How to use Valentine's day for Social Media


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How to use Valentine's 2013 day for social media
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How to use Valentine's day for Social Media

  1. 1. HOW TO USE VALENTINES DAY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGValentines Day is just around thecorner, and while many peopleview the occasion as an over-hyped, over- commercialisedcash-in for big brands (probablytrue), that doesnt mean theydont go along with it! And forsocial media and contentmarketing, the provides a greatopportunity to give your profilesan overhaul and pump out somepowerful related content to helpgrow brand loyalty and increasesales. Here are just a fewexamples of how to useValentines Day for social mediamarketing:
  2. 2. 1. UPDATE YOURFACEBOOK COVER IMAGEGiving your Faceboook cover a Valentinesmakeover is a simple and powerful way ofpromoting the event to your fans, particularlyif the product you offer - as in the case ofHotel Chocolat above - is heavily linked to theday. As many people will click on your newcover image for a closer look, dont forget toinclude a description, call to action, and a linkto where you want them to go, e.g. yourValentines online shop.
  3. 3. 2. UPDATE YOUR TWITTER HEADER IMAGE AND BACKGROUNDWalmart has amassed over 300,000followers on Twitter, and it knows -with its love heart-themed Twitterbackground and header image, that itcan communicate a powerfulmessage about its Valentinesofferings to them. Theres no hard sellwith the images, but take a closerlook what their Bio has been changedto: "Save Money, Live Better. Let ushelp with your Valentine’s Day needs.Tweet @Walmart for inspiring giftsideas for your sweetheart thisValentine’s season!" Not only will thiscall to action be seen by Twitterusers, but it also appears underneathWalmarts Twitter page description onGoogle search.
  4. 4. 3. SHARE IMAGES, OFFERS, AND PROMOTIONSOf course, Valentines Day can alsobe used as a way to directly market toyour customers via status updatesacross social media. In my case, 500Social Media Marketing Tips is hardlythe most romantic of gifts, so Ivegone for a very playful approach. Witha bit of creativity, you can capitaliseon the impact of Valentines Daywhatever your business type. Forexample, a company that sells printerink could launch a Valentines Dayoffer for X% amount off Product Xbecause they love their customers somuch, or a pet store could remindpeople not to forget about the four-legged friends in their life thatdeserve a little Valentines Day treattoo.
  5. 5. 4. INSTAGRAMLOVE Nothing says ‘Valentine’s Day’ more than a picture of the roses given to you, the amazing dinner you shared, or a picture of the sunset on your after dinner walk. Photos provide depth and context to a story, and truly are one of the most engaging forms of social sharing. To leverage one of the most rapidly growing social channels, we suggest having the users upload a picture to Instagram that represents Valentine’s Day to them. Be sure to ask your audience to tag their photos with the hashtag that you have chosen so you can search.
  6. 6. INNOCENT SMOOTHIES – LABEL OF LOVEA really nice campaign from Innocenthere, asking people to createpersonalized logos for that specialsomeone. Rather than just being acompetition, this is a campaign thateveryone can access. Throughthe Valentine’s website you cancustomize your own label by selectinga smoothie recipe, adding on apersonal message and then print itout to add onto an Innocent bottle togive as a special surprise.
  7. 7. ConclusionThese examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hoppingon the Valentines Day bandwagon to help customers to love your brandmore, or tell them how much their love and support means to you. Howwill you be using Valentines Day in your social media marketing? Let me know in the comments below!