Penetration testing & Ethical Hacking


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Maxim Catanoi| IT Security Consultant

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Penetration testing & Ethical Hacking

  1. 1. Penetration testing & Ethical Hacking Security Week 2013
  2. 2. •Hacked Companies •Penetration Testing •Vulnerability Scanning •Security Services offered by Endava Agenda 2
  3. 3. IN YOUR ZONE Who I am 3 •Catanoi Maxim – Information Security Consultant at Endava •Certifications: • EC-Council, Certified Ethical Hacker • EC-Council, Certified Security Analyst • EC-Council, Licensed Penetration Tester • SANS/GIAC Penetration Tester • PCI-DSS, PCI Professional (Payment Card Industry) •Over 9 years of experience in IT Security
  4. 4. IN YOUR ZONE Hacked companies – 2011-2013 4 • 90% of 600 companies suffered a computer hack in the past 12 months • 77% of companies were actually hacked multiple times • The respondents reported having a very low confidence in their ability to prevent attacks • Many believe they simply aren’t prepared • 53% also believe they will experience an attack in the next 12 months.
  5. 5. IN YOUR ZONE Who Attacked and Where 5 • 27% of respondents were willing to blame 3rd party business partners • 40% could not conclusively determine the source of the attacks
  6. 6. IN YOUR ZONE Increase in Attacks 6 • The last 12 – 18 months has seen an increase in the severity of the attacks • 77% of companies reported that they were now losing more money with every attack • 78% also said that the frequency of attacks was also on the increase • Theft of information and business disruptions were the most serious results of a hack
  7. 7. IN YOUR ZONE Hacked Companies – 2011-2013 7 • Sony and the PlayStation Network • • RSA • Voice of America
  8. 8. IN YOUR ZONE What is a Penetration Testing? •A penetration test is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source 8
  9. 9. IN YOUR ZONE Why Penetration Testing? •Find Holes Now Before Somebody Else Does •To make a point to decision makers about the need for action or resources •Real-world proof of need for action •Report Problems to Management •Evaluate efficiency of security protection •Security Training For Network Staff •Discover Gaps In Compliance •Testing New Technology •Adopt best practice by confirming to legal regulations 9
  10. 10. IN YOUR ZONE Penetration Testing types •Network services test •Client-side security test •Application security test •Passwords attack •Wireless & Remote Access security test •Social engineering test •Physical security test 10
  11. 11. IN YOUR ZONE Penetration Testing area 11 Security policies, procedures, and education Policies, procedures, and awareness Guards, locks, tracking devicesPhysical security Application hardeningApplication OS hardening, authentication, security update management, antivirus updates, auditing Host Network segments, NIDSInternal network Firewalls, boarder routers, VPNs with quarantine procedures Perimeter Strong passwords, ACLs, backup and restore strategy Data
  12. 12. IN YOUR ZONE Penetration Testing profile •Black Box •White Box •Grey Box 12 •External •Internal •Destructive •None-destructive •Announced •Unannounced
  13. 13. IN YOUR ZONE Penetration Testing methodology •Proprietary methodologies: • IBM • ISS • Found Stone • EC-Council LPT •Open source and public methodologies: • OSSTIMM • CISSP • CISA • CHECK • OWASP 13
  14. 14. IN YOUR ZONE Penetration Testing flow •Scope/Goal Definition •Information Gathering •Vulnerability Detection/Scanning •Information Analysis and Planning •Attack& Penetration/Privilege Escalation •Result Analysis & Reporting. •Clean-up 14 REPEAT
  15. 15. IN YOUR ZONE LPT Penetration Testing roadmap 15
  16. 16. IN YOUR ZONE LPT Penetration Testing roadmap (cont) 16
  17. 17. IN YOUR ZONE Who should perform a Penetration Test? • This is a highly manual process • Art of finding an open door • An qualified expert from outside holding recognized certifications like CEH, ECSA, CISSP, CISA, CHECK • Networking – TCP/IP contepts, cabling techniques • Routers, firewalls, IDS • Ethical Hacking techniques – exploits, hacking tools, etc… • Databases – Oracle, MSSQL, mySQL • Operation Systems – Windows, Linux, Mainframe, Mac • Wireless protocols – Wifi, Bluetooth • Web servers, mail servers, access devices • Programming languages • other 17
  18. 18. IN YOUR ZONE What makes a good Penetration Test •Establishing the parameter for penetration test such as objectives and limitation •Hiring skilled and experienced professional to perform the test •Choosing suitable set of tests that balance cost and benefits •Following a methodology with proper planning and documentation •Documenting the result carefully and making it comprehensible for the client •Stating the potential risk and findings clearly in the final report 18
  19. 19. IN YOUR ZONE Vulnerability Scanning – standalone service •An established process for identifying vulnerabilities on internal and external systems •Reduce the likelihood of a vulnerability being exploited and potential compromise of a system component •Internal vulnerability scans should be performed at least quarterly 19
  20. 20. IN YOUR ZONE How often? •On regular basis, at least annually • Internal penetration test • External penetration test •Vulnerability scanning at least quarterly •New network infrastructure or applications are added •Significant upgrades or modifications are applied to infrastructure or applications •New office locations are established •Security patches are applied •End user policies are modified 20
  21. 21. IN YOUR ZONE Security Services Offered by Endava 21 •Regular External and Internal Vulnerability Scans •Regular Penetration Tests •PCI-DSS Assessment •Implementing ISO 27001 and/or ISO 9001 Standards •Security Trainings • Security Consultation • Security Audits • Custom Security Solution • Intrusion Monitoring Solution •24/7 Incident responding team
  22. 22. IN YOUR ZONE Questions 22
  23. 23. IN YOUR ZONE The end 23 Maxim Catanoi| IT Security Consultant Tel +373 797 02900 |Skype en_mcatanoi thank you