SharePoint 2010-Your Business Collaboration Platform


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One of Microsoft’s most powerful collaboration tools has a new version. And although not yet publically released, C/D/H has been working with SharePoint 2010 since August 2009.

C/D/H will show you how features like a new ribbon interface and improved Web 2.0 capabilities can help you accelerate your business. We’ll also give you real-world examples of how clients are leveraging SharePoint in their environment.

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SharePoint 2010-Your Business Collaboration Platform

  1. 1. CDH CDH SharePoint 2010 Your business collaboration platform May 20, 2010
  2. 2. CDH Quick Facts About Us Approach Partnerships • 20th Year • Vendor Agnostic • Microsoft Gold • Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Professional • Cisco Premier • 25 Staff Services Only • Novell Platinum • Citrix Silver
  3. 3. CDH Expertise Project Management Infrastructure Collaboration Access & Identity Management
  4. 4. CDH CDH Talks Tech
  5. 5. SharePoint and Microsoft Office CDH 2010: A history of innovation. SharePoint SharePoint and and Microsoft Microsoft Office Office 2010 Development 2007 SP2 Beta Customer and Validation Microsoft Exchange Feedback Microsoft® Exchange Server Server 2010 and Research SharePoint® Online Beta SharePoint and Microsoft Office SharePoint Office 2010 Communications and Office Key Innovation 2010 FAST Search Server 2010 Areas Locked Server 2007 R2 Tech Preview SharePoint Online H2 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 2007 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010  Additional products being launched: Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Visio® 2010  ~$1B annual R&D investment across Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and related products
  6. 6. CDH Productivity: It’s no simple thing. Meet changing Manage IT costs business needs and complexity  Drive insight from complexity  Integrate line-of-business (LOB) systems  Work with customers and partners  Provide scale agility  Embrace millennial work styles  Enable innovation  Comply with regulations  Protect intellectual property
  7. 7. CDH Microsoft SharePoint 2010 The business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web.
  8. 8. CDH Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services Ribbon UI InfoPath Form Services SharePoint Workspace External Lists SharePoint Mobile Workflow Office Client and Office Web App Integration SharePoint Designer Standards Support Visual Studio API Enhancements REST/ATOM/RSS Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings Social Bookmarking Blogs and Wikis PerformancePoint Services My Sites Excel Services Activity Feeds Chart Web Part Profiles and Expertise Visio Services Org Browser Web Analytics SQL Server Integration PowerPivot Enterprise Content Types Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Social Relevance Multi-stage Disposition Phonetic Search Audio and Video Content Types Navigation Remote Blob Storage FAST Integration List Enhancements Enhanced Pipeline
  9. 9. Here’s how you can connect and CDH empower people: User Interface Office Integration Anywhere Access
  10. 10. CDH Engage your audience. Not your help desk. Easily adopt and design appealing SharePoint sites. The Office Ribbon UI in SharePoint! AJAX-based Theming usability Cross-browser Web access Embedding rich media
  11. 11. CDH Put great content to use Access information quickly from both SharePoint and Microsoft Office. . Easy discovery of content in SharePoint Metadata-driven navigation in Microsoft Office
  12. 12. Make your work more relevant. CDH Collaborate in context through the new Office Backstage. Metadata capturing Save to SharePoint Share and collaborate Authoring context and presence Related content
  13. 13. CDH People offline can still be productive. Read and write with SharePoint and LOB data using SharePoint Workspace. Synchronizes changes, not entire files Office Ribbon UI and Office Backstage Entire sites and LOB data Microsoft Office InfoPath® integration
  14. 14. Interact with people and content. CDH Read and write across devices with SharePoint and Microsoft Office. Web Access Mobile Access Office Apps Viewing People Search Editing SharePoint Libraries
  15. 15. Here’s how you can unify your CDH infrastructure and cut costs: Platform Consolidation Deployment Choice IT Productivity
  16. 16. CDH It’s your deployment. Do it your way. SharePoint Online features on-premise and hosted solutions. On Premise Hosted Service Control and ownership Rapid scalability Customers Employees Partners
  17. 17. It’s your deployment. Manage its impact. CDH Introduce a predictable migration process with visual upgrade. Upgrade servers Preview new Switch on new UI without changing the UI across site collections user interface in a controlled manner Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  18. 18. Manage your platform as though you CDH could see the future. Use health monitoring to prevent problems and minimize downtime. Service-level Problem data identification Links to guidance and resources Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  19. 19. Here’s how you can rapidly CDH respond to business needs: Developer Productivity Data Connectivity Composite Solutions
  20. 20. Business need? Collaboration CDH solution Hiring Processes Sales Reporting Pricing Analysis Citizen Portals Project Tracking Personal Profile Sites Executive Dashboards Conference Planning IT Service Portals Divisional Portals Compliance Review Sites Expertise Finders Payroll Management Delivery Scheduling Integrated Developer Tools Enhanced Broad Support Extensibility for Standards
  21. 21. Power up your development team. CDH Deploy a rich SharePoint development platform with Visual Studio. Visual Studio Developer 2010 dashboard Extensibility for Support for SharePoint SharePoint artifacts debugging
  22. 22. CDH That LOB data you have? Use it. Business Connectivity Services lets you read and write with external data. Outlook forms SharePoint lists and task panes Order OrderID CustomerID EmployeeID OrderDate SQL WS LOB
  23. 23. No code? No problem. CDH Build solutions easily with the enhanced toolset in SharePoint Designer.
  24. 24. Solution development is only half. CDH Drive adoption with fast integration, out-of-the-box accessibility, and worldwide standards. Developing  DOM 1.0  URI/URN  HTML, HTTP, HTTPS  W3C XML Schema  MathML  WCAG 2.0  ODBC  WebDAV  ODF (IS26300)  WSDL  Open XML (IS29500)  WSRP OpenSearch  XHTML  OpenType  XML  PDF 1.7  XML Web Services  PDF/A  XMLDsig Publishing  RTF  XPATH  RSS, ATOM  XPS  SOAP  XSLT  SVG  REST  UDDI  Unicode Open documentation and APIs
  25. 25. CDH SharePoint: Servers Shared Services FREE Organizations looking to get started with a across farms common framework and infrastructure for content & collaboration Claims-based Scriptable Sandbox Authorization Manageability Solutions WSS 3.0 Functionality plus… No Price Increase Organizations looking for an enterprise class server that allows them to consolidate their collaboration, portal, reporting, forms, content Rich client Automatic Multi-tenancy management and search investments extensions Failover No Price SharePoint Server SharePoint Server for Internet Sites, Enterprise Increase for Internet Sites Organizations looking to create customer- For Internet facing internet sites and/or extranets on their and Extranet No CALs All Enterprise standard enterprise content infrastructure Required CAL Features Sites ½ price of Pricing Pricing FIS Ent. TBD TBD NEW! Only available in Open
  26. 26. CDH Office Versions
  27. 27. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved