‘People’ – Who will pay for land management and land use change to help farmers and communities prepare for climate change? (Jenny Phelps)

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  • 1. ‘People’ – Who will pay for land management and land use change to help farmers and communities prepare for climate change? Jenny Phelps, Gloucestershire FWAG
  • 2. Farming and Communities • Has there been a cultural disconnect between farmers/landowners and communities.? • Do communities feel connected to, and value the farmed environment? • Do people value their food, water, air and ecosystems enough? • Are there ways communities could work with farmers to develop projects of for mutual and multiple benefit e.g. Flooding , business • Is local knowledge being over looked in looking for solutions to problems?
  • 3. Cotswold Catchment Opportunities to strength and connect farmers and Communities for Mutual benefit? Needs spatial planning & Facilitation FIELD Advisers Working with Rural Community Councils DEFRA,DCLG
  • 4. Developing Integrated parish and neighbourhood plans Shared problem solving with all partners inc farmers . 64 layers so far – locally relevant contacts Web Portal hosted by CCRI/County Council
  • 5. Ampney Crucis? - ILD framework could draw all funding together
  • 6. 1894 Maps Historic Environment Local knowledge and resource
  • 7. •Product •Practice •People •Fits with existing and new frameworks GO2 AO1 TO6 GO6 VO5 Whole register of ‘FEPPERS’ could be up skilled to FIELD Advisers But who will pay for land use change? Dynamic PES linked to Land Use Code?
  • 8. How might people pay? • Parish Precept – for flood mitigation? • Supporting land use change by buying local products • Supporting farm diversification by linking it to parish needs indentified in parish plan. • Community Supported Agriculture – for ecosystem services ........ http://www.soilassociation.org/communitysupp ortedagriculture?gclid=COLMmdKns7gCFQ_Lt AodQXEAkQ
  • 9. Free Ecosystem Service