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  1. 1. June 2, 2013Release no. 36For information call: Samantha Kresz856-555-4545Kreszs10@students.rowan.eduRelease: Upon ReceiptChick-fil-A Leadercast Inspires Former Employee to Share Success(LEADERCAST 2013)ATLANTA--- Chick-fil-A was founded on generosity. Founder Truett Cathy believes that“Nearly every moment of every day we have the opportunity to give something to someoneelse.” He is a man that finds more joy in giving than getting things in return. This is why hiscompany has built a tradition of community service for the past 66 years.Despite some negative publicity with contribution to anti-gay organizations, Chick-fil-Astill adheres to its giving nature but in way that leaves the business out of the political arena.Chick-fil-a focuses on giving to three key areas: youth and education, leadership and familyenrichment and local communities.Chick-fil-A also prides itself on giving back to the employees who continuously workhard for the company. Truett Cathy wants all of his employees to reach success and Chick-fil-Aoffers a helping hand in doing so. Chick-fil-A has contests among its restaurant operators to wintickets to the annual Chick-fil-A leadership event.-MORE-
  2. 2. The Chick-fil-A Leadercast Conference began in 2000 when founder, John C. Maxwell’svision to create an affordable and accessible leadership conference came to fruition. Chick-fil-Astarted sponsoring Maxwell’s leadership event in 2009 and from then on it was known as theChick-fil-a Leadercast Conference.“The event is a one-day, can’t miss leadership development experience that is bothaffordable and accessible to all leaders throughout North America and around the world.” SaysChick-fil-A president Dan Cathy. The annual event broadcasts live from Atlanta, Ga. andfeatures some of the top leaders in business.This year the event was hosted by New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt.Approximately 5,000 people attended the live event and another 115,000 people joined in onsatellite in almost 800 locations worldwide. The event was a great success and was named oneof the top five leadership conferences of the year.Attendees of the conference praised the experience. Dave Ramsey, a former employee ofChick-fil-A, started attending the conference a few years ago. Dave is now an established author,radio host and television personality.MORE-
  3. 3. Ramsey started out as a restaurant operator for Chick-fil-A. In 2010he won tickets for Leadercast because his Brentwood, Tennessee restauranthad the best sales for the year. He left that conference so inspired he began towrite his first book The Total Money Makeover which went on to become aNew York Times Bestseller.“To say I learned a lot about being the best leader possible would beputting it lightly. I have close to twenty pages of notes and every speakertoday brought value and insight,” Ramsey after attending this year’sconference.Ramsey has been invited to speak at the 2014 conference. “It is anhonor to have been asked to speak at next year’s conference. Leadercast haschanged my life and I hope that I can do the same for others.”From Chick-fil-A restaurant operator to best-selling author, DavidRamsey thanks his experience at Leadercast for changing his life. Hecontinues to go to the event to this day and says that it gets better with eachyear.###With plans toonly growbigger in thenext year,Chick-fil-Ahas announcedthe date for the2014conference.The event willbe held inAtlantaGeorgia onMay 9, 2014.Tickets arenow availableon the event’swebsitehttp://www.chick-fil-aleadercast.com fordiscountedrates.