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Transforming big data customer interactions into profitable business growth

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Exalead OneCall

  1. 1. 1 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_20123DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Exalead OneCall Transforming big data customer interactions into profitable business growth
  2. 2. 2 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Situation Analysis Agents Today • Difficulty in answering questions • Inconsistent engagement capabilities • Hard to negotiate all IT tools to get accurate answers Customers Today • Info aware, tech savvy, time constrained • Hard to obtain clear answers to questions Call Centers Today • Challenging to provide staff with all information needed to give the best answer in only one call Frontlines Sales Reps Today • Insufficient access to relevant customer info • Limited access to in-context histories, linked to product info for personalized selling
  3. 3. 3 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 What is at stakes? Difficulty in retaining customers leading to lost business High costs from customer churn and agent turnover Poor and inconsistent agent engagement capabilities with customers Complex and cumbersome CRM system too many screens and prompts Apprehension of large and disruptive IT system replacements Inability to leverage existing enterprise data assets and unlock value
  4. 4. 4 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Delivering the Perfect Engagement Harnessing the right information from multi-source & multi-structured systems Building the actions “in context” upon these information assets Revealing sales opportunities for personalized customer service Answering customer questions right away, with zero lag time
  5. 5. 5 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Exalead: Search Based Application Foundations: B2B
  6. 6. 6 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Exalead CloudView Unified, Universal Information Access Unique Semantic Processing Capabilities Intuitive, "Zero-Training" Use An Agile, Industrial and Secure Platform Easy, Automated Management Web scalability and simplicity
  7. 7. 7 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Exalead CloudView Revolutionize IT
  8. 8. 8 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 A Unique Approach
  9. 9. 9 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 ALL existing information usable to improve business and customer satisfaction A Unique Approach
  10. 10. 11 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Performance Extreme performance & massive linear scalability (at a low hardware cost!) Universal data connectivity with low latency indexing Secure enforcement of rights at infrastructure level Agility Non-intrusive to deploy and operate Semantic factory & Mash-up Builder for easy data fusion & rapid app development Multitude of Big Data uses in one platform Usability Zero-training usage for information retrieval or analytics Mature, packaged product accessible to existing staff Rapid deployment – app in weeks, POC in days Exalead OneCall Advantages
  11. 11. 12 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Why we are so unique: CloudView™ Security - Single-Sign-On and Restricted Access Capabilities Single Sign-On Federate Security across multiple sources Native Support for Windows and Lotus Security Security enforced at index level Native Integration of Security in CloudView Fully extensible with Custom Security Sources
  12. 12. 13 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Why we are so unique - Mashup Application Builder Objective(s): Manage Structured and Unstructured Data easily Ease the creation of Application Mashups Mashup Application Builder • Connect and federate various data feeds (including search results) • Instantiate widget(s) • Build your application using a drag and drop Interface Widgets ApplicationFeeds
  13. 13. 14 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 A new solution for call center and points of sale agents A strong 360 degree view of the customer’s question A new way to increase contact center agent efficiency A new way to raise customer engagement and satisfaction through ultra-simple access to all enterprise information What is the purpose? Exalead OneCall
  14. 14. 15 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Where can we help you? Each customer interaction is a moment of truth... where a decision is made that will create a positive or negative impact on your customer relationship.  How can you bring this crucial moment under control and increase the chances of a positive outcome?  How can you anticipate these moments and be ready?  How can you avoid not hearing the signals sent by the client?
  15. 15. 18 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Challenges for Creating Customer Engagements Apprehension of large, disruptive and expensive IT system replacements, often seen as the primary means to upgrade the enterprise Inability to leverage existing enterprise and web data to unlock value and reveal information intelligence CRM systems that were designed for customer management Too many screens and prompts to get the right info quickly
  16. 16. 19 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Top Business Benefits of the OneCall Solution Improved customer retention through better interaction & discussion Improved Agents satisfaction through a smarter desktop and productivity effectiveness Real time proposals closely linked to the real overall customer information asset Improved call centers performances First Call Resolution & lower handling times
  17. 17. 20 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Savings Potential Call centers Productivity + 18 % Training Time - 80 % Campaign Efficiency + 20 % Call Length - 10 % First Call Resolution Rate + 10 % ROI < 1 year Real time smart proposals Call Center performances Improved working conditions
  18. 18. 21 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Case Study: La Poste OneCall Transformed a classic CRM approach into Real-Time Operational Intelligence New frontlines approach for B2B and B2C call centers 1,200 call center agents & 3,500 agencies Over 1B€ annual turnover Sources: Siebel, 7 different data warehouses, BI business applications, 1 ERP Business Advantages End-to-end Customer visibility – No delays to get info Higher First Call Resolutions, Lower Avg Call Lengths Real-time actions optimization with back-offices Outbound Campaign optimization Better agent productivity and customer satisfaction
  19. 19. 22 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Big data volumes The proof is in our deployments 100 million docs, update<1min 6,3 billion records, 90 TB data, 300 million new records/day 2,1 billion docs, 175 TB data, 3 million/day, 35000 users 750 million docs, 70TB,1B pg views/mo, 100QPS 16 billion docs, 6PB data, 200 million/day, 8000 q/s 100 million docs, refresh < 1 min 6 billion records, ~100TB raw data 40 million records, 10 million Web pages, 200ms response Luxury Goods Co. Gov’t Agency Utilities Co. 1 billion records, 15-20 million updates/day (700k smart meters)
  20. 20. 23 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Global Customer Experiences
  21. 21. 24 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 OneCall Demo
  22. 22. 25 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Find Out More… Call RedBridge on 083-3782513 Or info@cyberroute.de
  23. 23. 26 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|16-Apr-14|ref.:3DS_Document_2012 Thank you for your attention !
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