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Royal Society Twitter stream from the Sustainable Intensification event, using the hashtag #RSFarming

Royal Society Twitter stream from the Sustainable Intensification event, using the hashtag #RSFarming

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Results for #rsfarmingTweets Top / All / People you follow1. CCRI @CCRI_UK 2mSustainable Intensification - introduction #farming #organic #rsfarming … via @ReedMtweetView summary2. CCRI @CCRI_UK 20mFood - An Insecure Context by @ReedMtweet of @CCRI_UK … Matts intro from last nights @royalsocietytalk #RSFarmingView media3. Matt @ReedMtweet 44mThe organic foot printing project I mentioned last night - results in the Autumn. @robdlillywhite#RSfarming …Expand4. Matt @ReedMtweet 49mNew calculations on a familiar theme of food self-reliance. #RSfarming #organic …Expand5. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 3hThanks to everyone who attended @royalsociety PolicyLab event last night great questions and agreat panel #RSfarming photo
  • 2. 6. CCRI @CCRI_UK 3hCCRI daily out now … Headlines via @DefraStatsincluding agri-env data sets #RSfarmingExpand7. Rob Yorke @blackgull 4hMy take on #RSfarming @royalsociety: change land manage mindset; knowledge transfer key &@SoilAssociation, dont paint yrslf into a cornerExpand8. Rosie Louisa Cassidy @LouisaRosie 4h@blackgull @royalsociety @ReedMtweet Ah thank you, looking forward to reading about it :)#RSfarmingView conversation9. Rob Yorke @blackgull 4h@LouisaRosie Believe @royalsociety will post details of most stimulating #RSfarming@ReedMtweet Presenters keeping to 5min each was brill!View conversation10. CCRI @CCRI_UK 4hSounds as though there was some good debate @royalsociety last night on #rsfarming as hashtagstill going. Any links to presentations etc?Expand11. John Kazer @johnkazer 4hMain conclusion from #rsfarming on #sustainableintensification? Our ideas of distinct farm"systems" are too rigid, new metrics=new systemsExpand
  • 3. 12. Matt @ReedMtweet 4hI cut 2 possible discussions short last night - organic yields & GM tech - to make more time 4questions. Happy to discuss now #rsfarmingExpand13. Rob Yorke @blackgull 4h@PaulWoldfarm Impossible to divorce elephant in room with food prod but SI must conserveenviro agric #soil #water ecosystems #RSfarmingView conversation14. John Kazer @johnkazer 4hExcellent meeting last night, practical issues in agri sustainable intensification #rsfarmingExpand15. FS&T @FST_IFST 4hDidnt get much of a chance to live tweet from #RSfarming yesterday but articles to come. Verygreat night at @royalsocietyExpand16. Matt @ReedMtweet 6hDidnt get chance to tweet, but check out last nights #rsfarming - debate on sustainableintensification photo17. Healthy Planet UK @HealthyPlanetUK 15h. @RSocLive probably given increasing disconnect with where our food comes from. But whydont we already know this?! #RSfarmingView conversation18. Sarah Giles @SarahLGiles 15h
  • 4. Put my tweeting skills to the test this evening on the @RSocLive account. Check out the liveupdates of @royalsociety #RSfarming eventExpand19. Matthew Williams @shamwari29 15h"@blackgull: The word everyone loves to hate: intensification. But no other word if globallyproductive #agric land near limit #RSfarming"Expand20. Richard Sheane @RichardSheane 15hFor me #sustainable intensification in #agriculture (in UK) is definitely about new #tech and real#innovation. Not just BAU+ #RSFarmingExpand21. Rob Yorke @blackgull 16hPretty intense Q&A at @royalsociety seminar on, you guessed it, sustainable intensification#RSfarming Be open to all forms of #farm systemsExpand22. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17h@reedmtweet people now less sensitive to how their food produced, do sometimes now seeanimals killed on tv #RSfarmingExpand23. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hDefra, government tries not to tell people what to think #RSfarmingExpand24. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hNFU retailers already doing this in response to consumer demand, put up pictures in theirsupermarkets #RSfarming
  • 5. Expand25. Tim Roberts @twr57 17h#RSfarming Nagoya protocol - to be ratified this summer. Will it impede research on geneticresources? DEFRA not currently concernedExpand26. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hNatural environment inextricably linked to food production. Should this be highlighted toconsumers? #RSfarmingExpand27. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hDavid Baulcombe, breeding in tomatoes, new technologies and GM will allow us to diversifyagriculture and cope with challenges #RSfarmingExpand28. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hDefra need research by innovative farmers and growers to explore that question #RSfarmingExpand29. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hJanet dwyers, theres increasing market for local diverse products. E.g. Local diverse cheeses havemade it big #RSfarmingExpand30. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 17hWhat can we do to ensure there is a more diverse market for new products? We buy what we know#RSfarmingExpand
  • 6. 31. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hNFU farmers are already using technologies such as GPS to deliver very precise farming#RSfarmingExpand32. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hAnd ammonia from agriculture and other pollutants! #RSfarmingExpand33. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hDavid fowler FRS, carbon emissions from farming increasing, does not see sustainableintensification as something on the mend #RSfarmingExpand34. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18h@reedmtweet farmers must think in terms of future resilience as often family owned and crossgenerational businesses #RSfarmingExpand35. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hLes Firbank, beginning to see this in UK extreme weather in past year. Will have to learn fromorganic farms and rely on soil #RSfarmingExpand36. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hHow can agriculture perform if the capital base is entirely eroded? The apocalypse scenario!#RSfarmingExpand37. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18h
  • 7. Defra, production choices can be improved through education #RSfarmingExpand38. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hNFU no way we can eliminate 30% of food waste, its consumer habits and demands #RSfarmingExpand39. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hJaney Dwyer, increasing consumer awareness important, and also adapting supermarket criteria soless than perfect food not wasted #RSfarmingExpand40. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hElephant in the room? The role of the consumer in sustainable intensification. If people just wasteless food can we not achieve? #RSfarmingExpand41. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hDavid Baulcombe, it is policy but it needs a good technical application #RSfarmingExpand42. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hIs this a policy question or a mind set among landowners? Interesting, who are we really aiming toinfluence? #RSfarmingExpand43. dominic dyer @domdyer70 18hFirst question from a farmer, sustainable intensification is so obvious it is hardly worth talkingabout! Yet here we are! #RSfarming”Expand
  • 8. 44. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hCurrently debating the wedge between agro environmental schemes and business development.Need to tie together the two #RSfarmingExpand45. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hFirst question from a farmer, sustainable intensification is so obvious it is hardly worth talkingabout! Yet here we are! #RSfarmingExpand46. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hAmount of money in CAP rural pillar two funds has been and will be significantly cut #RSfarming#CAPreformExpand47. Rob Yorke @blackgull 18h#NFU at #RSfarming UK agric most intense mid 80s. Since then more extensive; 30% less fert &#pesticide use but production flat lining.Expand48. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hGreening measures in CAP have been so watered down they are meaningless! Martin Haworth ofthe NFU @royalsociety #RSfarming #CAPreformExpand49. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hTerrible negative associations with the word intensive especially with relation to battery farming#RSfarmingExpand
  • 9. 50. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 18hMartin Haworth (NFU): people need to realise that we reached the heights of intensification in themid 1980s #RSfarmingExpand51. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hNFU we need to improve self sufficiancy, and there is a growing demand for more local produce#RSfarmingExpand52. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18hNFU produce more, impact less. We got there first with this sustainable intensification idea!Farmers are behind this. #RSfarmingExpand53. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 18hFrom Defra to the NFU - @royalsociety does like to mix things up! #RSfarmingExpand54. Rob Yorke @blackgull 18h@arrhenius whizzing through stuff at @royalsociety #RSfarming before he can be quoted. AkaMinimum Dress Code reqd re #CAPExpand55. Rob Yorke @blackgull 18hEconomics, before enviro, drive most farmers to their enterprise choices @royalsociety#RSfarming > similar to us in our weekly food shop?Expand56. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 18h
  • 10. Defra - we need a much greater focus on research into sustainable intensification, there is budgetfor this #RSfarmingExpand57. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hNegligibly greener, significantly more complex, defras Martin Nesbit kicks off UK CAP discussion#CAPreform #RSfarmingExpand58. Neal Evans @nealev 19hRT @RSocLive: Les Firbank is discussing the trade offs between intensifying and reducing carbonfootprint of farms. Tricky. #RSfarmingExpand59. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19hFarmers prefer land sparing to land sharing, says Firbank (see …) #RSfarmingExpand60. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hDifferent farming sectors have different possibilities to achieve sustainable intensification arablesectors have the best chance #RSfarmingExpand61. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hLes is discussing the trade offs between intensifying and reducing carbon footprint of farms. Tricky.#RSfarmingExpand62. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19h
  • 11. Les Firbank cuts straight to the chase: sustainable intensification is NOT happening consistentlyacross UK #RSfarmingExpand63. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hAnd onto Les Firbank. Is sustainable intensification real?! In the mind of farmers? #RSfarmingExpand64. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hPillar two of CAP is a very good toolkit, has huge potential as a policytoolkit but frustratingly thusis currently not utilised #RSfarmingExpand65. Rob Yorke @blackgull 19hAll agric systems must incl building environmental resilience Cannot intensify without it#RSfarmingExpand66. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19hUK Government view: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is an anachronism... and one thatcosts 0.5% of GDP #RSfarmingExpand67. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hThe extent to which the current CAP subsides and rules achieve these things is contested#RSfarmingExpand68. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hCAP should provide income support, support to the sector and maintain basic environment and foodquality safeguards #RSfarming
  • 12. Expand69. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hJanet Dwyer discusses main challenges facing the rural communities in Europe, complex set ofdemands from rural resources #RSfarmingExpand70. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19hJanet Dwyer (Gloucester Uni) opts for definition of sustainable intensification in this new report: … #RSfarmingExpand71. Richard Sheane @RichardSheane 19hDavid Baulcombe: Sustainable intensification often misinterpreted. Its about making the most ofscience & tech e.g. GM #rsfarmingExpand72. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19hGenetically engineering crops for stress tolerance = one route to sustainable intensification. DavidBaulcombe FRS at #RSfarmingExpand73. Rob Yorke @blackgull 19hThe word everyone loves to hate: intensification. But no other word if globally productive #agricland near limit #RSfarmingExpand74. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hSustainable intensification is NOT a trade off, it is about using science and technology to make themost of what we have got #RSfarmingExpand
  • 13. 75. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hIf we are to get more from the same peice of land then we must find a way to intensify, land sparingor land sharing #RSfarmingExpand76. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19hFurther info here: …#RSfarmingExpand77. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19hDavid Baulcombe stresses the importance of biological sciences in the sustainable feeding of theplanets population #RSfarmingExpand78. Rob Yorke @blackgull 19hIncreasingly acute tensions in the #CAP delivering competitive #agric, affordable #food & co-production of #nature #RSfarmingExpand79. FS&T @FST_IFST 19hDavid Baulcombe describes the birth of the term sustainable intensification #rsfarmingExpand80. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 19hMatt Reed kicks off proceedings with a nice plug for @royalsocietys Reaping the Benefits report#RSfarmingExpand81. Royal Society Live @RSocLive 19h
  • 14. @ReedMtweet opens with a quote from @royalsociety report, reap the benefits, good start!#RSfarmingExpand82. Rob Yorke @blackgull 19hSustainable Intensification: the future of farming in Europe heading up the agenda at@royalsociety Peak food? #RSfarmingExpand83. Neal Evans @nealev 19hAt the @royalsociety for sustainable intensification: the future of farming in Europe?#RSfarming should be an interesting discussionExpand84. Richard Sheane @RichardSheane 19hApparently the hashtag is #rsfarming ...Expand85. FS&T @FST_IFST 20hAt the @royalsociety for sustainable intensification: the future of farming in Europe?#RSfarmingExpand86. Emma Woods @sdoowamme 9 MayLooks set to be a lively @royalsociety PolicyLab tonight on sustainable intensification and CAPreform. Ill be tweeting updates #RSfarmingExpand87. Matt @ReedMtweet 8 MaySustainable Intensification - introduction via @audioboo #farming#organic #rsfarming
  • 15. View summary88. Matt @ReedMtweet 8 MayNew special issue on Food Security … - more on the fracturedconsensus #RSfarming #organicExpand89. Matt @ReedMtweet 8 May@CCRI_UK @farminguk @makemineMilk @Riverford True, also check out the buckingbovines … #RSfarming #organicView media90. Matt @ReedMtweet 7 MayA dip in the price of food, or just the volatility of markets? #RSfarming #food …View summary91. Matt @ReedMtweet 3 MayGetting ready to chair RoyalSociety PolicyLab "Sustainable Intensification: the future of farming inEurope?" on 9 May #RSfarming more soon.Expand