CDC NPIN In the Know: Gaming & Mobile for Public Health Webcast Presentation


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This is the third of six interactive webcasts in the series, In the Know: Social Media for Public Health. Each webcast focuses on a different social media channel and provides basic information, tips, success stories, and discussion on how best to use social media to promote public health and expand outreach initiatives.

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CDC NPIN In the Know: Gaming & Mobile for Public Health Webcast Presentation

  1. 1. 1Gaming and MobileErin Edgerton Norvell, Harsha Vemulapalli & Ben Sawyer#SM4PH
  2. 2. www.gamesforhealth.orgBen  SawyerDigitalmill,  for  Health
  3. 3. About Me...• 10+ years in games• Serious games 2002• Games for Health 2004• 24+ game projects• Build a community and field• Practice what we preachThe Game for Health Project is funded by...
  4. 4. JohnHopkinsHospitalpatientenjoyingactivevideogameplayJune 26-28, 2013 - Boston, MA
  5. 5. Games for Health: The PromiseIdentify, and make available comparativeadvantages all of videogames offer...Build accessible tools to model & play with health...Build accessible tools to model & play with health...Build accessible tools to model & play with health...PublicCore engagement for active & healthy lifestyle developmentCore engagement for active & healthy lifestyle developmentCore engagement for active & healthy lifestyle developmentEngage & Motivate Change & Support Scale & SustainNews forms of active communication w/better resultsNews forms of active communication w/better resultsNews forms of active communication w/better resultsHelp People Make Better ChoicesHelp People Make Better ChoicesHelp People Make Better Choices
  6. 6. Videogame Health...Engage & Motivate Change & Support Scale & SustainCompelling opportunitiesyou desire to engage...Interface as symbiotic aidto help you achievesuccess.Game systems createsustained engagementChallengeStoryCompetitionProcess of PlayCharacter GuidanceMultiplayer CohesionScoreStory ProgressionDecision ImmersionWhy I Start Why I Enjoy Playing Why I Keep Playing
  7. 7. Personal Professional Practice Research / Academia Public HealthPreventativeHealth Assets:PERMA, Exergaming,Stress, NutritionPatient Communication Data CollectionPublic Health Policy &Social AwarenessCampaignsTherapeuticPT/OT SensorimotorRehabitainmentDisease ManagementPain DistractionCyberPsychologyDisease ManagementVirtual Humans First RespondersAssessment Self-Ranking Measurement Inducement Interface/VisualizationEducation &TrainingFirst Aid,Patient EducationHealth LiteracySkills / Training Recruitment Management SimsInformaticsPersonal Health Record(PHR)Electronic MedicalRecord (EMR)Visualization EpidemiologyProductionPersonal Data CollectionQuantified SelfBiotech Manufacturing &DesignBiotech Manufacturing &DesignLarge-scale DataCollection & MonitoringGames for Health Taxonomy
  8. 8. Areas ofInterestMessaging& AwarenessBehaviorChangePublic HealthTraining ResearchExamplesVaccinesExercise& NutritionDisasterPreparednessAnalyticsExamplesPublic Health...
  9. 9. Success Stories
  10. 10. www.gamesforhealth.orgBen  SawyerDigitalmill,  for  Health
  11. 11. Transition
  12. 12. www.gamesforhealth.orgBen  SawyerDigitalmill,  for  Health
  13. 13. Health Games forEveryone!
  14. 14. Large SalesLow Health ImpactHigh Health ImpactNarrow Target AudienceBad GamesBad Targets
  15. 15. Solve Deltabetween sales and health impactMove Beyonddisease state based gamesBetter GamesBetter Targets
  16. 16. Health is a state of complete physical,mental, and social well-being and notmerely the absence of disease orinfirmity.WHO
  17. 17. Positive Health“Positive health describes a state beyond the mereabsence of disease and is definable and measurable.”- Dr. Martin SeligmanCan we instigate “super health” or positive “healthassets” that create improved future health outcomes?Biological Markers Psychological Markers Functional Markers• Less frequent and briefer ailments • Rapid wound healing• Enhanced recuperative ability • Greater physiological reservesHypothesis:
  18. 18. Sensors Connected HealthQuantified Health Positive HealthSensors Connected HealthQuantified Health
  19. 19. What this means...Get to you earlier +Self efficacy about healthiness build health assets10-40 engaged! change model of self-health biometric games
  20. 20. What Should EVERYONE Play?
  21. 21. Not disease based Consumer biz/dist modelsmultiple health issues ideally globalbe healthier immediately... offers population effectsaddress new health model & health literacy needsaddress new health model & health literacy needs
  22. 22. First AidPositive Psychology & PERMAExergamingNutritionRiskyMeHealthy MeProbabilityAnti-Drug, Smoking,STD, AlcoholCognitiveHealthHygiene/Infectious HealthStressHealth Finances&ConsumptionVaccinesCrowdsourcingSelf DiagnosticsEmotional Health
  23. 23. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSEOXBox LiveFacebookiPadPSNTwitterAndroidiPhoneWiiHTML5STEAMOriginEphemeralKongregateWindows 8Mac App StoreNutritionFirst AidSelf DiagnosticCrowdsourcingPERMAFirst AidSelf DiagnosticVaccinesViralHealthyMeRiskyMeFirst AidAnti-STDHealthyMeProbabilityVaccines
  24. 24. Disclosure: Digitalmill is a paid design & production consultant to this project.
  25. 25. www.gamesforhealth.orgBen  SawyerDigitalmill,  for  Health
  26. 26. Mobile
  27. 27. • Mobile Devices• Mobile Sites and Apps• The Mobile User• The Mobile Experience4Mobile Overview#SM4PHIn this session we are going to focus on a fewaspects of mobile:
  28. 28. • Mobile in Public Health• Benefits of Mobile• Effective Mobile• Best Practices• Cool Tools5Mobile Overview#SM4PHAlso,
  29. 29. 6Mobile Devices#SM4PH
  30. 30. 7Devices#SM4PH• Mobile devices are generallyconsidered phones (smart and non-smart), tablets and laptops.• By the end of 2013, the number ofmobile-connected devices will exceedthe number of people on earth. (source)
  31. 31. 8Devices#SM4PHTake-Aways• There are different types of mobiledevices• Devices vary greatly in aspects suchas operating systems, screen sizes,resolution• Devices are being releasedconstantly
  32. 32. 9Site & Apps#SM4PHappsite
  33. 33. Site & AppsMobile SiteSimilar to any other website but are designed forthe smaller displays and touch-screen interfacesMobile AppActual applications which are downloaded andinstalled, rather than browsed to within a browser10#SM4PH
  34. 34. Site & AppsMobile SitesPros:• Cheaper to create• Easier to maintain• Device agnosticCons:• Limited access to device features• Dependent on connectivity11#SM4PH
  35. 35. Site & AppsMobile AppsPros:• Perform faster• Higher success rates• No connection requiredCons:• Higher costs for development & maintenance• Additional efforts for each supported platform12
  36. 36. The Mobile UserGender: virtually evenbetween men and womenAge: highest among 18-49year oldsGeographic: highest amongurban and suburban usersWho Owns ThemEthnicity: almost even amonggroupsIncome: highest among peopleearning over 75k but stillsignificant below that incomebracket14#SM4PH
  37. 37. The Mobile Experience15#SM4PHDifferences in the mobile experience:• Not always seated• Not always in an expected environment• Keyboards and mice can’t always beexpected• Smaller screens• Difficult to multi-task
  38. 38. Benefits of Mobile16#SM4PH• Improved user experience• Increased engagement• Increased reach• In the moment access
  39. 39. Effective Mobile• Be Responsive• Avoid Flash• Minimize inputs needed• Size graphics/images appropriately17#SM4PH
  40. 40. Best Practices• Have a Multi-Device Strategy• Redirect appropriately• Insure the message is appropriately focused• Insure links/buttons are big enough to touch• Insure forms are optimized• Insure accessibility• Take advantage of mobile’s unique attributes18#SM4PH
  41. 41. Mobile in Public Health19#SM4PHNational HIV & STDTesting Resources
  42. 42. • Developed by:– American Red Cross• Features:– Step-by-step instructions guide usersthrough everyday first aid scenarios.– Integrated with 9-1-1 to call EMS fromthe app at any time.– Videos and animations make learningeasier– Safety tips– Interactive quizzes• Download:– iPhone link– Android linkMobile in Public Health
  43. 43. • Developed by:– Dept. Veterans Affairs• Features:– Learn about PTSD– Self-Assessment– Manage Symptoms– Find Support• Download:– iPhone link– Android linkMobile in Public Health
  44. 44. Cool Tools• Responsive Design Frameworks (Bootstrap)• Responsive Design Testing• Adobe Edge Inspect•• Google Plus22#SM4PH
  45. 45. Want More In the Know?Join us from 2-3 p.m. EST for…•Facebook & Image-Sharing – April 23• Google Plus & YouTube – May 14• Measurement & Evaluation – June 423Tweet “I’m in the know” with your tipsand success stories @CDCNPIN and befeatured in our next #SM4PH webcast!#SM4PH
  46. 46. AcknowledgementsPresentersErin Edgerton Norvell & Harsha VemulapalliSpecial GuestBen Sawyer, Games for HealthExecutive ProducersHarry Young & Melissa BeaupierreTechnical Producer/DirectorJames BetheaSocial Media CoordinatorCarlos ChapmanHealth Communications Support TeamKatie Mooney, Tiffany Spencer & Tessa Revolinski25
  47. 47. 26#SM4PHThank You!