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System Project Management. IDINET
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System Project Management. IDINET


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IDINET ® is a pioneering software tool that forms a complete Integrated System of Organizations, Projects and R & D + i for companies, research institutes and authorities.

IDINET ® is a pioneering software tool that forms a complete Integrated System of Organizations, Projects and R & D + i for companies, research institutes and authorities.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. SYSTEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND R&D SYSTEMIn agreement with the Innovation and Quality StandardsUNE 166000 and UNE-EN-ISO 9001
  • 2. ¿What is ?IDINET® is a complete System Project Management thatenables you to watch each of your projects in real time facilitatingthe decision making.It is a work tool, with which in a simple way, we can manage ourprojects at the same time we fulfill our System.IDINET® facilitates the design, implementation and control of aProject Management System according to the Standards UNE166002:2006. - Eliminates the necessity of the paper records. - It is integrated with ISO 9000.
  • 3. EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT IDINET ® make easier to Organize and Manage the company efficiently Collaboration Project Management Document Management© futuver Computer resource developed for TeamWork and the exchange of documents and information between people within the organization.
  • 4. WHAT BENEFITS BRING IDINET TO MY ORGANIZATION? Computer resource that allows you to manage your company optimize and systematize your procedures. Knowing what to do, how and when.© futuver
  • 5. WHAT BENEFITS BRING IDINET TO MY ORGANIZATION? 1 Establishment of working procedures and methodology 2 Integral management for internal and external projects 3 TeamWork 4 Optimization time devoted to management task 5 Detailed monitoring of the projects 6 Resources Management 7 IDiNet allows the fulfillment of the Standards UNE 166002:2006 and ISO 9000 8© futuver Make easier the decision making
  • 6. WHAT BENEFITS BRING IDINET TO MY ORGANIZATION? 9 Includes an integral control panel 9 10 10 Provide you with the necessary tools for making a business strategy 11 Full project management 11 12 12 Quick return on investment 6 7 8© futuver
  • 7. WHAT BENEFITS BRING IDINET TO MY ORGANIZATION? 9 Document Management 10 Access to information Permanent from Audit Tool 11 anywhere Saving 40% of 12 working Library time !! Planner Management 6 7 Integral Control Panel 8© futuver Estimation of the expected value: saving 5% at work. 30€/hour. 5% x 20 people x 1.700 hours/year x 30€/hour = 51.000 €/year.
  • 8. IDINET® answers your questions Companies Scopes Technologies Centers Technologies Associations Objectives Foundations Procedures Others organizations DIFERENTS Methodologies EQUALS CUSTOMIZE O B J Monitoring E Decisions Making C Strategic Definitions T I Information Management V Resources Optimization E© futuver INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT S
  • 9. WHAT CAN WE MANAGE WITH IDINET? Project Management, customers, or developments defined by Methodology Project Management Institute (PMI). Management Systems Projects and Services R&D Projects ( R&D and Quality) PMI© futuver INTERNAL EXTERNAL
  • 10. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Integral management for internal and external projects Defining Goals, planning and monitoring in REAL TIME. Each project contains all the information about the objectives, satisfaction levels, monitoring, economic data associated–in purchases and in costs/hour –processes status, assigned human resources, document© futuver Library, etc.
  • 11. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Manage documents according to separate projects . Organize your files by types or tasks, version control, generate offers automatically and work in an integrated way with your office tools.© futuver You won’t lose time searching for information. You will work in a fully integrated environment with your Office applications.
  • 12. WORK THROUGH PROCESSES IDINET® may systematize processes of your company, establishing a workflow of activities and a responsible for each of them. Knowing at any time the situation of the processes of your company. IDINET® makes possible the interaction between the numerous users in the processes in an agile way, reducing the time of your current processes.© futuver
  • 13. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IDINET® can manage information about your employees, their competences or knowledge, motivations, CV’s or any other documents as well as vacations.© futuver You can also know the projects in which each one is participating, their invoicing costs and real costs, as well as the dedication, in hours, in each project.
  • 14. POWER FAMIL TREE Y IDINET® manages the knowledge or important technologies for your company. Through a competence tree you could know the knowledge and skills of its personnel, suppliers and collaborators. Look up the project log, documents, vigilance notes... IDINET® allows to face in a simple way the monitoring technology in your company.© futuver
  • 15. How can I manage the maintenances and calibrations of resources of my company? IDINET® allows you to identify your resources at any time by accessing the information on them, and manage maintenance: People responsible for management each resource Documents and manuals Suppliers Guarantees Periodic task to carry out Maintenance and calibration log© futuver Next dates of maintenance and calibration
  • 16. CONTROLLER AND STATISTIC GRAPHS IDINET® gives you an integrated control panel in which you will have indicators and graphics in real time, automatically obtained by the daily use of this tool. Let you know at any time the state of its portfolio of tenders and projects, helping in taking decisions© futuver
  • 17. I am outside work and I want to review the evolution of my company la evolución de mi organización IDIMOBILE Integration with REMOTE This IDINET® module allows you to CONNECTION access from your handheld PDA to the main Exchange. . VPN information of your system: Integration of the contact . TS Check the information of your projects. information and the Look through the information of your absences with the . HTTPS contacts. Outlook calendar Download the information that you need There are several ways to access IDINET® from outside the office© futuver
  • 18. Conclusions - Simple and powerful tool. -Motivates team work in a collaborating environment. -Safety for users and for projects - Helps organizing efficiently by incorporating a powerful document management system. - Includes an integral control panel. - Standardizes the company processes. - Permanent Auditing to control compliance with the Standards. - Facilitates the control and evaluation of the R&D activities. - Optimizes the internal "Know-How“ of the companies. - Control resources associated to R&D activities. -Extranet allows the access to users from wherever they are. -Transparency toward Public Administration and project evaluation organizations (subsidies and taxes)© futuver -Integration with other tools such as Microsoft Office and Solid Edge.
  • 19. TECHNOLOGY USED SharePoint Office 2003/ Project ERP Portal Server 2007 Server Others Windows SharePoint Services .NET Framework 2.0 SQL Server 2005-2008 Windows Server 2003-2008© futuver
  • 20. TECHNOLOGY USED IDINET® has been developed under SharePoint Services, supplemented with the customization module, adding webparts developed under ASP. Net and SQL Server 2005-2008. Advantages of SharePoint:  It is aimed at TeamWork and sharing information through a Web environment.  Integrated License Management under Windows (Active Directory).  Surveillance by atomization alert system.  Integration with other Microsoft tools, for example : Microsoft Office , sharing documents in a direct way and clear for the users.  Allows the server farm installation.  Document Management of more than 20 millions of documents.  You could manage more than 1000 projects annually.  All kind of information and documents are stored in the database.© futuver
  • 21. Setting up IDINET® IDINET® is a “turnkey project”. The setting up of the Management System has the following stages: • We analyze the specific characteristics of the company and the necessary Initial settings of IDiNet. Diagnosis • Study and adaptation of IDINET® Setting up the • Objective: adapt the product to your requirements and your internal process. parameters • Software and Hardware Installation for becoming operational in the clients Installation terminals.© futuver
  • 22. Setting up IDINET® • Training to IDINET® users. This training is customized to perform different roles within the organization. Training • Monitoring implementation and resolving any doubts and problems. Monitoring • Final review of implementation process. Audit and final • Issuing final audit report. evaluation© futuver
  • 23. CONSTANT EVOLUTION IDINET® is in constant evolution contributing to the new system functionalities. The TARGET, provide our customers a more versatile tool to optimize their internal processes and provide high added value.© futuver
  • 24. “El futuro se diseña, no se improvisa® …” “The future is designed, not improvised …”Parque Científico Tecnológico Campos Elíseos, 345Edificio Futuver Edificio Omega - Colonia Polanco33203 Gijón – Asturias – España 11560 México D.F. - MéxicoTel.: +34 902 175 454 Tel.: +52 (55) 5280 5991Fax: +34 985 175 967 Fax: +52 (55) 5280 5913ía de Molina, Str. Biharia, nr. 67-77, corp H. et.132 28006 – Madrid – España sector 1 Bucharest – RomaniaTel.: +34 911 29 54 54 Tel.:+40 742 207 610Fax: +34 901 706 175 Fax: +40 318 163