SharePoint 2010: A Case Study


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In May, Microsoft launched its highly anticipated SharePoint 2010. As you would expect, the new version is equipped with an assortment of new features and enhancements.

But what can you really expect? Is it really worth deploying now or should you hold off for a while longer?

View the slide deck, presented in December as part of C/D/H's Technology Briefing Series, and find out more about a real-world SharePoint 2010 success story. Learn why the client chose to move forward with SharePoint 2010, what they experienced during deployment, and the pros of cons of the new version.

Contact C/D/H for more information about this and other SharePoint topics – or check our blog at for tips on SharePoint and other technologies.

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SharePoint 2010: A Case Study

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010: A Case Study December 2010
  2. 2. Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 20th Year • Vendor Agnostic • Microsoft Gold • Central Region Client• Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller Experience Award Winner Royal Oak • Professional • VMware Enterprise• 25 Staff Services Only • Cisco Premier • Novell Platinum • Citrix Silver
  3. 3. ExpertiseProject Management InfrastructureCollaboration Access & Identity Management
  4. 4. CDH Talks Tech
  5. 5. Your PresenterDoug BrowerCollaboration Service Area LeadMCTS,
  6. 6. SharePoint 2010: A Case Study Agenda• SharePoint features and client case study – SharePoint Features – C/D/H approach – Client problem and project approach – SharePoint 2010 features – SharePoint features specific to client solution – Client solution – Lessons learned• House Keeping
  7. 7. SharePoint OverviewGartner Magic Quadrant:• Leading Horizontal portals• Leading ECM• Leading Enterprise social software• Leader quadrant in BI• Etc
  8. 8. SharePoint Overview• Collaboration – Allow teams to work together and share information• Portal – Personalize the user experience, providing individuality, security, and social networking• Enterprise Search – Locating content distributed across a wide range of sources• Content Management – Document management, records management, and Web content management
  9. 9. SharePoint Overview• Business Forms and Integration – Forms and business process workflows• Business Intelligence – Business critical information, including server-based Excel spreadsheets, SQL Reporting and KPI tools, to assist in decision making process• Social computing – SharePoint 2010 offers a rich social computing experience for the enterprise
  10. 10. SharePoint is Foundational• Easy to publish and share with SharePoint• It takes a lot of on purpose work to affect change
  11. 11. SharePoint Roadmap• Statement of business priorities and initiatives• Definition of SharePoint and related projects to implement the initiatives• An architectural plan for implementation over 36 months
  12. 12. Roadmap Approach• See, Think, Draw – standard strategic planning method• See: – Understand the current state, some amount of discovery – People – Successes and Failures
  13. 13. Roadmap Approach - Think• Think: – Meetings with stakeholders – Corporate vision - understanding and prioritizing business goals – Project definitions • Business process improvement => BI • Productivity => forms and workflow and/or Search and/or line of business integration • Information management => document lifecycle • Knowledge management => search; surfacing; social knowledge sharing
  14. 14. Roadmap approach - Draw• Draw: – Gap analysis • Governance • Project Details • Training/People • High level architecture - Hardware and software – Projects to project portfolio • Research features, scope, uncover dependencies
  15. 15. 2010  2010  POC Deployment 1Q’10 2Q’10 3Q’10 4Q’10 1H’11 2H’11 1H’12 2h’12 Search Document Management Taxonomy FAST SearchPlatform Video Streaming New Site Design SharePoint Backup Archive Multi‐language Build 2010 Farm Site Analytics  Exchange POC WSS Site Migrations OCS POC People Search Social NetworkingPeople New My Site Social AnalyticsPublish Corporate News Intranet Requirements  Intranet Design / Deliver Validation Process Enterprise Forms Define / Design / Deploy Workflow Selection BI / Reporting / OBIEE Integration Forms Dev. Standards App Testing Legacy App Strategy 3rd Party Web Parts Documentum Search Project ServerApps MS Access POC Migrate MS Access Apps Identify & Plan Applications: Office 2010 SP 2010 Offline POC Outlook 2010 POCClient IE 7 Mobile Calendar Notes 8.51 & Mainsoft Windows 7 POC and Deployment
  16. 16. SharePoint Deployment Team• SharePoint is not something that is deployed “behind the scenes” then rolled out without involvement outside IT• A successful deployment will involve technical and non- technical resources along a broad cross-section of your company• Deployment team should include technical subject matter experts, and: – Business Unit Management – Content owners – Early Adopters – Administrative Staff• Establish a governance plan to control SharePoint post- deployment• Don’t forget change management and training!
  17. 17. Steps Taken to Design and Develop the Solution• ECM – Consumers: What information is needed to do your job (not what’s available) – Producers: Modification and addition of business process – Categorize the information (metadata) for search, etc• Social Networking – Policies/governance/training – Tools in place• LOB integration / BI – Consumers: What are we trying to accomplish or change? – Information mapping – SQL Views – Data validation and cleaning – Modification and addition of business process – Report development• Collaboration – Development of several Proof of Concepts – Modification and addition of business process
  18. 18. Case Study – The Client• Privately held oil and gas company• ‘Standard’ SharePoint use• e-Mail Information sharing: Business partners, Consultants, Employees• Automated production instrumentation
  19. 19. Case Study – Project Goals• Extranet for partner information – Reduce workflow steps – Increase accuracy – Partner relations• Faster access to information for employee decision making
  20. 20. Case Study – Project OverviewRoadmap/Envisioning 1. Production Reporting 2. Sales and Marketing 3. Well Profile 4. Report Repository 5. Field Office 6. Customizable Landing Pages
  21. 21. Case Study – Project Overview• Project structure – Project Governance – Project team site• Key decisions – Abandon the existing site – SharePoint 2010• Current status
  22. 22. SharePoint 2010 – Social• People search• Social tagging, ratings and notes• Micro-blogging (what’s happening), blogging• My Newsfeed, interests and colleagues• Organization browser• Recommended colleagues and interests
  23. 23. SharePoint 2010 – Social BenefitsSocial networking potentials• Shorter project cycle times• Fewer meetings• Lower travel expenses• The ability to close deals faster• Increasingly positive feedback from clients• Retention of Gen Y employees• Build it before it comes in the back doorDemo
  24. 24. SharePoint 2010 - Clients• Office 2010 – Outlook social connector Demo – PowerPoint broadcasting – Visio workflow modeling, Visio save to SharePoint – InfoPath integration with list dialogs – Word, PowerPoint, Excel co-authoring Demo – Web Clients• SharePoint Workspace client• Windows 7 search federation
  25. 25. SharePoint 2010• Enhanced search• BCS – Line of business integration is much more reachable – Full CRUD is huge• Development Enhancements – Windows 7 development station – Visual Studio 2010, one click deployment – Sandboxed solutions – Developer dashboard
  26. 26. SharePoint 2010• ECM – In place records management • Document life cycle, legal hold – Managed metadata • Sharing across site collections, managed keywords, managed terms, hierarchies• BPOS – Office365
  27. 27. Detail Comparison Sites Sites Communities Communities Content Content Search Insights Composites Service Specific• RSS Content  • People and groups  • Document  • Search in a single site  • Integrated business  • Forms libraries • Multiple Site  Syndication lists Information Panel collection intelligence  • Custom non‐code  Collections per • Privacy and security • Calendars • Document Action Bar dashboards workflows customer • Enterprise content  • Key performance  • Manage Site • Audience Targeting  • Email Integration • Retention and  • Centralized forms  sources indicators (KPIs) Collection Features • Site and document  • Task Coordination Auditing policies management and  • Cross site‐collection  • Filter web parts control and quota aggregation • Surveys • Navigation controls search • Off‐boarding of • Site Manager • Document  • Content publishing • Integrated flexible  • Design once  • Admin and  spreadsheet  development model customer data• Mobile Device  Collaboration • Page Layouts Management Support publishing • Form import wizard • Issue Tracking • Indexing Controls • Vanity domains for  • Share manage and  • Integrated  non‐SSL sites only• SharePoint sites and  • Templates • Improved Content  • Phonetic Search control spreadsheets deployment model for  Documents Roll up  • Tenant admin across  web parts authoring  • People search • Web based business  no‐code forms • Standard Site  site collections templates • Slide Libraries intelligence using  • Compatibility Checker• Integration with  • Business Data Search  • Better control of  • Document  excel services SharePoint designer  • Improved Wikis and  (via Indexing and  FQDNs (except site backup  Blogs Management Site  federated query) • Data connection  • Managed path site  and restore Templates libraries • Real time presence  • FAST collections and communication • Standard Enterprise   • Report center • Defining new custom  • Improved Forms  and Publishing Site  content sources • Visio Integration Technology • Tagging (Content and  templates • Web Analytics Expertise) • Crawling BDC Data • Improved Workflows• Portal Site Templates • Policies, auditing and  • Rating • Relevance Features  • Improved Usage  • Business Document • Site Directory compliance Analytics Other • Note Board • Did you mean? Workflow Support • Colleagues and  • Improved Records  membership web  • Tag Cloud Repository • Query  • Partial trusted  workflow actions • Project Online parts • Activity Feed • Legal holds Recommendatio • Access Services • Access Services• User Profiles import • Standard Meeting Site  n • Performance Point  • Metadata and • Extranet Access Templates • Configure crawled file  Services • Improved SharePoint  • Configure blocked file  taxonomy • SharePoint  type • Business data web  Designer type• Anonymous Access • Content Organizer WorkSpace • Authoritative pages parts • Sandbox Solutions • Self service site • Multi‐lingual user  • Metadata driven  interface • Hierarchical  Navigation • Business data actions creation Organization Chart • Custom Managed • New UX • Document IDs  • Improved My Sites • BCS (read/write) Paths• Cross Browser  • Document Sets Support (Safari, IE, FF) • Custom Installed  • Roll up usage  • Office Web Apps Analytics• Office 2010 Client  • Integration with  InfoPath form  integration Microsoft information  templates rights management  • External Lists (IRM) • Site variations • Content staging and  • SharePoint 2010  deployment • Online today feature coming to  On‐premises only • Configure Information  SharePoint Online Management *Capacity increase: 10 GB for each subscribing company plus 500MB per user (USL).
  28. 28. Case Study – Important SharePoint 2010 Features• BCS• InfoPath• ReST, Excel Services• Mobile Support• BI Enhancements• SQL SSRS R2
  29. 29. Case Study – Solution ArchitecturePriorities:• Separate portal for now• Create 2010 portal: Entry screens, SSRS, minimal Excel reports remain• E-mail enabled document publishing• Mobile• Existing site migrations• Social• ClientDemo
  30. 30. Case Study – Lessons Learned• Next day’s data – LACT issues – keep one in queue!? – Automating manual processes – 1 out of 2 ain’t bad – Announcements web part –> the 25-hour day – Manual entry cannot have usual priority• InfoPath new item limitations• More iterative in approach• Partner/employee feedback is positive
  31. 31. Next Steps for Success• Clients are going to 2010!• Turn 2010 adoption into an opportunity to (re)architect or add solutions• Pause and do it more on-purpose – Engage the business on goals – Develop a project list, aligned with goals – Develop a project timeline – Measure your success
  32. 32. Thank YouRoyal Oak Grand Rapids306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SWSuite 212 Suite 270Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved