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Apps for good_awards_competition_ts&cs_april_2013 - final

  1. 1. th Last updated: 15 April2013 Official Rules for the Apps for Good Awards Apps Competition1. These terms and conditions ("Official Rules") for the Apps for Good Awards Apps Competition (“Competition”) are a binding legal agreement between the School (as defined below) and CDI Apps for Good Limited ("CDI") of62 Wilson Street, LondonEC2A 2BU.Bysubmitting an Entry (as defined below), the Teacher confirms that (s)he will, and that (s)he has obtained the consent of each member of the Team (as defined below) and (where applicable) a parent/guardianthat (s)he will, comply with and accept these Official Rules.2. The Competition commences at 12:00:01 a.m. GMT on 19th April 2013 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. BSTon 30 April2013 ("Competition Period"). Entering the Competition3. To be eligible for the Competition: (a) there must be at least 2 (two) individuals of between 8 (eight) years of age and 18 (eighteen) years of age (inclusive) at the date of entry who wish to enter the Competition together ("Team"); (b) all members of the Team must attend the same school or college which is participating in CDIs Apps for Good training course (a "School"); and (c) a teacher from, and duly authorised to act on behalf of, the School ("Teacher") mustensure that all assignments are uploaded and approved on the (“Platform”).4. In order to enter the Competition, the Teacher will need to approve the following online to CDI on behalf of the Team: (a) A completed Team profile on the Platform including all 10course assignments for 2012/13 Mobile Course (b) An elevator pitch video no longer than 90 (ninety) seconds in length also uploaded and approved on the Team profile together with the online entry form, the "Entry". CDI will not be able to return any part ofan Entry.5. The Competition is not open to a Team with any Member who is: (a) under8 (eight) years of age or over 18 (eighteen) years of age at the date of entry; or (b) between 8 (eight) years of age and 18 (eighteen) years of age (inclusive) at the date of entry and who is related to, or living in the same household as, any employees, independent contractors, officers and/or directors of CDI or the advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies or legal advisors of CDI.6. The Teacher may only submit1 (one) Entry to the Competition for each Team.7. Upon receipt, CDI will allocate each Entry to category it reasonably considers to be the most appropriate for the applicable Entry ("Category"). CDI reserves the right to move an Entry after allocation to a different Category if, in CDIs reasonable opinion, it becomes aware that the Entry is better suited to that Category.8. Each Entry received by CDI during the Competition Periodwill be entered into the Competition.9. Bysubmitting an Entry, the School confirms that it has the consent of each member of the Team to:
  2. 2. (a) grant CDI the right to use all information and data supplied in the Entry for the purpose of operating the Competition [and for its other internal business purposes]; and (b) to the extent possible, grant CDI a royalty-free licence of all intellectual property rights in the Entry (including, without limitation, the App) to the extent that CDI deems necessary for it to run and promote the Competition.10. By submitting an Entry, the School represents and warrants that it has, to the extent possible, confirmed that all parts of such Entry are the Teams work and that no materialssubmitted to CDI will breach any law or infringe the rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights) of any third party.11. CDI is not responsible for: (a) any problems or technical, hardware or software malfunctions of any telephone network, telephone lines, website, hardware or software used to submit an Entry; (b) the failure of any Entry to be received by CDI due to technical problems, human error, traffic congestion or unavailable network connections on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof; or (c) any failed, incorrect, inaccurate, incompleteor delayed Entry, whether caused by the sender or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilisedin theCompetition. How the Competition Will Work12. The Competition is split up into 6 (six)Categories, each of which is supported by one of CDIs sponsors ("Sponsors"). The Categories and Sponsors are: Connected Communities – Talk Talk Information and Learning – Thomson Reuters Saving, Spending and Giving – Barclaycard Power to do More – Dell Our World – SAP Keep Moving - BlackBerry13. The Competition will be judged in the following three (3) stages: Stage 1 Once the Competition Period has ended, a judging panel including independent expert volunteers and representatives of CDI will review all of the Entries and will allocate each Entry to its appropriate Category and pick a maximum of 10 (ten)Entries for each Categoryto go forward to Stage 2. The judging panel will judge the Entries on: Problem definition Is the scenario the team is attempting to address clear and well thought out? How is the problem currently being solved, if at all? Understanding users What are the team’s specific target markets?
  3. 3. Has the team understood their target users and their needs in a credible way, i.e. through being affected by the problem themselves or having a direct link to potential users? Understanding the market Has the team considered and adequately differentiated from competing apps or other alternative solutions to the problem? What is the unique selling point of the app? How will the team generate their first 1000 users? Data feasibility Has the team considered where exactly they will get the data from, if needed? (e.g. does data come from users, oris it government data?) Are there appropriate incentives for whoever is providing the data? Technical Implementation How complex is the app? Does it exploit the key functions of a smartphone handset in a simple way? What is the minimum viable specification for the initial product, and what features could be released later? Stage 2 Each Category will have a judging panel of between 3 (three) and 5 (five) judges ("Stage 2Panel"), consisting of up to 3 (three) representatives of the Sponsor for that Category, 1 (one)representative of CDI and up to 2 (two) independent experts recruited from the mobile community who volunteer with CDI to work on the Apps for Good training course ("Apps for Good Expert Community"). The Stage 2 Panel will review the shortlist of Entries for that Category from Stage 1 and pick up to 4 (four) of their top Entries ("Finalists"). Stage 3 The Finalists in each Category will be asked to attend a presentation at LSO St Luke’sinLondon on the 11 June 2013 at a time which CDI will confirm when notifying the Finalists. At the presentation, each Finalist will pitch its App to a judging panel of between 3 (three) and 5 (five) judges ("Finalist Panel"), consisting of up to 3 (three) representatives of the Sponsor for that Category, 1 (one) representative of the Apps for Good Expert Community and 1 (one) representative of CDI.The Finalist Panel will select an overall winner in each Category ("Winning Team").14. If a Finalist is unable to attend the presentation at Stage 3 as set out above, CDI has the right to remove its Entry from the Competition and replace it with another Entry. The Prize15. Each Winning Team will have its App professionally developed to be made available on app stores such as Apples Apps Store and Google Play (store examples are for illustrative purposes only) ("Prize"). In order to take advantage of the Prize, each member of a Winning Team will be required to sign an agreement with CDI, appointing CDI to act as the Winning Teams agent (or, if a Team member is under 18 (eighteen) years of age, that members parent/guardian will have to sign on his/her behalf) (the "Agency Agreement"). A copy of the Agency Agreement is available here:
  4. 4. 16. Every member of a Winning Team (if 18 (eighteen) years of age) or a parent/guardian of every member of a Winning Team (if under 18 (eighteen) years of age) must sign the Agency Agreement. If any member of a Team or parent/guardian (as applicable) does not sign the Agency Agreement then that Winning Team will not be eligible for the Prize and its Entry will be withdrawn and another Winning Team chosen. General17. If the Team, any member of the Team and/or the School or Teacher breaches any of the rules set out in these Official Rules, at any stage of the Competition, CDI has the right to withdraw that Entry from the Competition and chose another Team to take its place.18. Bysubmitting an Entry, the School confirms that it has obtained the consent of each member of the Team or his/her parent/guardian (as applicable) to receive e-mail updates on the Competition.19. By submitting the Entry on behalf of the Team and School, the Teacher agrees to receive e-mail notifications from CDI regarding the status of the Competition and information which (s)he must pass on to the members of the Team.20. Bysubmitting an Entry on behalf of the Team, the School confirms that it has obtained the consent of each member of a Teamfor CDI to use the Team name and any part of the Entry which is covered by paragraph 4(a) to 4(c) (inclusive) above in Stage 3 and in any publicity materialsdisplayed in the United Kingdom or online and/or as a case study in CDIs Apps for Good training course during the 2 (two) years following the end of the Competition Period.21. CDI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the Competition if any computer virus, bugs or other technical issues, or other causes beyond the control of CDI, corrupt the administration, security or proper functioning of the Competition, and will use reasonable endeavours to notify each member of a Team of such cancellation, modification or suspension.22. By submitting an Entry on behalf of the Team, the School agrees that: (a) CDIs liability relating to any claim made by the Teacher under these Official Rules shall be limited to £100; and (b) under no circumstances will the Schoolbe able to obtain any award for any damages not reasonably foreseeable by the School or CDI on the date on which the Entry was submitted.23. Nothing in these Official Rules shall exclude or limit CDIs liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or for death or personal injury resulting from negligence by CDI and/or its employees or agents.24. CDI accepts no liability for any damage to any computer system or loss of data that results from access to and completion of the Entry and CDI cannot guarantee that any files downloaded are free from viruses, contamination or destructive features.25. If any provision of these Official Rules is found by a court or a regulator to be invalid or unenforceable the other provisions shall continue to apply.26. CDI shall be the sole interpreter of these Official Rules. In the event of any dispute concerning these Official Rules, the laws of England and Waleswill apply. If the School wishes to take court proceedings against CDIit must do so within England and Wales.27. As data controller, CDI will process any personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its privacy policy which can be found here These Official Rules will be available at the Competition Period and until the Winning Teams are officially announced. To obtain a copy of these Official Rules, print them from send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
  5. 5. “Apps for Good Awards Apps Competition”, c/o CDI Apps for Good of 125-127 Mare Street, London E8 3RH.29. If you have any questions regarding the Competition or would like to obtain thenames of the Winning Teams, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: “Apps for Good Awards Apps Competition”, c/o o CDI Apps for Good of 125-127 Mare Street, London E8 3RH or email