think the foodshould be donated to. The winningorganization will then receive the food
  • 8. Obj. 3: Position Chick-fil-A as the numberone eco-friendly fast food restaurant by endof plan.Strategy 1: Use print and digital media toenhance awareness of Chick-fil-A’s eco-friendly storesTactic 1: Publish an institutional print ad inBetter Homes and Gardens magazine in 14issues.Tactic 2: Post institutional digital ads onsocial media platforms- Facebook,Instagram, Tumblr etc. on a daily basis.Tactic 3: Create and air a PSA in the stateswith CFA locations that encouragesrecycling. PSA will be localized and updatedwith the MSA’s recycling policies andregulations.Tactic 4: Donate all proceeds to ResourceRecycling Systems on Earth Day.Going Green is as easy as…..www.chic-fil-a.com/go/greenReduceReuseRecycle· Recycle- Disposetrash intoproper bins.· Reduce- becomemore energyefficient.· Reuse- We userecycledproducts whilebuilding. Try touse recycledmaterials whenyou can.
  • 9. Obj. 3: ContinuedStrategy 2: Initiate a “Go Green” multiple photoentry contestTactic 1: Use Instagram, Vine and Facebook toraise awareness about recycling and use thealready created hashtag #CFAGreen.Tactic 2: Reward three consumers who post themost pictures of active recycling. First placewinner will receive a free meal for four, a CFA “Irecycle” t-shirt and an “Eat Mor Chikin” stuffedcow. Second place winner will receive a CFA “Irecycle” t-shirt and an “Eat Mor Chikin” stuffedcow. The third place winner will receive an “EatMor Chikin” stuffed cow.Tactic 3: Present consumers at every CFAlocation with a limited time offer of mint green