Microsoft Service Manager 2010


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In May, C/D/H presented to a group of IT professionals on behalf of Microsoft..

Attendees learned about Microsoft’s Service Manager 2010, an integrated platform for orchestrating people, process and technology.

This slide deck illustrates how Service Manager can help you adapt to new business requirements while reducing cost, lowering time to resolution, and aligning IT to the business.

For more infomation about C/D/H or Microsoft Service Manager, contact (248) 546-1800 or (616) 776-1600.

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Microsoft Service Manager 2010

  1. 1. CDH CDH Service Manager 2010 Integrated Platform for Orchestrating People, Process and Technology
  2. 2. CDH Quick Facts About U Ab Us Approach A h Partnerships P hi • 20th Year • Vendor Agnostic • Microsoft Gold • Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Professional • Cisco Premier • 25 Staff Services Only • Novell Platinum • Citrix Silver
  3. 3. CDH Expertise Project M P j Management Infrastructure I f P I C A Collaboration Access & Identity Management
  4. 4. CDH Agenda • Source of Operational Problems • Overview • Integrated System Center CMDB • Self-Service Portal • Incident and Problem Management • Change Management • Knowledge Management • Service Manager Authoring Tool • 3rd Party Integration • Opalis • System Center Roadmap • System S stem Center Licensing
  5. 5. CDH CDH Source of Operational Problems
  6. 6. CDH Source of Operational Problems • Change OPERATIONS • Forget Management Something • Overloaded • Lack of • Weak Problem Procedures Detection • Backup Application Operator Errors/Security Failure Error 40% 40% • Hardware/OS Other 20% • Network • Power and Disaster Gartner Security Conference presentation "Operation Zero Downtime," D. Scott, May 2002
  7. 7. CDH What our Customer data tells us 21% is 22% are how-to everything else y g related – poor / combined improper i (“unclassified” operations of or ‘other’) the environment 33% were due to Installation issues 48% Operational issues Misconfiguration account for 76% of Critical Situations (CritSits) 67% POST installation ‘changes’ 6% due to KNOWN bugs- already fixed 3% NEW bugs
  8. 8. People, Process, or Technology CDH Problem?
  9. 9. CDH CDH SCSM 2010 Overview
  10. 10. CDH Service Manager 2010 The Power is in the Integration Self Service Service Level Compliance and IT Business Asset Management Risk Intelligence Management Incident and Problem Change Workflows Portal Knowledge Authoring Base CMDB Data Warehouse CONNECTORS Automate Capacity and Inventory Active Directory Alert and Deploy Utilization and Usage Management
  11. 11. CDH CDH Integrated System Center CMDB
  12. 12. CDH Integrated System Center CMDB • System Center common schema – Object Model Based on Operations Manager – IT assets and services are Configuration Items (CIs) CMDB Data – Incidents, change requests, and problems are Work Items (WIs) • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) features: Config Work • Connectors sync data with external Items systems Items • Create, update, and view CIs • Create relationships among CIs, WIs, IT staff, and Active Directory® Domain Services (AD DS) users • Automatically track CI change history Relationships • Service definition and mapping pp g Integrated | Efficient | Business Aligned
  13. 13. CDH Configuration Items
  14. 14. CDH CDH Self-Service Portal
  15. 15. CDH Empowering the End User User self-service portal Self Service Portal reduces help desk calls by 30% Provision Software View announcements Reset Passwords Search/view knowledge base Create/view service requests
  16. 16. CDH Self-Service Portal - Incident Self- Management
  17. 17. CDH CDH Incident and Problem Management
  18. 18. Incident Management CDH Keep users and data center services up and running, and restore service quickly • Process workflows – Escalations – Notifications • Customizable templates • Knowledge & History • Automatic incident creation – Desired Configuration Monitor g (DCM) errors Over 75% of all – Operations Manager alerts incidents are caused by – Inbound Email poor Change Management – Portal
  19. 19. CDH Problem Management Enables organizations to identify and track problems • Problem creation from similar incidents • Link Incidents and Change requests to problem • Auto resolution of Incidents linked to the Problem P bl
  20. 20. CDH Incident and Problem Management
  21. 21. CDH CDH Change Management
  22. 22. CDH Change Management Minimize errors and reduce risk • Typical Change Models – Standard, Major, Emergency… – Review and Manual activities • Customizable Templates • Workflows and Notifications • Analyst Portal – Approvals via Web • Relate Change Requests to 33% of customers Incidents, Problems and plan to automate Config Items change over the next three years
  23. 23. CDH CDH Knowledge Management
  24. 24. CDH Knowledge Management Reducing time to resolution • Knowledge articles – Customer, Partner, and Analyst authored content – Local content and links to external content – End User and Analyst Sections – Ratings • Knowledge Search – Full text, keywords, categories – Related incidents, change requests, problems • C Console and W b i t f l d Web interfaces
  25. 25. CDH CDH Service Manager Authoring Tool
  26. 26. Service Manager Authoring CDH Tool – First look in Beta 2, ships with 2 SM Console – Drag and drop designers – no code or XML required! – Forms customization • Add/remove/move controls, change formatting, validation rules – Extend CMDB model • Add new classes, relationships, and properties – Workflow authoring f • Compose workflows using predefined activities • Define automated activity rules to execute these workflows
  27. 27. CDH Service Manager Authoring Tool
  28. 28. CDH CDH 3rd Party Integration
  29. 29. CDH Provance and Service Manager Provance IT Asset Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager • Process Management Pack extension that provides IT asset lifecycle management and t d software asset management capabilities g p within Service Manager • CTP May 2009; Beta August 2009; RTM S i A t 2009 Spring 2010
  30. 30. CDH ATEA Spintop’s (1/3) Spintop s
  31. 31. CDH ATEA Spintop’s (2/3) Spintop s
  32. 32. CDH ATEA Spintop’s (3/3) Spintop s
  33. 33. CDH CDH Roadmap
  34. 34. CDH Roadmap 2008 2009 2010 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 Beta 1 CTP2 Beta 2 RC RTM
  35. 35. CDH CDH The Value of Opalis IT Process Automation
  36. 36. Addition Of Opalis To System y CDH Center Enables Process Automation IT Process Automation (ITPA) also known as Run Book Automation (RBA), i P A t ti (ITPA), l k R B kA t ti (RBA) is the ability to orchestrate and integrate IT management tools through workflow Data  Configuration  Protection & Management (Physical &  (Physical & Recovery Virtual) Server  End‐To‐End  Compliance Monitoring
  37. 37. CDH Processes Within an IT Silo IT Silos Silo Processes Event Mgmt Triage & diagnose Service Desk Integrate service desks with data center tools Asset/CMDB Update CI and assets systems Configuration Coordinate audit, compliance and change Virtual Orchestrate lifecycle management Security Patch , user on-boarding, password reset Storage Provision, verify, manage & retire Server Provision, verify, manage & retire Network Provision, verify, Provision verify manage & retire
  38. 38. CDH Processes Across IT Silos IT Silos Cross-Silo Processes Event M E Mgmt Respon Incide Service Desk Virtu Service Manage Complianc C ual ent nse Asset/CMDB A t/CMDB Change & Cloud Co Configuration Prov & ce omputing Vi t l Virtual e visioning Security g g ement Storage St Server Network N t k
  39. 39. CDH Opalis Integration Packs > BladeLogic Operations Manager > IBM Tivoli NetCool / OMNIbus > BMC Atrium CMDB > IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console > BMC Event Manager > IBM Tivoli Storage Manager > BMC PATROL > Microsoft Active Directory > BMC Remedy ARS > Microsoft Systems Management Server > CA AutoSys > Microsoft System Center Operations > CA eHealth Manager > CA NSM > Symantec Net Backup > CA Service Desk > VMware vSphere > CA Spectrum > EMC Smarts InCharge > FTP > HP Asset Manager > HP iLO > HP OpenView Operations > HP OpenView Service Desk > HP Service Manager > HP Network Node Manager
  40. 40. CDH Automated Processes IT Silos VM Provisioning Process Event Mgmt E tM t Remove from Add to Ops Manager Ops Manager Service Desk Monitor Create Update Update Update & close Service incident request request request request Asset/CMDB A t/CMDB Retire CI Create CI Configuration Test VM Deploy Verify Applications Application Virtual Vi t l Stop VM Clone new Update VM properties Security Storage St Detach Storage Server Network N t k Detach Network Adapter Integration for Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 not yet RTM
  41. 41. CDH The Value of Automation Capability Value Improve service performance Orchestrate tasks across systems and availability Standardize and document manual Optimize resources and g p get processes consistent outcomes Automate large volume and highly Lower costs & reduce manual manual, repetitive tasks error prone activities t System Center with 3rd Integrate S t I t C t ith Simplify data Si lif d t center t party tools management
  42. 42. CDH Opalis
  43. 43. CDH CDH System Center Roadmap
  44. 44. CDH System Center Roadmap CY 2008 2009 2010 2011
  45. 45. CDH CDH System Center Licensing
  46. 46. CDH System Center Licensing ** Price for Management Server with SQL Management Server r Server 2005 Technology (note: this includes the runtime-restricted version of SQL Server SC Config Mgr Server SC Ops Mgr Server 2005 Standard Edition, which means it SC DPM Server SC VMM Server SC Svc Mgr Per Instance Per Instance can only be used to support the Per Instance Included with the SMSE Mgt Svr Lic management application that it is sold and the SC VMM with) Enterprise Server ML Per Instance Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSD) Per Processor and Unlimited OSEs ment License Two Processor Minimum SC Config Mgr SC Ops Mgr SC DPM SC VMM SC Svc Mgr (Server ML) Enterprise Server ML Enterprise Server ML Server Management Suite Enterprise ( g p (SMSE) ) Enterprise Server ML Enterprise Server ML Server ML M Server Managem Per OSE Per OSE up to 4OSEs + Parent OSE Per OSE Per Server Device Per OSE SC Config Mgr SC Ops Mgr SC DPM Standard Server ML Standard Server ML Standard Server ML Per OSE Per OSE Per OSE ment License (Client ML) SC ConfigMgr SC OpsMgr SC DPM SC Svc Mgr Client Managem Client ML Client ML Client ML Client Cli t ML Per OSE or Per User Per OSE or Per User Per OSE or Per User Per OSE or Per User Core CAL Suite Enterprise CALSuite Per Device or Per User Per Device or Per User
  47. 47. Additions to the Server Management g CDH Suites Previous With New Capabilities NEW in Dec 2009 Opalis grant Service Manager NEW in H1 2010 Operations Manager Operations Manager Configuration Manager Configuration Manager Data Protection Manager Data Protection Manager Virtual Machine Manager Virtual Machine Manager SMSE / SMSD SMSE / SMSD • Opalis licensed via a grant to new and existing SMSE & SMSD licenses. • Service Manager is a new component of SMSE / SMSD. • Both changes effective for Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) licenses • Excluding ECI Standard which does not include SMSE or SMSD. 48
  48. 48. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 546 1800 p: (616) 776-1600 776 1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved
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