CEIT Institutional Presentation (for Biomedical Engineering Area)


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Institutional Presentation of CEIT (Centre of Studies and Technological Research of Guipuzcoa)

Researching Today, Creating the Future

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  • Good Morning you are all very welcome here to CEIT Miramon / Ibaeta. I am going to spend the next few minutes sharing the CEIT story with you so you can see exactly who we are.
  • Ceit was born in the School of Engineering, University of Navarra in 1982. Operating in the education sector since 1952, the University of Navarra has almost 15,000 students, over 500 Professors and 27 Official degree programs. It presently holds the number position in Spain for education in the private sector. We continue to enjoy a solid collaborative relationship with the University.
  • CEIT is a non profit centre and therefore all profits made are reinvested into the centre which allow us to reach our dual mission.
  • CEIT has a very clear mission statement: To develop new research projects, and to train young researchers. We are clear and absolute in our goals.
  • CEIT enjoys a very good working relationship with our partners within the UNAV Group including: CUN: The University Hospital treats over 150,000 patients per year and has a staff of over 2400 health care professionals and support staff. CIMA: The Centre for Applied Medical Research in Pamplona is well placed to liaise with the University Hospital, Medical & Science Faculties in pioneering research. IESE: According the The Economist IESE MBA Program is the global leader and continues to offer extensive business programs in New York, Asia and main land Spain. CEIT as all our partners share the values, principles and ethos of the University of Navarra. (Please note the above information can be used or not used but is important for each speaker to know)
  • CEIT has two prime locations in San Sebastian. The School of Engineering campus at Ibaeta and the purpose built facility in Miramon. CEIT opened the Miramon location in 2005
  • Having been founded by a University; CEIT benefits greatly from our roots in education. Our university approach means: All research projects are led by Doctors. We encourage and support our researchers attending international conferences and seeking publication in International journals. Annually we recruit groups of talented PhD students that benefit greatly from our doctor led supervision during their tenure with us. We continue to believe that our solid roots in education are a positive part of who we are.
  • CEIT has enjoyed an upward growth curve over the past decade and we have seen our staff numbers steadily rise. As our partnerships in Industry and across the academic community increase, we are in the advantageous position of being able to contract further talented researchers and support staff. For example in 2007 we had 190 Staff and you can see clearly we have increased our team in the last year to over 300 people
  • CEIT is a multidisciplinary centre operating across a broad spectrum of engineering areas. Materials Mechanical Electronic & Communication Environmental Microelectronics & Micro Systems Biomedical Engineering. The Materials department was the first focus in the early days for CEIT. Over the years we have developed and grown to meet Industry & research needs. Our multidisciplinary format has resulted in the formation of our newest line of research Biomedical Engineering which is engaged in many exciting areas of research. (A sentence on each department can be written if required e.g. Materials specialist in thermomechanical etc., )
  • CEIT´s scientific results have steadily grown over the last decade as illustrated on the slide: Our average figures show that our staff have attended almost 70 conferences per year, published almost 100 papers in international journals and almost 19 fully defended theses per annum
  • CEIT enjoys a strong relationship with Industry as is demonstrated by this selection of our working partners. ( Place red dot on Intel ) For example: CEIT has worked with INTEL in the United States for over a decade. (Place red dot on CAF ) CAF and CEIT have enjoyed a positive working relationship for many years and CAF operate on onsite laboratory here in our Ibaeta facility.
  • Here we see some examples of our partnerships within the academic community across Europe and government agencies that we have partnered in EU projects. (Place red dot on one academic institution of your choice)
  • CEIT plays a role in bringing technology to the market place through our long history of spin offs. As far back as 1996 when ATM was created through our Environmental Department to 2008 and the creation of Farsens Solutions. (The following text is optional dependent on audience) Our role in start up’s is to foster and mentor the team to ensure it´s success in the market. Taking technology to market requires more than money – in our experience it takes time, effort, hard work and key scientific professionals offering support and guidance in those early days.
  • My name is xxxx and I am proud to represent CEIT researching today, creating the future.
  • CEIT Institutional Presentation (for Biomedical Engineering Area)

    1. 1. Institutional Presentation Biomedical Engineering Area
    2. 2. CEIT was created by the University of Navarra
    3. 3. Non profit Research Centre
    4. 4. <ul><li>Development of research projects </li></ul><ul><li>Training of young researchers </li></ul>We have a dual Mission
    5. 6. Facilities Miramon Ibaeta
    6. 7. University style approach to research
    7. 8. Human resources trend
    8. 9. Materials Applied Mechanics Electronics & Communications Environmental Engineering Microelectronics & Microsystems Biomedical Engineering Areas of R&D
    9. 10. Papers: 97.8 Conferences: 66.8 Theses: 18.6 Scientific activity
    10. 11. Industrial partners
    11. 12. Education & Governmental partners
    12. 13. Taking technology to the market place
    13. 14. Researching today, Creating the future