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Final presentation by team of students on Apps for Good course at Central Foundation Girls School

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  • All Introduce ourselves Mo: We’re from central foundation girls school and today we’re going to talk to you about transit
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  • Sayema: From what you’ve just seen id like to show you what it can lead to. Parents have low esteem because they feel unable to help their children in their schoolwork There is a breakdown in communication between parents and teachers due to language barriers Bengali parents dislike technology because it is in english and they do not understand it
  • Shanaz: Our school is in Tower Hamlets which had a large population of bangladeshi people living in it and while the second generation can all speak english fluently, most parents lack this ability. From a survey of 20, 100% all said they had experienced translation problems with parents several times and that they all also believe better communication can improve parent involvement in education.
  • Siddiquea: 87.5% of teachers also agreed that our app is a much better solution to the current ways of solving translation problems which include asking students to translate. As you saw from our video they are not always honest.
  • Mohima How can we use mobile technology to improve parent teacher communication?
  • Shanaz: Read off the slide
  • Sayema: Our target audience is teachers as they already have smart phones and most bengali parents do not. From our research we also know that they are willing to pay £2-3 for the app.
  • Mohima:….
  • Siddiquea: This is a mock up of how we would like our app to look. As you can tell this is just a foundation for us to build on and over the next few weeks we will be working with professionals on our user interface design. The app will be user friendly however so it is simple to use
  • Siddiquea: This is as example of some prerecorded phrases that will be built into the app
  • Siddiquea: and this is too
  • Shanaz: Thank you for listening, does anyone have any questions?
  • Transit - Final Presentation

    1. 1. Transit By Mohima Ahmed, Shanaz Aktar, Siddiquea Aktar, Sayema Khanom
    2. 2. Video
    3. 3. This leads to…
    4. 4. Research: Teachers agree with problem
    5. 5. Research: App is more effective tool 87.5%
    6. 6. How can mobiles improve parent-teacher communication?
    7. 7. Contains all the English and Bengali phrases teacher/parents want to know TRANSIT
    8. 8. Target Audience
    9. 9. Technical Feasibility
    10. 10. Choose Translation App Design – Mock-up Transit Settings About Bengali to English English to Bengali
    11. 11. App Design – Mock-up Bengali to English
    12. 12. App Design – Mock-up English to Bengali Your child’s behaviour in class has improved Your child is currently working at a satisfactory level Your child works well in class