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How to select a sales team that can sell

How to select a sales team that can sell



This event will provide Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers, Human Resources Managers and Recruiters with the knowledge, insights, tools and techniques required to consistently recruit ...

This event will provide Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers, Human Resources Managers and Recruiters with the knowledge, insights, tools and techniques required to consistently recruit effective salespeople.

This will typically provide greater than 90% hiring accuracy, reduce staff churn by at least 30% and increase average annual sales per salesperson by 20-40%.



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    How to select a sales team that can sell How to select a sales team that can sell Presentation Transcript

    • How To Select A Sales Force That Can Sell Presented By: Peter Gilbert CEO HR Chally SA1
    • Who Is Chally? A Global, Sales Force Potential and Performance Measurement Firm Utilizing our Industry Leading: To ensure our clients have the vital information/analysis to minimize risk associated with making critical talent management decisions related to: • Selecting and developing the right people • Performance Management • Increasing productivity • Managing succession2
    • Telephone Selling A Personal Epiphany3
    • Jordan Belfort4
    • Business Processes Receive A Great Deal Of Attention • Logistics & Supply Chain • Finance • Procurement • Manufacturing • Airline safely • Mars Landing5
    • Defect Level 3,4ppm6
    • Defect Level 3,2 ppm7
    • In Sales We Routinely Do Things Badly• 25,1% attrition rate• Less than 50% of reps make quota• 71% of new hires take at least 6 months to ramp up• 20% of sellers bring in 62% of the revenue• 25% do not generate enough profit to cover their expenses• Forecasts accurate +- 50%• % Deals won less than 20%8
    • Planned Agenda A brief history of sales and some thoughts on the Part 1. future. What is your Go-To-Market sales strategy, and Part 2. what kind of salespeople will it require? A model for understanding different types of Part 3. salespeople. The elements of an effective recruitment process:- • Background & reference checks 30% Part 4. • Structured scorable interview 30% • Criterion validated assessment 30% • Judgement & gut feel 10% Part 5. The cost of poor hiring Part 6. Developing a recruitment strategy9
    • The Problem Post-recession markets have changed the game permanently: • Product quality (all serious competitors have the same) • Cost (Supply chain management and Global sourcing level the playing field) • The internet has switched the information advantage to the customer • Innovation is short lived • Untrained sales managers are struggling and failing • Manipulative sales techniques no longer work • Sales training has not evolved • Buyers have become better buying than sellers have at selling • BUT sales recruitment is no better than it was 50 years ago!!!10
    • The Challenge – Traditional Field or “Route” sales is going to disappear – Traditional field salespeople will transition to telesales for roles such as account management – Higher end salespeople will need a sophisticated understanding of their customers and markets PLUS the new sales skills as out- sourced managers for their customers – Sales will evolve to a professional level status with degree/diploma qualification (providing the base business savvy and sales skills, as well as the appropriate academic background)1111
    • The World Of Sales Is Changing “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but on who are the most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin12
    • The Evolution Of Sales From snake oil peddler to value creator13 13
    • The Joys Of Being A Salesperson Sometimes it’s a bit like being a fire hydrant at a dog show!14
    • What Is The Purpose Of A Sales Force? These people are all trying to sell you something!15
    • What is the purpose of a sales force? Some common answers. • To sell our products • To generate revenues • To build relationships with customers • To communicate with customers about our products and services • To differentiate our offering • To add value to our customers • To partner with our customers • To be the interface between our company and our customers THESE ANSWERS ARE ALL CORRECT. BUT NOT VERY INSIGHTFUL!!!16
    • A better definitionThese eminent authorities agree that most sales is no longer about selling your wares. It isabout making customers successful. Gerhard Gschwandner Neil Rackham Philip Kotler Owner Selling Power Professor/Author Professor/Author17
    • Strategy Drives EverythingIf you have no sales strategy, you have no clear idea of who your real customers are, whatkind of salesperson they are most likely to respond to, and which type of salesperson is mostlikely to succeed in your business. No wonder a few salespeople deliver most of yourrevenues. For you, successful recruitment is a purely random event. Many executives should be ashamed of their sales forces!!!18
    • What is a Go-To-Market sales strategy? “A Go-To-Market sales strategy (GTMss) is a purposeful and defined strategy to serve customers, win market share at acceptable margins and outperform the competition”19
    • Another Definition Go-To-Market Sales Strategy A game plan for reaching the right customers in the right markets, through the right channels, with the right products and the right value proposition. The purpose of a Go-To-Market sales strategy is to create a powerful, winning total customer experience that will: • Attract, win and retain the most desirable customers, • While driving high sales and market share growth, • At the lowest possible cost.20
    • The GTMss Sales Model Infrastructure Efficiency Customer Co-Management Value Price/Performance New Source Of Wealth Relationship Transaction Based Partner Based Marketing & Messages Requirements Fit Vision Fit Customer Engagement Make the List Make the Rules Make the Sale Make the Standard Solution Fit Business Fit Trust Based Political Based Process Performance Business Improvement Effectiveness Decisive Force21
    • When you have no GTMss You will be confused REMEMBER!!! It is better to be wrong than to be confused!!!22 These people are both!
    • Products Move Through a “Sales” Life Cycle Fast Growth Wide Usage Introduction Saturation23
    • The Salesperson Who Fit the Life Cycle Stage 2 Stage 3 TOUCH Turnkey Buyers with Relationships Consultive Support Service Driven H I G H P URCHASE COMPLEXITY Stage 1 Stage 4 Early Adopters Commodity H Price Driven I G H TOUCH C USTOMER E XPERIENCE TECH TECH LOW WITH LOW P RODUCT/S ERVICE24
    • Different Quadrants Require Different Approaches Heart Surgeon General Practitioner “Miracle Cure” Friendly Local Pharmacy25
    • Building An Effective Recruitment System Requires Answers To Questions • What am I selling---product, service, commodity, solution, strategic value, partnership? • What is my value proposition? • To whom am I selling---user, operational manager, expert, executive, procurement? • What type of salesperson will the buyer respond to best? • As a sales organisation, what do we need to succeed? • What recruitment tools should I use? • Where do I look for these salespeople? • How do I build a talent pipeline?26
    • Many Recruitment Tools Do Not Work!! Hiring success rates aren’t much better than a coin toss* Selection Method Improvement Over “Chance” Typical Interview 1% increase Personality Tests 1% increase Experience 5% increase Scorable Interview 7% increase * “International Personnel Management Association, Feb. 1999” Proven accuracy of Chally assessment 25% to 30% better than chance27
    • An Effective Selection System Should Include…28
    • Talent screening and assessment process Position Applicant Pool Criterion Qualified Manager Validated Candidates Interview Selection Needs Pre-Screen & Screen Interview Assessment Recommended or Qualifications A Recommended & with Concerns Experience A B Assessment Validated Report A Profile C C and Interview Guide D D Predictive C Skills and Behaviours E F29 29
    • Chally’s Solutions30
    • • Dayton, Ohio based with 37+ years of Research and Development experience • Founded through a Grant from U.S. Justice Department in partnership with a network of Universities • Purpose - to develop a predictive assessment to improve the selection of Law Enforcement Officers to minimise impact of the pending EEOC law • Terms of the Grant outlined that Chally could build a business around the assessment31 and we decided to focus on helping clients select more productive salespeople
    • • The core assessment initially focused on personality and motivation • However we quickly discovered, via research conducted with our clients, that just because you are extroverted, assertive and competitive, It doesn’t mean you can sell!32 It just means you are extroverted, assertive and competitive!
    • Targeted Marketing Credit Ratings based on buying patterns Life Insurance Casinos Short term insurance• We decided to re-tool the assessment and leverage the predictive capabilities of the Insurance Industry which utilizes actuarial sciences• Actuaries are experts in evaluating the probability of future events—using numbers, not crystal balls to design creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events• It takes a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge, and understanding of human behaviour to manage todays complex risks facing our society33
    • Qualifies with Standard Probes Negotiates Makes Presentations• The Actuaries said to throw out the “Personality” theory and to research salespeople to determine what they actually do (skill) versus how they behave (personality) to achieve outcomes• Our Research found that successful performers Negotiate, Qualify, Close, Probe etc.• We studied large groups, had them take the “re-tooled” assessment with Non Face-Valid questions and applied an actuarial approach to measuring/predicting likelihood of34 successful performance
    • • Clients often ask us what non face-valid assessment questions like the ones above have to do with selling and specifically negotiation and closing • In reality—nothing. It is not the question but the responses to a series of questions, compared to a huge database that actually predict someones potential • To put into perspective, let’s look at the process an insurance company would use to establish the rate/premium of car insurance for newly driving teenager35
    • Process the Insurance Industry would apply via Actuarial Science to establish Rates/Premiums• In reality—none of the data points above actually have any thing to do with driving• Yet, collectively and over large samples, they predict likelihood of an accident and influence rates• This is the same for the assessment - To establish predictability of a competency such as negotiation• We administered the assessment to large groups of people that were researched to be either above average, average or below average in negotiating• If we found a high correlation (similarity) in how above average negotiators responded to the assessment, a high correlation (yet difference in responses from above average group) in how below average negotiators responded, and we could repeat it with similar results—we then had an effective36 predictor for negotiations.
    • Qualifies with Standard Probes Makes Presentations Problem Solving Negotiates Develops Sales Leads Closes Through Logical, Incremental Steps Maximizes Results Develops Technical Promotes Growth Competence Through Innovation • As we continued to work with clients, we uncovered many different competencies/skills/behaviours • Currently, we have an unparalleled database of 140+ validated competencies based on scientific research • Spend 45 minutes answering 288 questions; we collect 866 points of data and predict the performance of a person, team or organisation on over 140+ validated37 competencies
    • CHALLY CUSTOMERSWIN MORE DEALS!An independent researchfirm confirmed thatcustomers who use Chally’sbetter science approachhave higher win rates!38
    • Why Benchmarking and Traditional Competency Modeling Can Fail 2009 Listing of World’s Top 10 Golfers #1 Tiger Woods #4 Kenny Perry #7 Geoff Ogilvy #10 Vijay Singh #2 Phil Mickelson #5 Sergio Garcia #8 Steve Stricker #3 Paul Casey #6 Henrik Stenson #9 Jim Furyk The following “logical” benchmark competencies (supposed predictors of success) are officially tracked to measure professional golfers as a measure of success; a) Driving accuracy d) Ball proximity to hole f ) Putts per round b) Driving distance e) "Scrambling" g) Sand saves c) Greens in regulation39
    • Traditional Methods Don’t Always Work! Would results like this get you excited about selecting this person? These were Tiger Woods’s results when he was #1 Golfer in World! #93 in driving accuracy #68 in ball proximity to hole REJECTED #38 in driving distance #9 in scrambling #71 in greens in regulation #38 in putts per round • These “competencies” do not predict – scores do! • What makes Tiger different is he didn’t make fatal errors!! Emphasis on didn’t!! • How few bogeys, double bogeys, or worse they don’t get...round after round after round40
    • False Predictors in a Sales Position Job Competency model that was not working successfully for Fortune 500 company that was developed by Global HR Consulting Firm41
    • If Ready to Utilize the Assessment as Part of Selection/Development ProcessAssessment Applications…45
    • Selection Selection Report with Hiring Recommendation (optional accompanying interview guide) Measure a candidate or incumbent against key profiles to measure potential to successfully perform role(s)46
    • Sample Manager Assessment Report Describes the candidate’s candor in responding to questionsBottom-Line Recommendation Recommended Recommended if concerns addressed can be resolved Not recommended The Position’s Job Skills47
    • Sample Definition of skill and graphic rating of level of competence Prediction of typical on-the- job behaviors and limitations Practical coaching tips for training and development48
    • Sample Motivation or habit that is very evident in the candidate (+70% or -30%)Suggestionsto other compared for a manager to successfully employed individuals the best focus and motivate candidate49
    • What Our Clients Say About Chally • Predictive and accurate data • Customizable to specific job requirements • Objective findings and analyses • Provides access to an extensive database and research • Helps reduce costly employee turnover ≥ 30% • Helps improve employee productivity ≥ 35% • EEOC-compliant - reduces legal exposure • Data has long-term value Chally’s extraordinary science, applied to measures of Sales Force performance, enables our customers to realize greater productivity and profitability.50
    • Q&A Peter Gilbert CEO HR Chally SAPO Box 3070 Dainfern 2055 Cell: 0825521306 peter@challysa.co.za www.chally.com