Online examination registration process for CCE students


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Online examination registration process for CCE students

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Online examination registration process for CCE students

  1. 1. Online Examination RegistrationProcess for CCE Students
  2. 2. Introduction• Following the University’s philosophy of constant technological adoptionand bringing the benefits to the students, the CCE Students have nowbeen given access to the fully customized SAP Student Portal.• Following are the features that have been made available to them tillnow:– Review/change personal contact details.– Access to individual Grade Card.– Access to the Online Examination Registration form (it is mandatory forstudents enrolled from July 2011 batch onwards to register online for theTerm End examinations).– Printing of Hall Ticket Online (after the examination registration date is over).– View their latest Financial status.– Link to the University Library Online Catalogue.– Link to the University Rules and regulations.– Link to the Online Payment Gateway.– Link to the Learning Management System.
  3. 3. The Student Portal View
  4. 4. The Online Exam Registration Process• On logging in, the student has to click on the ‘Examination Registration Form’ link.
  5. 5. The Online Exam Registration Process.Contd….• The Student then gets a screen to reconfirm his Program of Study, AssessmentYear & Assessment Session:
  6. 6. The Online Exam Registration Process.Contd….• In the next screen, the student gets to see all the modules, he/she is eligible for:
  7. 7. The Online Exam Registration Process.Contd….• The student now has the option to select the preferred examination center:
  8. 8. The Online Exam Registration Process.Contd….• On choosing a particular location, the date and time which was scheduled for thespecific location would appear in the third screen. The student has to check if thedates he has selected is indeed the one he wants to book for. Once done, click onthe ‘Next’ Button.• Once the ‘Next’ button has been selected in step above, he/she can view theconfirmation of selection.
  9. 9. The Hall Ticket Printing Process• After the registration date is over, SRE reviews all the applications received, andthen authorizes the eligible students to sit for their examinations. The studentscan then login back to the student portal and access their hall ticket.
  10. 10. The Hall Ticket Printing ProcessContd….Adobe AcrobatDocument*** A Sample Hall Ticket Generated for the Student……………….
  11. 11. Attendance Sheet• The SRE Team also gets the facility to automatically generate the attendancesheets Center wise, based on the registration of the students.
  12. 12. Attendance Sheet• A Sample attendance sheet generated from the System…………….
  13. 13. Some Key Benefits of the OnlineExamination Registration Module• Students can change their exam location till last dateof exam registration, an extended flexibility requiredfor the highly mobile CCE students, specially workingin the Aviation and Shipping industries.• Automated checking of financial hold.• Automated checking of SGPA and Grades for onlineregistration.• Online hall ticket – available for student afterregistration dates are closed.