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Presented as part of a panel - "The Role of Social Media in Public Health" - at the 2010 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Denver

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  • Here to talk abtNtl Prevention Information Network’s Twitter Town Hall held 6/3.June 27th was the 16th observance of Natl HIV Testing Day. NPIN works with NAPWA and CDC to promote among prevention partners & encourage testing events.Build on momentum & add value by including social media this yr. Knew HIV/AIDS partners were on Twitter and exchanging info thereWe had been talking already about a Twitter chat. Another partner had done successful Twitter Town HallDanya proposed a Twitter Town Hall to promote NHTD activities among partners. CDC’s first.
  • Key Words here – ParticipationNew relationshipsBuilding reachConversationsNew strategiesBuilding followersSharing knowledge/capacity building
  • A recent user satisfaction evaluation of Twitter usage at CDC reported that 78% of Twitter users were very likely or likely to change their health behaviors based upon their experience with CDC tweets.
  • CDC Director Dr. Frieden’s tweets prepared in advance and sent out by one of the big CDC accounts - CDC e-HealthAccounts were set up for NCHHSTP Chief Medical Officer Dr. Douglas & Division of HIV AIDS Prevention Director Dr. MerminThey came to the Event Central in ATL, where assigned assistants posted their prepared tweets and helped post their responses to questions. The picture shows Dr. Mermin in the spirit of the moment commandeering his laptop from his assistant.
  • Twapper Keeper captured tweets and we exported them to Excel for analysis.Importance of participants in expanding reach of Town Hall.
  • Analyzed Twitter accounts to see if we reached our intended audience.
  • Did a conversational and sentiment analysis to determine kinds of conversations during Town Hall, and the emotional tone.Were prepared for potential negative tweets, about funding, criticism of CDC and had tweets prepared in advance, but didn’t have one negative tweet.
  • Can’t say that Town Hall caused the increase in event submissions, but we know that people who participated in Town Hall submitted eventsRelationships – we’ve had ongoing relationships, and also seen people who connected in Town Hall build their relationshipsHow-To – We did a phone call with a partner in Missouri to give them Town Hall advice. Final Report serves as how-toOverview on (online community for communicators) and follow-up blog post on that generated comments
  • Twapper Keeper good, but still need human being to track when questions came in and from whom in order to respond. Run of Show, prepared tweets on logistics, facts, resources with pre-shortened links, all timed out so message doesn’t get lost in fast flow of THContinued Use of Twitter – Team at USCA held TweetUps (meetings of followers on Twitter) and Twitterviews with NCHHSTP Director Dr. Fenton, Dr. Mermin and the Director of NASTAD (Natl Association of State and Territorial AIDS Directors).
  • For better or worse, Twitter lets you join or start a conversation across oceans, demographics, etc – As public health communicators, educators and advocates we need to continue to tap into the tremendous reach that social networks like Twitter are giving us.
  • Npin twitter townhall_apha_110310 w logo

    1. 1. National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) Twitter Town HallF.E. Harrison & Melissa Beaupierre<br />
    2. 2. Presenter Disclosures<br />F.E. Harrison and Melissa Beaupierre<br />(1) The following personal financial relationships with commercial interests relevant to this presentation existed during the past 12 months:<br />“No relationships to disclose”<br />
    3. 3. Goals & Objectives<br />GOALS<br />Promote partner participation in NHTD activities.<br />Develop new relationships with participating partners.<br />Build our reach on this fast-growing social networking platform. <br />OBJECTIVES<br />Increase partner conversations about NHTD on Twitter.<br />Offer partners new information & strategies for developing NHTD activities.<br />Increase CDC & NPIN’s conversations with partners & build followers.<br />Capacity building: sharing knowledge and know-how using this channel.<br />
    4. 4. What’s a Twitter Town Hall?<br />Twitter is a social microblogging service that allows 140 character messages.<br />A Twitter Town Hall brings people together in a virtual meeting space defined by a hashtag (#NHTD) to discuss common interests.<br />
    5. 5. Project Timeline – March - June<br />
    6. 6. Promotion<br />Twitter Widget on and NPIN<br />NPIN Email Announcements<br />Partner Announcements<br /> Blog Post<br />Syndicated News Articles<br />
    7. 7. Town Hall Agenda<br />90 minutes divided into three segments:<br />Overview of testing with CDC’s Drs. Frieden, Douglas, and Mermin<br />2. NHTD big ideas – NAPWA<br />3. Using new media for NHTD <br />Primary Twitter Accounts<br />Dr. Frieden @CDC_eHealth<br />Dr. John Douglas @CDC_DrDouglas<br />Dr. Jonathan Mermin @CDC_DrMermin<br />@CDCNPIN<br />@AIDSgov<br />@napwaus<br />
    8. 8. Metrics – Total Reach<br />1005 tweets from 145 separate accounts<br />Most Influential Participants<br />1. @womenshealth: 55,201 followers<br />2. @CDC_eHealth: 45,290 followers<br />3. @healthfinder: 39,685 followers<br />4. @AIDSgov: 26,499 followers<br />5. @SIENewark: 5,864 followers<br />6. @cressycat: 5,132 followers<br />7. @amednews: 4,814 followers<br />Reach among Top 10: 192,183 followers<br />Total Reach of Town Hall: 243,000<br />
    9. 9. Metrics – Reach by Partner Type<br />
    10. 10. Metrics - Conversations<br />Connecting Partners: Relationship-Building<br />RedPumpProj Much respect to @CDCNPIN for this awesome Twitter Townhall. Got to connect w/ some GREAT ppl/orgs doing work in HIV/AIDS. #NHTD<br />BTPMay19 @napwaus Do you have an API poster? Let us know if you want to get together to produce one! #NHTD<br />Types of Conversation<br /> Results showed participants interacting in meaningful dialogue with our guest tweeters and among each other.<br />Thank you / Recaps<br />keligoff Hate that I missed today's CDC twitter townhall @CDCNPIN on National HIV Testing Day which is later this month #NHTD<br />NHTD Plans and Promotions<br />stacysmallwood last year we did a "text-a-friend-to-test" day at church. set up laptops, food, invited ppl to text/facebook/tweet their friends #NHTD<br />Facts and Figures<br />RocVictAlliance #NHTD In 2007, heterosexual contact accounted for 83% of diagnoses among women. Help end AIDS. Click:<br />
    11. 11. Event Outcomes<br />NHTD event submissions increased by 14% from 2009. <br />Twitter followership increased more than 10%. <br />Relationships have continued on Twitter. <br />Groups have contacted CDC for Town Hall how-to help. <br />Follow-up publicity. <br />
    12. 12. Post-event Coverage<br />
    13. 13. Lessons Learned<br />Purpose, partners, planning. <br />Online home for promotion. <br />Run of show with scripted tweets. <br />Tweet Tracker.<br />Town Hall isn’t over when it’s over. <br />Keep momentum going – more Twitter events happened at recent U.S. Conference on AIDS.<br />Great option in a time of limited resources. <br />
    14. 14. Connecting Partners in Public Health<br />www.cdcnpin.org1-800-458-5231 or<br />
    15. 15. The success of this project was the result of a well-executed collaboration and the hard work of MANY individuals:<br />Dr. Jonathan Mermin – DHAP Melissa Beaupierre - NPIN<br />Dr. John Douglas – NCHHSTP/OD Cynthia Newcomer - NPIN<br />F.E. Harrison -NPIN PO Luis Bravo-NPIN <br />Susan Robinson-HCSO Josie<br />Karen Resha-HCSO Thomas P Kujawski -NAPWA<br />Rohit Verma-HCSO<br />Cynthia Crick-HCSO <br />Jennie Johnson-DHAP <br />Jessica <br />Holli<br />David Noel-CDC- Office of the Director<br />Thank you<br />DHAP – Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention<br />NCHHSTP – National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention<br />HCSO – Health Communication Science Office<br />NAPWA – National Association of People with AIDS<br />