The Ghost Story


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Interview with 513 Mogul Ghost Co-C.E.O of Celebrity Status Ent. "Put Ur O's Up" Smooth M.C., Dee Jay and just the Man!! Peep the Interview with $ilkUnlimited

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The Ghost Story

  1. 1. The Ghost $tory Interview by $ilkUnlimited Cincinnati Artist GHOST I had to take a trip to the 513 to see for myself just what the Buzz was to Put ur O's Up; and after seeing my man Ghost rock the crowd the way he does I was proud to be from the OH10. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio has been rapping and writing poetry 14 years ago as a method for emotional release. In the environment grew up in sharing your emotions was not something you did so he needed a way to express myself. 12 years ago is
  2. 2. when he started transforming that poetry into lyrics to the sound of a beat. Ever since then have been finding and refining a style to what it is today. I had to ask who influenced him and to my surprise, well I'll let him tell you: Ghost: I would say my biggest music influence would be Cleveland’s own Bone Thugs N Harmony. They managed to discuss various topics and developed their own style of delivery. They told stories; they gave political views, and pushed boundaries of what rappers should be talking about. In particular Bizzy Bone has influenced my style teaching me the lesson of rap from the heart and as long as you luv the music nothing else matters. Other artists that influenced me are Nas, Jay Z, and Notorius B.I.G. One local artist that influenced me was an artist named Chazaray. He helped me set the bar high and gave me some perspective on how the game works. Ghost doesn't freestyle but enjoys watching it for what it is but honestly believe it’s a waste words. I would rather out the pen to paper and create a masterpiece than spit something that will never be repeated and will be forgotten within a few hours. Ghost states now when I write a song, typically I freestyle 4 bars write down whats hot from there then repeat the process until the Hit is created!
  3. 3. $ilk: How many songs or CD's have you dropped? Ghost: I would say I have about 50 songs, hundreds of verses, and dozens of note pads. I just finished my first official album. The name of the album is”Ohio Music Movement – Midwest Legend! It will feature 15 original tracks all written by GHOST. Guest appearances wrote their own verses and hooks except for the hook in “Running” and the hook in “Ride Out”. Current available material – available every downloads are sold! (iTunes, Amazon, etc) GHOST – The O (4 Track EP) GHOST – Ghostridah (4 Track EP) GHOST – Ohio Music Movement Vol. 1 (Mixtape featuring Ohio & and KY artists) GHOST – Ohio Music Movement - Midwest Legend (Available August!) GHOST is also available as a feature on: KY Music Breakers mixtape Cincinnati Artist Mank Payne upcoming release
  4. 4. Cincinnati Artist BayB King upcoming release Cincinnati Artists The Suspexx upcoming release Currently a solo artist. Music partnerships I have developed strong relationships with J. Jones Entertainment, Inkoming Records, 3 Street Records, and Full House Records. I work with any and all Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, St. Louis and Indiana artists. Rather it is collabs, promotions, doing shows, or breaking records in the club. My crew is the Midwest and anyone that wants to roll wit me! I have had several of the events I have hosted, performed at, or was the DJ for televised. Such as: Halloween Bash 2007 (Live performance) Friday Night Freestyle Battles 2008 (Hosted & Live performance) (Multiple) Black Light Parties 2008 (DJ) (Multiple) Sarah Scholl Fundraiser 2008 411 Television Show 2008, 2009 (Multiple) So you think you got talent w/ Bootsy Collins (June 28, 2009) I have been around the industry for 10 years now so I know a good deal when I see one and have enough industry mentors around me that would help me make the right decision. So for now I’m indie and some one approaches me with the right situation.
  5. 5. The reason for why I do what I do is I just like making music. I make music I like to hear. If other people happen to like it then all the better. It also gives me a creative outlet to express myself. I plan on keep making music that I love. I also want to have an impact on the music scene in Ohio. I don’t have to be the one that gets that break but if I help someone realize their dream that’s enough for me. In 5 years I just want to be known for good music, helping artists, and being real! Here is some other info that may be helpful. Date of Birth: February 4, 1981 Cell Phone: 513-658-3066
  6. 6. Email: Website: Myspace: Songwriter’s Association: BMI Distributed By: Capitol Records Musical Accomplishments: Performed at numerous Cincinnati venues: Fairfield Tavern, Sports Page Cafe, Baba Budan's Cafe, Elementz, Sneaky Pete's, Bad Habits, Dirty Jacks, V's Nite Club, The Dukester, Magic City, Harlows, & Memories! Voted 2008 Best DJ & Best Open Mic Host in Eastside Vibe Magazine! Shout outs in Eastside Vibe Magazine (multiple) and OZONE magazine (twice). DJ every Friday at Sports Page Café Celebrity Status Entertainment (Co-Owner) Our goal is to deliver quality promotions, modeling, live performers, DJ services, and photography to any type of event.