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  • 1. DAR Creative Point Daniela Espinoza C. Andres Contreras L. Raúl Hurel G.
  • 2. COMPANY PROFILE DAR Creative Point is a Private Limited Company recently founded in Guayaquil to give marketing and advertising services and solutions. It’s headed by Daniela Espinoza. Although DAR Creative Point is a new company, we plan to expand our business to give our customers the best attention and service.
  • 3.
      • Market
    • Companies and Institutions of any kind, which want an
    • image to be sold to the public or if they already have one
    • and want to change it, we provide either Marketing and
    • Advertising solutions to sell more.
  • 4.
      • Marketing
    • Study our own market, here in
    • Ecuador so we can then continue with Argentina, Chile and
    • Colombia.
    • Make surveys so we’ll know about
    • our target market-clients and their needs, preferences
    • and demands.
    • Visit and introduce ourselves to most important companies.
  • 5.
      • Objectives
      • Please our customers.
      • Grow not just as a company, but as a marketing
      • and advertisement concept.
  • 6. SHAREHOLDERS DANIELA ESPINOZA CEO D.G. DANIELA ESPINOZA DESIGN MANAGER ING. RAUL HUREL MARKETING MANAGER ING. ANDRES CONTRERAS PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA Photographers Graphics Designers Communicators Team of research market Marketing Designer Project Evaluator Executives of accounts Executives of media
  • 7.  
  • 8.
    • Mission
      • Our principal goal is to please our customers with our services.
      • What we want from our job is like our slogan
      • says: “…making you bright.” We want to set a difference.
  • 9.
      • Statement of purpose
      • We are a professional team with an excellent staff.
      • We study the different targets not just here in Ecuador
      • but in international countries so we give the client our best .
      • DAR Creative Point is a company that moves
      • and is constantly looking for new and advanced solutions.
  • 10. DAR CREATIVE POINT ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN HISTORY: DAR Creative Point is a new company that’s why it’s not very popular around the market. TARGET: Companies and Institutions which need marketing and advertising services and solutions.
  • 11.
        • Present the company to our principal target, Guayaquil, then around Ecuador and finally in the other countries.
        • To be at the short list of our clients.
        • Show confidence to our clients.
  • 12.
          • SUPPORT:
    • We’ll study the market.
    • Present ourselves to the most important companies so we
    • get to them in a quicker way.
    • We have a professional staff that will give the best service to
    • our customers.
    • We will use TV, newspapers and radios.
  • 13.  
  • 14.
    • Financial Plan
        • OBJECTIVES
    • To reduce costs.
    • We’ll recover all the investment at the third year.
    • To increase the profits in a 10% every year.
    • To include market in other countries: Argentina, Chile
    • and Colombia.
  • 15. CAPITAL
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18.  
  • 19.
    • Short Term Objetives
    • We want to be recognized first in Guayaquil and then all over Ecuador.
    • Long Term Objectives
        • We’ll study the other different markets(Argentina, Chile and Colombia) to get them.
  • 20.