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Digital Signage Best Practices Guide
Digital Signage Best Practices Guide
Digital Signage Best Practices Guide
Digital Signage Best Practices Guide
Digital Signage Best Practices Guide
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Digital Signage Best Practices Guide


Published on - Christie Digital, an over 80 year old digital signage company with a very impressive track record, is still bringing new things to the digital signage market. Read about … - Christie Digital, an over 80 year old digital signage company with a very impressive track record, is still bringing new things to the digital signage market. Read about how CCS Presentation Systems partner Christie Digital is adding Managed Services among others to their display offerings.

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  2. Comprehensive digital signage solutions © 2011 Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. All rights reserved. Your partner at every stage Concept. Design. Deployment and post-deployment services. From consultation to design, installation to service and after-sales support, our digital signage solutions provide excellent visual quality, ease of use and low maintenance. Christie’s solutions are used by the world’s leading Fortune 1000 companies. Visit us at to learn more.CHRI2843 New Bay Media Ad Jan-11 V2 indd 1 1/10/11 10:56:46 AMFull_page_bleed_8 x 10.indd 2 1/10/2011 4:45:35 PM
  3. DSBP_2010_print 2/8/11 4:39 PM Page 22 D I G I T A L S I G N A G E : I N N O VA T O R S FROM PIONEER TO DIGITAL SIGNAGE LEADING EDGE Christie Digital Adds Managed Services to Display Offerings By David Keene nage. Christie launched There are a lot of companies new to the digital signage their new product space. But there are very few companies that have the track “MicroTile” a little over a record of a Christie Digital, and yet are also bringing some- year ago, which was a home thing new to the digital signage market. What does one of run for the digital signage the great names in projection, and display, have to do with market (it was all over digital signage “managed services”? To find out, I spoke InfoComm last year, as well with David Guthrie, the Director of Sales and Business as DSE, and other shows). Development for Christie Digital’s Managed Services (CMS) Christie MicroTiles are division. Christie is doing some very interesting things, and based on DLP projection David Guthrie, Director of Sales and Business will be a formidable player going forward, on both the dis- technology – so it is not a Development, Managed play and the service sides. “flat panel”. In a world Services, Christie Digital where flat panels are David Keene: For decades, Christie Digital has been well almost taken for granted (and often don’t generate a lot known in the larger AV world as a leading manufacturer of interest) in retail environments for example, the of video projectors – for everything from 3D and virtual MicroTile stands out. This DLP unit is very bright (great reality to the big projectors that are being installed in for retail in-store window displays) and is a modular sys- commercial movie theaters all over the world now. For tem where designers, retailers, etc., can design and our readers in the digital signage world, could you briefly present content in a more “architectural” way. outline that track record in the AV world… and how is it Indeed, David. Christie MicroTiles have been a huge suc- related to digital signage? cess for us since the launch back in December 2009. And, David Guthrie: As an 80+ year old company, Christie you’re right to point out that the key differentiation of Digital really was, and is, one of the pioneers of visual com- MicroTiles is that they were designed to be modular in munication. We now have employees in 16 countries nature (only 10 inches deep with a 1.3mm seam between around the world. We’ve been recognized as innovators in tiles), which enables flexible and creative design concepts, the world of film projection and the development of digital unique shapes and applications. Additionally, they are video projection for education, broadcast, corporate envi- designed for high brightness, unmatched color contrast ronments, advanced visualization and simulation environ- and pantone color matching with a 65 degree viewing ments, and in more recent years, pioneers in the digital cin- angle, which produces brilliant images in high ambient ema revolution. However, it’s important to point out that light conditions. These attributes allow users the freedom Christie’s success in the world of digital projection is not to design, especially in unique settings like retail spaces, just about the hardware and technology itself. Christie has stadiums, museums and other entertainment venues. At long focused on the high reliability and service aspects of the top of the list– it offers a low TCO (total cost of owner- supporting our projectors– and now Christie has made a ship) for robust, green-footprint, long-life installations due commitment to leverage our years of experience in those to their LED light source and easy-to-maintain engineering more mature visual display markets by extending these cin- design. Especially important is that each tile is 100% front ema capabilities into digital signage with both product and accessible, allowing you to repair or replace any servicea- service offerings. ble component in less than 15 minutes, without having to turn off or bring down any of the other tiles. Additionally OK, before you explain Christie’s Managed Services, the MicroTile provides low power consumption, 7 years to let’s talk about Christie’s display offerings for digital sig- half-life, and is lamp-less. [22] D I G I TA L S I G N A G E B E S T P R A C T I C E S G U I D E
  4. DSBP_2010_print 2/8/11 4:39 PM Page 23 The “Managed Services” now avail- provide for secure able from Christie– how did that content distribu- evolve, and what does it involve? tion, integration of Probably the best way to explain the alternative content evolution of our Managed Services for such as on-screen digital signage is to draw the parallel advertising and with the cinema market. Cinema was proof of content early to adopt digital projection and playback. Our track display systems to enable the devel- record in that mar- opment of additional ad revenue ket is well known… streams within their existing loca- but what does this tions. Cinema operations transi- have to do with digi- tioned from analog technology (slide tal signage? Easy – projection used for advertising, tradi- we have taken all tional movie posters and static menu that expertise from boards) to digital media and we estab- the digital cinema lished ourselves as the right technolo- world and emulated gy partner to support that transition. it with our expert A similar transition is occurring as “Managed Services” cinema moves from 35mm to digital team, from plan- projection, for the feature movie pres- ning, engineering entation. and deployment to In that digital cinema market, post-deployment where Christie has huge market share, services, and we’ve we evolved not just the best display applied it to the dig- devices (projectors) but we devel- ital signage market. oped a support infrastructure cen- The Christie Man- tered around a 24/7, technology-driv- aged Services team en Network Operation Center (NOC) is led and support- Christie MicroTiles launched in December 2009. MicroTiles which supports a round-the-clock call ed by a seasoned were designed to be modular in nature (only 10 inches deep with a 1.3mm seam between tiles), which enables center staff (Tier I, II & III levels of team of technolo- flexible and creative design concepts, unique shapes and support) and remote monitoring of gists, logistics and applications. the digital cinema networks. As well, business profession- we have a nationally deployed staff of als, and we’re out there today, work- software, etc.? service engineers who, combined ing with Integrators to help them win Yes, absolutely. While Christie does with a network of 50+ secure Field business. And, we are also working have our own best-in-class display Stocking Locations (our Critical with many other partners in the digi- technologies such as MicroTiles and Inventory Logistics network), enable tal signage space ranging from soft- digital projection, our Managed us to ensure the “right technician, ware, to hardware, to creative (con- Services strategy has been built right part, right place, right time” tent developers), to design and deliv- based on a hardware and technology guarantee. The combination of these er solutions they are not otherwise agnostic approach. It is available for resources with our service regimen able to provide on their own– or that almost any digital signage rollout that allows us to keep these networks run- they may not want to make the sub- includes displays, media players, ning smoothly 365 days a year (ever stantial investment to do so– out- software, infrastructure cabling and been to a commercial cinema that had sourcing makes all the sense in the mounting solutions, as well as a mul- closed for the day?). world for many of these organizations titude of technology complimentary To put this in proper perspective, because it allows them to focus on items that allow these networks to cinemas are not a bunch of stand- their core competencies and leave operate efficiently and reliably. alone movie houses each running managed services to an established their own content and hardware… and professionally managed team like What do the Digital Signage Services they are the ultimate network that Christie’s Digital Signage service from Christie entail, exactly? integrates a wide range of hardware offerings. While Christie has been successful and software where upgrades and introducing great displays into the new technologies are constantly So, is this Managed Service for digi- digital signage market, we hear end being introduced into the equation. tal signage applicable to any installa- users, and integrators say “… it’s one These complex networked systems tion, using any display equipment, challenge to create the content, spec D I G I TA L S I G N A G E B E S T P R A C T I C E S G U I D E [23]
  5. DSBP_2010_print 2/8/11 4:39 PM Page 24 and install the gear, but how do you Christie has a very long and impres- the end, if you don’t, they will come keep it all running? How do you sive track record of working with back to bite you in terms of being out ensure that servicing of the system is integrators. We’re proud of these of scope work, delayed delivery of flawless and fast, while creating an relationships that we’ve cultivated projects, failure to deliver on post end of life strategy?” Well, deploying and developed over time. They are deployment services and support, the screens is easy, but the continu- our partners, and always will be. In and ultimately it will result in dissat- ity going forward is often lacking. certain applications where these isfied customers, not to mention fail- That’s where Christie’s Managed integrators are not already ure to achieve the ROI. Services come in. We define the cus- entrenched with a full complement tomer’s end-state objectives with of digital signage services, we will David Guthrie (David.Guthrie@ regards to their digital signage act as a supplier enabling integra- is the deployment. We then organize these tors to have greater “reach” into the Director of Sales and Business objectives by their elemental compo- DS market while still “owning” the Development for Christie nents and develop strategic plans for contract and customer relationship . Digital’s Managed Services (CMS) the following: sourcing, staging, inte- More often, Christie’s Managed division. CMS provides out- gration, logistics, deployment Services for digital signage will be a sourced managed services and (including installation) and, last but tool for the portfolio of integrator solutions, which include a 24X7 not least, how to best support the partners we already have. With the Network Operations Center Christie Network Operation Center (NOC) supports a round- ‘‘ the-clock call center staff (Tier I, II & III levels of support) and remote monitoring of the digital cinema networks. deployed digital signage network. growth of the digital signage market (Service Desk and Remote Our specialty is with post-deploy- – growth that is happening faster Monitoring), deployment servic- ment services such as 24/7 support than that of any part of the AV mar- es (sourcing, integration, stag- (call center, remote monitoring, etc.) ket– it’s all positive. The market is ing and installation), and post and ultimately with on-site services getting bigger for everyone so if you deployment services (on site that include expert technicians and know what solutions your customers services, parts support, logis- parts support. really want, but you haven’t been tics and life cycle management). able to find these services, Christie Primary industries of focus for Sounds very ambitious. The kind of can help with a comprehensive digi- CMS’ services are entertain- great service a lot companies would tal signage solution offering, or on an ment, cinema, broadcast, edu- claim in a brochure, but don’t have “a la carte” basis. cation, digital signage, simula- the staff to back it up. tion / immersive, medical, and That’s the key. We’re not creating this What does Christie believe to be the corporate venues. Prior to join- structure as we go; we have been most important considerations for ing CMS in 2009 David spent developing this approach for the last those who are embarking on a digi- almost 22 years in the out- decade so the technology, infrastruc- tal signage deployment strategy? sourced supply chain and man- ture and people resources are in place Any organization that is considering aged services industry working and running today. We have approxi- a DS deployment strategy should, for large brand companies like mately one hundred Christie staff in 51 first, be wary of the “road noise” that DHL (formerly Airborne Logistics major markets across the U.S who are is present in this emerging industry. Services) and FedEx Supply Chain supporting thousands of sites and In other words, take the time to do Services. Over the course of his tens of thousands of digital projection the proper research on the organiza- career David has worked with and digital signage devices. They are tions you are considering partnering some of the most recognized highly technical, experienced engi- or outsourcing with, their resources brands in the world (Dell, HP, neers with decades of Christie experi- and commitment to execute and Apple, Intuitive Surgical, Cisco, ence, and a state-of-the-art Network stand behind their solutions long Unisys, BancTec, Wincor Nixdorf, Operations Center behind them. We’re term. Do not accept simple quote NCR, and Abbott Labs), develop- excited to bring this kind of top-notch sheets without substantiated ing and implementing out- support to the digital signage market. Statements of Work (SOWs). Do the sourced logistics and managed due diligence, even if it takes time services strategies, with a So is Christie getting into and resources to answer the most focus on “high availability” “Integration”? challenging of questions, because in mission critical environments. [24] D I G I TA L S I G N A G E B E S T P R A C T I C E S G U I D E