Free iPhone App Development Tools - No Coding Required


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In this presentation We have been discussing iPhone Development tools for free. No coding required just have to drag n drop the things.. Enjoy DIY

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Free iPhone App Development Tools - No Coding Required

  1. 1. Tools and applications for developing iPhone Application
  2. 2.  Do It Yourself (DIY) app development tools  Apps  No related to DIY app development coding expertise required  Short review of few apps to build your app
  3. 3.  Sweb Apps  BuildAnApp  AppIncubator  eBookApp  Kanchoo  GameSalad  AppBreeder  MyAppBuilder
  4. 4.  Sewb Apps is an online service which lets anyone build their own iPhone apps.  Coding expertise is not required to use this application.  There are several templates which you can customize as per your need.  Options to choose between 4, 6 and 8 button packages.  One time set-up cost $50/button. Monthly hosting cost $25 for any application going forward.
  5. 5.  AppIncubator iPhone App lets you submit your ideas which then is developed by company's development team.  Coding expertise is not required to use this application.  No fees for downloading and using the App.  Revenue is shared if your app goes live on App Store.  AppIncubator keeps 75% of the revenues generated by your app on App Store.
  6. 6.  Kanchoo allows content producers to create native iPhone applications.  Good for news organizations.  Online tool to build your app by uploading the content.  $88 for creation of iPhone application and submission to the iTunes App Store. Additional $28 for hosting fee.
  7. 7.  Another DIY app builder service, similar to SwebApps.  “App-Kits” includes gadget, icons, and behavioral elements.  Apps for BlackBerry and Android  iPhone web apps are $9.95 - 14.95  Native iPhone apps are $29.95  iPhone/Blackberry/Android app package is $39.95 49.95
  8. 8.  MyAppBuilder creates iPhone applications designed to help you sell your content.  Books, videos, music, custom quizzes, RSS feed and twitter feed apps.  Online Control Panel to submit your details, content, features, flow and images.  $29 per month $20 processing fee to compile your data, put it in the appropriate format, and submit it to the App Store for review
  9. 9.  Web-based service, to choose and pick from customizable templates.  Create your own graphics and images or use App’s gallery.  Pricing is not available as yet, but company said it will be competitive.
  10. 10.  eBookApp is a service specifically designed to create iPhone apps from eBooks.  Support almost every digital formats like pdf, doc, zip, html, and txt etc.  Request a quote pricing.
  11. 11.  GameSalad  No is a tool for creating games coding required  Visual editing software can publish to web and iPhone.  Basic free version for web publishing  Express version for $99/year and the Pro version for $1999/year for iPhone publishing.
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