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CDC NPIN In the Know: Google Plus & YouTube for Public Health
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CDC NPIN In the Know: Google Plus & YouTube for Public Health


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This is the fifth of six interactive webcasts in the series, In the Know: Social Media for Public Health. Each webcast focuses on a different social media channel and provides basic information, tips, …

This is the fifth of six interactive webcasts in the series, In the Know: Social Media for Public Health. Each webcast focuses on a different social media channel and provides basic information, tips, success stories, and discussion on how best to use social media to promote public health and expand outreach initiatives.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1Google+ & YouTube for Public Health#SM4PHMelissa Beaupierre, Senior Director, CDC NPINAri Kurtz, Head of Industry, Google AtlantaHeather Town, Health Communications & Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 2. 2Webcast Overview• Demographics and behavior• Producing and posting engaging, integrated andshareable content• Managing and maintaining your content• What other public health professionals are doing• Tips for tracking and measuring success#SM4PHJoin theconversation:#SM4PH
  • 3. Google+What is Google+?Tools and features topromote publichealthHow to create aGoogle+ account1332#SM4PH
  • 4. Search Video Mobile Display Offers Local+People +Relationships +Sharing +RecommendationsImproving the Google Experience4#SM4PH
  • 5. June July October January 2012 April June September010M40M90M170M250M400M500MDecember235MTaking socialactions acrossGoogle135M30 day streamactives500MGoogle+ UsersA Global Community5#SM4PH
  • 6. Create a Google+ AccountA personal Google+ profile6#SM4PH
  • 7. CirclesUse Circles to segment your audience.#SM4PHHIV500VH100STD225TB110
  • 8. Google+ CommunitiesOrganizations and people come together8#SM4PH
  • 9. Google+ Enables Discoverability9#SM4PH
  • 10. Google+ Search Results• Have a verified URL• The domain of yourGoogle+ page URLhas to match thedomain of your adsURL• Recent, high-qualityposts• A significant numberof followers10#SM4PH
  • 11. What are Google+ Hangouts?Google Confidential and Proprietary 11Google Confidential and Proprietary 11Be closer to yourfriends and followers11
  • 12. Features of Google+ HangoutsWatch YouTubevideos togetherShare screensAutomatic focus-shiftingReview and collaborateon Google Docs#SM4PH 12
  • 13. Embeddable video on your websiteSee a live viewer countHangouts On-Air123Live stream on your YouTube channel1Embeddable video on your website2See a live viewer count3Embeddable video on your website2Embeddable video on your website213#SM4PH
  • 14. Viewable via anautomatic post to yourGoogle+ FollowersOn your YouTube BrandChannel as the FeaturedVideoLIVE Hangout On-Air14#SM4PH
  • 15. Innovative Hangouts On-AirHost Virtual Town HallsLaunch a campaignTeach and learnHold a discussion15
  • 16. Empower Hangout Case Study16NPIN project to support Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention(DHAP)Goal:Empowering young men to mobilize for thefight against HIVGuests:6 HIV prevention expertsDiscussion:The diverse needs and recruitment ofyoung menPromotion:(1) Posted Google Hangout video vignettes(2) Twitter Chat
  • 17. YouTubeCreating a YouTubechannelBest PracticesYouTube InsightsDriving Traffic to yoursite1#SM4PH 17234
  • 18. Creating A Channel• Channel goals• Content• Strategy to engageaudience• Global or localpresence?• How often can youupdate?#SM4PH 18
  • 19. 19YouTube One Channel Designmore details @ channelization#SM4PH
  • 20. CDC Case StudyTips from Former Smokers - Terries Ad20• Reached more than158m users• More than 315k visitsto CDC Tips site• 25m+ visitorswatched themessage 8+ times#SM4PH
  • 21. Every week a new videois released about adifferent topic:• Social Buzz• Arts & Culture• Sex & Relationships• Health & Fitness• Unmask21Mpowerment YVR Case Study#SM4PH
  • 22. 22Mpowerment INMx Case Study• Balanceentertainment andinformation toconvey importantlifestyle messages• Promote health inpositive way• Enhance memberslives and lifestyles#SM4PH
  • 23. Video Best Practices• Create snackable content• Tell a story• Be real• Make your videos interactive• True View: 5 second test• Capture an existingaudience#SM4PH 23
  • 24. Maximize reach and scale while reaching youraudience.Promote Your Video Contentin-stream in-search in-display#SM4PH 24
  • 25. YouTube Insight• View detailedstatistics about thevideos that youupload.• Access video-leveldata about who,what, when, whereand how peoplecame to watch yourvideo.#SM4PH 25
  • 26. • Use externalannotations• Use the “Info”section of yourvideo• Use a call toactionDriving Traffic to the Site#SM4PH 26
  • 27. YouTube Trends Dashboard27#SM4PH
  • 28. YouTube Trends Map28#SM4PH
  • 29. Our Mobile Planet29#SM4PH
  • 30. GoMoMeter30#SM4PH
  • 31. AcknowledgementsPresentersMelissa Beaupierre & Heather TownSpecial GuestAri Kurtz, GoogleExecutive ProducersHarry Young and Melissa BeaupierreTechnical Producer/DirectorJames BetheaSocial Media CoordinatorCarlos Chapman IIHealth Communications Support TeamKatie Mooney, Jennifer Smith, Cynthia NewcomerKianta Key & Valerie Watkins31
  • 32. 32Thank You -Google+ and YouTube for Public