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Lessons Learned: An Experience in Open Education
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Lessons Learned: An Experience in Open Education


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Lessons Learned: An Experience in Open Education presented by Kathleen Stone, Claire Miller, Michele Ogle, Hui-Ya Chuang

Lessons Learned: An Experience in Open Education presented by Kathleen Stone, Claire Miller, Michele Ogle, Hui-Ya Chuang

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. LESSONS LEARNED: AN EXPERIENCE IN OPEN EDUCATION Hui-Ya Chuang Claire Miller Michele Ogle Kathleen Stone
  • 2. INTRODUCTION TO OPENNESS IN EDUCATION• Open course taught by David Wiley.• 12 topics to work through and blog about.• Once completed the work is assessed by Dr. Wiley to earn a badge.• We incorporated a face-to-face component.• Course content at
  • 3. POLL QUESTION How do you define "open"? Take the poll and see what others are saying.Participate in the poll:1. via Text message - Text the numeric keycode that corresponds with your definition to "37607"2. by Tweet - tweet to "@Poll" followed by the keycode3. on the web - go to on any web device and select your definition from the list
  • 4. COURSE TOPICS• Open Licensing• Open Source• Open Content• OpenCourseWare• Open Educational Resources• Open Access
  • 5. COURSE TOPICS• Open Science• Open Data• Open Teaching• Open Assessment• Open Business Models• Open Policy
  • 6. POLL QUESTION: ASSESS YOUR LEARNINGAfter hearing more about these topics, has yourdefinition of "open" changed?See what your colleagues saidat Image: Marco Bellucci, via Flickr
  • 7. Simplifying Licensing BetweenNO Rights and ALL Rights Reserved Attribution All CC licenses require NoDerivatives others who use your work You allow others to copy, to give you credit in the distribute, and otherwise way you request, and not use only original copies of in a way that suggests your work without endorsement on your modification. part. ShareAlike NonCommercial You allow others to copy, You allow others to copy, distribute, modify, and distribute, and otherwise otherwise use your work, use your work for non- as long as they distribute commercial purposes. the modified work under the same terms of license.
  • 8. Creative Commons: The 6 Licenses Attribution Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY CC BY-NC Attribution-ShareAlike Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-SA CC BY-NC-SA Attribution-NoDerivatives Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives CC BY-ND CC BY-NC-ND
  • 9. THE LICENSING GAME• Designed to help you understand how to use Open Educational Resources (OERs) correctly and legally.• The goal of the game is to remix four different kinds of content to create a new, legal, and open resource.The four types of content are: 1. Text 2. Audio 3. Video 4. Image
  • 11. HOW TO PLAY THE LICENSING GAME Each team gets a Remix Sheet - this is where you will mix the resources we give you and create a new, legal resource. Each team also gets three sets of content cards to place on their Remix Sheet. Place one of each type of Content on the Remix sheet. Determine whether or not the set of content cards is a legal remix of licensed content. Correct answers win a prize!This game is adapted from the Brigham Young University Division of Continuing Education Independent Study – Finding andUsing Open Educational Resources:
  • 12. WHERE DO I FIND OER?Some places to start your search for content:•• ersion_one• creating content and sharing it as well! Agreat place to start is by creating a user page at
  • 13. QUESTIONSThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.