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Presentacion consultech 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. CONSULTECH Professional Training for companies Jorge Arcos Stefania Flores Danitza Ibarra Ma. Fernanda López Ricardo Ycaza
  • 3. What is CONSULTECH?
    • CONSULTECH INC . is a service company in Ecuador dedicated to give professional training.
    • This company has its headquarters in Miami and it has 16 offices all over America. This work will be focused on the operations of CONSULTECH on Ecuador .
  • 4. Offices
    • CONSULTECH Ecuador is part of CONSULTECH INC., which has a total of 17 offices around America.
  • 5. Services
    • The services are:
    • Financial assistance.
    • Marketing and Sales assistance.
    • Computer assistance.
    • Personnel training in areas like:
    • Motivation.
    • Customer service.
    • Negotiation.
    • How to deal with interpersonal problems.
    • Enterprise Leadership.
    • Conflict handling.
  • 6. Organization chart
  • 7. Professional profiles
    • General Manger. - Danitza Ibarra, she has overall responsibility for the running of the business.
    •    Sales / Marketing manager. – Maria Fernanda Lopez, she is the one who does all the different activities intended to make and attract a profitable demand for our service.
    •    Finance Manager . - Jorge Arcos is responsible for the finance of the company.
    •    Consultant Trainer . - Ricardo Ycaza´s job is to learn the new techniques of personnel training.
    •    General Manager assistant . - Stefania Flores. She is the right hand of the General Manager.
  • 8. Company Profile
    • The practices of CONSULTECH are dedicated to delivering professional training services in more than 5 countries with 25 offices, involving 800 executives around the world.
    • All services offered by CONSULTECH are given by its members.
    • Working as multifunctional teams and combining a broad range of skills, CONSULTECH-Ecuador has a total of 12 employees
  • 9. Mission
    • Building a more customer-focused organization, by attracting and retaining quality personnel and dealing with the best strategies and tools.
  • 10. Logo and Slogan Your right hand Around the world
  • 11. Advertising campaign
    • The objectives of our advertising are :
    • - Create service awareness
    • - Inform clients
    • - Obtain clients
    • - Get a good position in the market
    Location Guayaquil. Media: TV, magazines, newspaper and internet
  • 12. Customer profile
    Our potential clients are the medium size companies, that want to support their employees´ professional development by giving them the opportunity to take courses and improve their skills and knowledge.  They need to rationalize and optimize operation costs and time. Target Medium size companies.
  • 13. SWOT Analisis
    • CONSULTECH-Ecuador doesn’t have own policies, is overruled by CONSULTECH INC.
    • We depend on CONSULTECH INC.
    • Excellent marketing.
    • Highly qualified personnel.
    • We have a positive international image.
    • Companies of Ecuador think about the consultancy of this sector as an expense and not as an investment.
    • The companies of Ecuador don’t care about professional development of their employees.
    • This business sector doesn’t have suppliers.
    • The companies can stop their operations easily.
    • The industry doesn’t have high technological requirement.
  • 14. Financial Plan
    • The financial plan of the company is meant to demonstrate that we have a very solid project.
    • The plan consists of a very specific detail of the types of costs that the company will have: personnel expenses, investments, etc.
    • In addition, the financial plan, details the margin of benefits that this company will receive
  • 15. Financial Plan
  • 16. Objectives  
    • CONSULTECH hopes to achieve prestige and develop its services.
    • One of our main goals is that people in Ecuador know about us, what we do what our name stands for.
    • LONG TERM 
    • Having most of the top customers.
    • Implant strategies alliances, joint ventures.
    • Increase the size of the company introducing more services and employees.
  • 17. Conclusions
    • We made this project possible as a result of more practice as the time went by. We believe we have accomplished many things.  
    • We have made an interesting proposal by showing what a business consultant company can do, and how its service benefits other companies.
    • We made this proposal based on a real need of these types of companies in Ecuador where there aren’t enough consultants that fulfill this need.
  • 18. CONSULTECH Professional Training for companies THANK YOU Questions Are Welcome