Rediscover your senses in Mexico


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Rediscover your senses in Mexico

  1. 1. Mexico. It conjures up images of pristinebeaches, sizzling fajitas, pulsating nightlifeand jungle-clad Mayan ruins. On theCaribbean coast, youll find smooth whitesands, swaying palms worthy of a Bountyad, and heaps of shops and bars to keep youentertained. Meanwhile, on the Pacificshore, you can expect an altogether moreauthentic feel… think gnarly waves,arresting coastlines, spicy street food and arainforest backdrop. Whichever side youchoose, your senses will take a hefty hit.Learn more about this captivatingcountry using this helpful guide!
  2. 2. With famous clubs like Coco Bongo in Cancun attracting more than 3,000 revellers a night,and comedians and entertainersperforming at The Palm Cabaretand Bar in Puerto Vallarta,the nightlife in Mexico is unlikeanything youve experiencedbefore.Click the following links for moreinformation on making the most ofnightlife in Mexico:Nightlife in CancunNightlife in Puerto Vallarta
  3. 3. Mexico serves up some fantastic outdoor experiences. Listen to the rushing riversas you spend 8 hours rafting an 18-kilometre stretch of the SantoDomingo River in Oaxaca, ortake up to 4 days exploring theJatate River in ChiapSee more river action in Mexico here:
  4. 4. Youll hear people in Mexico speaking indigenous languages like Nahuatl and Yukatec Maya. Itsestimated that 1.5 million Nahua people in Central Mexico speak in theirnative tongue. Whats more, around1.2 million people in Campeche, Tabasco,Chiapas, and Quintana Roo converse intheir own version of the Mayalanguage.For more about the indigenous languages of Mexicosee this YouTube video:
  5. 5. Agua fresca is arefreshing drink foundin many SouthAmerican countries – itcombines water,sugar, and any numberof fruits, seeds,flowers or cereals. Itcomes in loads offlavours and is a bighit in Mexico.Agua Fresca Recipes
  6. 6. Carnitas is a deliciousand traditional way ofcooking pork. Typically, ituses pork shoulderand is generouslyseasoned before beingbraised. It’s thenshredded, and roasted orfried before being addedto tacos, burritos ortortas.Click this link to find out more about where to enjoy such delights: Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta
  7. 7. We all have Mexico to thank fordiscovering chocolate. Cacaohas been cultivated in the region forthousands of years. It was originallymade into a drink, with Europeans firstenjoying it when they arrived in the16th century. And it kind of caught on.
  8. 8. Guacamole is one of the best-known Mexican dishes – it was first devoured way back when bythe Aztecs. The base of guacamole is avocados, and the addition of sea salt, tomato, garlic,lime, jalapenos and cilantro will wake up tastebuds you never knew you had.See this video for more about the flavours of Mexico:
  9. 9. Mole is a common name for a bunch ofsauces frequently found in traditionalMexican cuisine. Lots of differentregions lay claim to these sauces,which always have the one commoningredient of chilli peppers. Themost popular version is molepoblano, served over meat.Click here for more Mole Recipes
  10. 10. Feel like youre spinning back in time with atrip to the ancient city of Yaxchilan.You can visit the Great Acropolis,Small Acropolis and Great Plaza.You can also tour Chichen Itza, themassive Mayan pyramid just a coupleof hours from Cancun, which draws over amillion visitors a year
  11. 11. Typically associated with Mexico, piñatas areused to celebrate a variety of events. Thepapier-mâché creations are usually filled withtreats and broken open as part of the festivities,by way of a blind-folded party-goer and a sturdystick.Click here for more information on Mexican tradition:
  12. 12. You can experience the 180-kilometre-wide Chicxulub Crater on the Caribbeancoast, said to be the centre of impact of the asteroid that spelt the end of the dinosaurs.Explore the underground river and whizalong the highest zip line in LatinAmerica – 45 metres above ground…don’t look down – at Xplor Park inthe Riviera Maya.
  13. 13. Did you know the world’s second largest coral reef is in Mexico? Take a dive in theMesoamerican Barrier Reef and you’re bound to spot sea turtles, manatee,toadfish, the American crocodile, andover 65 species of coral. Or you can visit LosArcos National Marine Park on thePacific coast to snorkel, scuba andswim.Find out more about snorkelling in Mexico here:Snorkelling Los Arcos Tour
  14. 14. Whale watching in the Sea of Cortez – also called theGulf of California – is the stuff of bucket lists. Spend a daywitnessing the whales in their own watery backyard fromDecember to March, when you’re most likely to spotthem. You can tick off fin, humpback, killer,sperm and the mammoth blue whale, as wellas manta rays and leatherback sea turtles.
  15. 15. You can’t visit Mexico without seeing some of the incredible Mayan ruins, likeIxcateopan, the final resting place of Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, in Taxco. Easily accessiblefrom Puerto Vallarta on the Pacificcoast, it’s a place to put high up on your to-dolist.See this link for more about the Highlights of Taxco
  16. 16. Make sure you get out in the fresh air and spot someof the more unusual characters living in Mexico.Cozumel raccoon, Mexican parrotlet,tropical ground squirrel and Chiapascatfish – a world away from the wildlife in your localpark.
  17. 17. Check out Mexico’s amazing markets, likeMercado 23 in Cancun – here you’ll find anythingfrom fresh veg and cheeses, to piñatasin the form of Justin Bieber. It’s an authenticmarket so you’ll get to shop just as the locals do.It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re staying inPlaya del Carmen.
  18. 18. Youre never far from goodfodder in Mexico. Whether youplump for cheesyquesadillas, fresh fish, or azesty hit of lime with yourcerveza, the tangyaromas will have you runningback for seconds.
  19. 19. You’ve probably heard of the famous ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration in November – if not,it’s not as gruesome as it sounds. Families gather together toremember and celebrate those who have passed away. One ofthe most delicious scents of the 3-day festival isthat of Pan de Muerto being prepared. These deliciousrolls are baked and dipped in sugar. You’ll be powerless toresist.For more about the wonderful aromas and traditions of Mexico view thisvideo: this guide has got you thinking about taking a holiday to Mexico, check out the latestflights to Cancun.