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SharePoint 2010: Real-life Case Studies


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The new version of SharePoint is better than ever with a new ribbon interface, Web 2.0 capabilities, web-based Office viewing and editing and much more! …

The new version of SharePoint is better than ever with a new ribbon interface, Web 2.0 capabilities, web-based Office viewing and editing and much more!

But as our experts will tell you, building a better intranet begins with a foundation of best practices.

Download the slide deck and let our consultants familiarize you with the new best practices for SharePoint 2010.

For more information or to schedule a follow-up meeting, contact C/D/H.

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  • 1. CDH SharePoint 2010: Real Life CDH Case Studies March 2010
  • 2. CDH Quick Facts About Us Approach Partnerships • 20th Year • Vendor Agnostic • Microsoft Gold • Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Professional • Cisco Premier • 25 Staff Services Only • Novell Platinum • Citrix Silver
  • 3. CDH Expertise • Project Management • Infrastructure • Collaboration • Access & Identity Management (AIM)
  • 4. CDH CDH Talks Tech
  • 5. CDH Organic Growth Difficulty in organizing information, finding information and communicating information in a secure and efficient manner Partners Employees Consultants
  • 6. CDH Goals Meet changing Manage IT costs business needs and complexity • Enhance information insight from data • Integrate line-of-business (LOB) systems complexity • Provide ability to scale • Work with partners and consultants • Protect intellectual property • Embrace new work styles • Enable innovation
  • 7. CDH SharePoint Deployment Process Estimating Initiating Planning Executing Closing Monitoring & Controlling
  • 8. CDH SharePoint Deployment Process Estimating Initiating Planning Executing Closing Monitoring & Controlling • Envision − Involves defining a business vision and defining a high-level scope definition for the work required to deliver the desired business value and benefits. • Planning − Involves the development of detailed functional requirements, determination of application and infrastructure architectural impacts, and a project plan for the remaining stages of the project. • Development & Proof of Concept − Includes validating the solution architecture through the development of an initial solution and, if deemed appropriate, the completion of a proof-of- concept. • Testing & Acceptance − Solution is tested, in some cases through a production pilot deployment, and the solution is formally accepted by the client. • Deployment − Includes final development efforts, release coordination and communication, end user education, production deployment, final solution documentation, and project closure tasks, including formal sign-off on all project deliverables.
  • 9. CDH SharePoint Deployment Team • Project Manager – Responsible for ensuring project timeline is met, milestones are reached and stays on budget • Creative Designer – Responsible for “look & feel” of environment; part of minimizing perceived change is appeal to end user and ease of use • Trainer – Responsible for ensuring end users know how and why it works the way it does and how to use most effectively • Administrator – Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of SharePoint (e.g. backups, security, troubleshooting) • Architect / Infrastructure Specialist – Responsible for building environment that can meet SLA requirements, handle projections for growth and is compatible with other systems • Developer – Responsible for extension of OOTB functionality through code and development of new features to meet requirements
  • 10. CDH SharePoint Deployment Team • SharePoint is not something that is deployed “behind the scenes” then rolled out without involvement outside IT • A successful deployment will involve technical and non- technical resources along a broad cross-section of your company • Deployment team should include not only technical subject matter experts, but also: – Business Unit Management – Ad hoc “Leaders” – Early Adopters – Administrative Staff • Establish a governance plan to control SharePoint post- deployment • Don’t forget change management and training!
  • 11. CDH The Result Centralized, secure and consistent access to information Consultants Employees Partners SharePoint 2010
  • 12. Steps Taken to Design and CDH Develop the Solution • LOB integration – Information mapping – SQL Views – Modification and addition of business process • Business Intelligence – RA for reporting – Report development – Data validation • Collaboration – Development of several Proof of Concepts – Modification and addition of business process • Communication – Information flow mapping – Standardization of communication – Modification and addition of business process • Social Networking – Interesting….
  • 13. CDH Points to Ponder
  • 14. CDH Microsoft SharePoint 2010 The business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web
  • 15. CDH Service Applications • Access Services • Business Data Connectivity • Document Conversion • Excel Services • Managed Metadata Service • PerformancePoint • Search • Secure Store • State Service • Visio Graphics Service • User Profile Service
  • 16. CDH Service Applications Group or no group, that is the question SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010
  • 17. CDH Managed Metadata Services Get the “term store” running smoothly by thinking ahead
  • 18. CDH Managed Metadata Services
  • 19. CDH Managed Metadata Services
  • 20. Business Connectivity Services (BCS) CDH Not quite point and click, but close
  • 21. CDH Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Not quite point and click, but close
  • 22. CDH PowerShell If you haven’t learned it yet… Now is THE time • Access Services • Database • Enterprise content • Features and solutions management • General • Excel Services • Import and export • InfoPath • Logging and events • State service and session state • Security • Secure Store Service • Service applications • User Profile Service • Site management • Search • Performance • Visio Services • Upgrade • Web Analytics • Workflow management • PerformancePoint Services • Timer jobs • Word Services • SharePoint Foundation 2010 • Backup and restore Search
  • 23. CDH InfoPath 2010 Update your skills with this new, must use tool • Finally! Something easy… Well maybe • Still have a learning curve if you need to code • New interface • New features – Quick Publish – New templates – Rules are easier to manage – SharePoint list form customizer – Mashups (connections and web parts) – Picture buttons – New Person/Group picker – Bulleted list items
  • 24. Prepare for the Social Revolution CDH Social Networking will make its way into your world soon • Identify champions– sell the value! – at the executive level – early adopters level • Encourage grassroots ownership • Build a rich User Profile now • Begin today with SharePoint 2010 RC – Use POCs to build support and learning – Rollout to pilot groups to increase experience • What about privacy and socially irresponsible data? – Define a governance – Policies will be required – Address legal, compliance, and security issues early • Consider what the features of Social Networking you will allow • How will you use the social data that is generated • Plan for the expanded data storage needs in the MySite database(s)
  • 25. CDH Upgrading Supported Scenarios Unsupported Scenarios • In-Place Upgrade • Upgrade from earlier than WSS v3 • Database Attach Upgrade: SP2/MOSS 2007 SP2 (preferably – Content Database with Oct. 2009 Cumulative Update) – Profile Service Database • SQL earlier than: – Project Service Database – 2005/SP3/CU3 • Single Click Install - SQL Migration – 2008/SP1/CU2 – Windows Internal Database (WID)  SQL Express 2008 + • Direct upgrade from WSS v2/SPS File Stream RBS 2003 or earlier • Upgrade from WSS v3 to • Side by side installation SharePoint Server 2010 • Gradual upgrade
  • 26. CDH Search Planning for search has never been more important
  • 27. CDH Virtualized? Make sure you are ready • A development environment is a must • Plan for plenty of disk space for your VMs, and you will have more • Take plenty of VM snapshots – Take at milestone times in the implementation – Take before new setups that you have not learned before • Give the SharePoint environment lots of resources
  • 28. CDH Lots of Other Stuff to Learn Sub Heading • Records Management • eDiscovery and other compliance • Disaster Recovery / Fault Tolerance • Monitoring / Health Services • New capacity considerations
  • 29. CDH CDH SharePoint in Action
  • 30. CDH Ferrari
  • 31. CDH Energizer
  • 32. CDH Winchester Ammunition
  • 33. CDH Swatch
  • 34. CDH TV Guide
  • 35. CDH Kroger
  • 36. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved