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Ccih 2014-images-for-health-ellen-vorder-bruegge



Consultant Ellen Vorder Bruegge explains Hesperian Health Guide's Illustration Database, which provides health educators with powerful images to use in training in a variety of global health areas, ...

Consultant Ellen Vorder Bruegge explains Hesperian Health Guide's Illustration Database, which provides health educators with powerful images to use in training in a variety of global health areas, including everything from first aid to maternal health.



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Ccih 2014-images-for-health-ellen-vorder-bruegge Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Images Save Lives: Creating Illustrations for Community-based Health Education, Training and Practice Ellen Vorder Bruegge Hesperian Health Guides Christian Connections For International Health June, 2014
  • 2. Hesperian Health Guides Hesperian books have been translated into 80+ languages and used in 222 countries / territories. Where There Is No Doctor, is arguably the most widely-used public health manual in the world… a text that has meant survival for thousands in the Third World since the early 1970s.” - World Health Organization
  • 3. • Medically accurate • WHO approved • Simple writing • Heavily illustrated • Easy to understand and use
  • 4. 1. Start from people’s own experience 2. Offer practical solutions 3. Appreciate the need for compassion and understanding 4. Encourage participation and action in ways that do not depend on literacy, and that encourage critical thinking Empowering community health materials…
  • 5. Why use images in your health materials? Images improve health outcomes! Images serve many purposes, all of which improve your health messaging, especially across languages and literacy levels. *Notice that this slide has no images on it- let’s see if we can make this presentation a bit more accessible and fun using illustrations!
  • 6. Use images to convey content Images can: • Make information accessible, represent complex ideas visually • Illustrate processes, steps, materials, positions of the body, etc. • Draw attention to key information
  • 7. Use images to depict technical content Show step by step. Show as much of the person as is possible, instead of disembodied body parts. • In the book it appears as a sequence • In Hesperian Images they appear as separate images tagged with similar words
  • 8. Using images to demystify medical sequences
  • 9. Main idea images Replace lengthy text and make content more appealing.
  • 10. Use images to draw people in Images can: • Make it easier for people to relate to the information, feel that it reflects their own experiences • Highlight feelings about a topic, provide humor where needed • Enable a different, more personal voice than the one used in the text • Create a sense of dialogue with the reader
  • 11. What health problems may be caused by this community’s use of water? Drawings to foster discussion
  • 12. Dialogue drawings encourage critical thinking
  • 13. Model interactions
  • 14. Interaction images
  • 15. Localization/adaptation
  • 16. Rules of thumb for all health materials Include people with disabilities. Think about people’s body shape and age.
  • 17. Hesperian Images
  • 18. Using Hesperian Images • Search for images using simple or advanced searches. • Collect, save, share, and organize images in your “Lightbox” • Purchase and download high quality, hand-drawn illustrations for prices that are much lower than standard stock image sites.
  • 19.
  • 20. Conduct your search
  • 21. Once you have your images, visit the Hesperian HealthWiki for health content and messaging Visit and click “Healthwiki”
  • 22. Thank you! Now it’s time to create your own health materials! Contact us for free consultations to help you find the images you need for your health project.