Using What You Know about Social Media - How to Conduct a Live Google Plus Hangout


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CDC NPIN's online social media training for public health professionals: Using What You Know about Social Media - How to Conduct a Live Google Plus Hangout.

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Using What You Know about Social Media - How to Conduct a Live Google Plus Hangout

  1. 1. How to Conduct a Live Google Plus Hangout Carlos Chapman II Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator CDC NPIN Heather Town Health Communications Specialist Tuesday, February 25, 2014
  2. 2. Google Hangout Recording Visit the Using What You Know About Social Media webpage for access to full recordings and presentations from the series.
  3. 3. Objectives • How to setup a Google Plus Hangout • How to use popular Google Plus Hangout features and functions • How to archive your videos onto a YouTube channel • How to evaluate a Hangout On Air (HOA)
  4. 4. Why Google Plus Hangouts? • Video chat instantly  Private (Video Hangouts) vs Public video chat (HOA) • Share documents and your desktop screen with the group • Record sessions for viewing later • Broadcast Hangout live to anyone • Hangouts accessible via mobile devices • YouTube video captioning available • Includes event registration
  5. 5. Benefits of Hosting a Hangout • Promote awareness of and participation in your organization’s activities • Increase conversations about specific topics, available resources, and health related news updates • Audience gets to hear from diverse subject matter experts
  6. 6. Google Hangout Requirements • • • • • • • • Google Chrome (recommended) Install required plug-ins Use a wired connection Avoid running other programs during the HOA High quality external webcam (recommended) YouTube account for HOA Avoid having more than 3 people on the same network Appropriate environment
  7. 7. Google Plus
  8. 8. Google Hangout
  9. 9. Scheduling Google HOA
  10. 10. The Hangout Invitation
  11. 11. The Hangout Only share URL link with guests participating in the Google Hangout
  12. 12. The Hangout Tech person as a ghost on the HOA. Can be completely hidden or displayed as a image
  13. 13. The Hangout Number of viewers watching when HOA is live Links to share for HOA
  14. 14. Settings
  15. 15. Group Chat • Allows you to communicate privately with other participants in the Hangout
  16. 16. Screen Share • Share your screen with others • Upload bumper video or image  watch?feature=player_emb edded&v=bo9aZdOZZj8
  17. 17. Q&A • Monitor for questions received from audience • Feature must be activated before starting broadcast
  18. 18. Capture • Take photos of yourself or other participants
  19. 19. Cameraman • Control which participant is displayed in the main window
  20. 20. Audio Control • Adjust quality of sound
  21. 21. Hangout Toolbox • • • • Lower Third tool Add professional title Add company logo Adjust sound/video settings Click this to reverse mirror image
  22. 22. Google Effects • Add props, sound, headwear, eyewear, background, etc. • Adjust quality of image
  23. 23. YouTube Metrics Video link Make video public or private
  24. 24. Google Hangout Metrics • YouTube  Total views  Avg. view duration  Est. minutes watched  Demographics  Top playback locations  Devices used to watch  Likes & Dislikes  Comments  Shares
  25. 25. Best Practices – Pre-Hangout • Prepare topic content and run of show in advance • Follow system requirements • Event promotions  Cross channel promote • Create teaser video/bumper image • Include hashtags • Tech/dry run through
  26. 26. Best Practices – Day of Hangout • Documents on hand • Participants prepared and signed on at least 30 minutes early • Check bandwidth settings • Remind participants to mute when not talking • Have a 2nd tech person • Use the group chat
  27. 27. Best Practices – Post Hangout • • • • • Mark video in YouTube as private Remove URL from event page Edit video as needed Capture metrics Promote archived video
  28. 28. HOA Examples • National Geographic used Google+ Hangouts to celebrate its 125th anniversary by hosting famous explorers on a 90-minute Hangout.[ii] Subscribers and others were encouraged to submit questions in advance or during the Hangout via posts on YouTube, Google+, Twitter (all using a designated hashtag, #NatGeo125), Facebook, or on the magazine’s blog. This resulted in 150,000 new followers. • In February 2013, Youth and Tech Health hosted the hangout “mHealth for Youth: Text Messaging Beyond the Basics” to promote their sixth annual conference on Youth+Tech+Health. Panelists virtually discussed using text messaging services to reach their organizations’ goals. The use of Twitter was highly promoted during the Hangout so participants could comment and ask questions, showing the benefits of engaging audiences across social media platforms. [iv] • CDC Google+ Hangouts On Air - CDC's Director, Dr. Tom Frieden joined Men's Health Editor-in-Chief Bill Phillips for an innovative live video conference, via Google Hangout, kicking off Men's Health Week, and sharing the triumphs and challenges of living a healthy lifestyle. At one point, Phillips asked Dr. Frieden a series of questions about the director's health habits, such as what physical activities he engages in, what healthy foods he eats, and what healthy habits he has incorporated into his lifestyle.
  29. 29. Reminders If you have your CPH or CHES credentials you can apply for a credit from today’s tutorial at  Please remember you will be required to complete a short evaluation which will be sent to you on requesting continuing education credit.  If you do not require continuing education credit but would like to provide feedback, please contact Thank You!