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Theodore roosevelt
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Theodore roosevelt


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A presentation I did in 5th grade

A presentation I did in 5th grade

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Date :May 25th 2011
  • 2. Hometown and Early Life Theodore Roosevelt, or ‘Teddy’, was born on October 27th 1858 in New York City. As a child, Teddy grew up with frail health and asthma. His father encouraged him to exercise vigorously to get out of his asthma. Teddy did sports such as: swimming, tennis, running, biking and boxing. He graduated from Harvard University in 1880 and then he went to law school. He married Alice Hathaway Lee in that same year and they had one child, Alice.
  • 3. Family Theodore married Edith Kermit Carow in 1886 after his first wife died. They had five children: Theodore Jr., Kermit, Ethel, Archibald, and Quentin. Teddy had wealthy, Dutch and English parents.
  • 4. Political Party• Theodore was a Republican man.• He started his first term after President William McKinley was shot.• After finishing that he decided to run for a full term.• He got elected and had one full term in office.• After his first full term, Teddy wanted to run again, but he failed.
  • 5. Greatest Challenges One of Theodore Roosevelts greatest challenges was overcoming the deaths of his first wife and his mother on Valentine’s Day, 1884. Another challenge for Teddy was when he tried to conserve all wildlife and forests while President. He ended up starting 150 national forests and 5 national parks.
  • 6.  Theodore was in office for two terms, from 1901-1909. Roosevelt became first president when William McKinley died in office. After finishing for McKinley, Theodore ran again and won. He also created his own political party called the Bull-Moose party.
  • 7. Campaign promises Theodore kept a 1904 campaign promise that he would not seek reelection in 1908, he threw his weight behind William Howard Taft as his successor. He won the largest popular and electoral majority of any incumbent president in American history, then promised never to run for the presidency again. It was a promise he did not keep.
  • 8.  The building of the Panama Canal The coal strike of 1902 The 16th amendment passes Wright Brothers fly the 1st plane The San Francisco earthquake
  • 9.  Conserving more than 150 million acres of wildlife and national forests Modernized the army command structure Passed the Meat-Inspection Act, and the Pure Food & Drug Act (1906) He opened a canal across the Americas and added 150 million acres of land to the National Forests through the Forest Reserve Act of 1891.
  • 10. Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!! Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president at that time. He did not have a middle name. Theodore Roosevelt would sometimes read 2-3 books in one day. The Roosevelts had a Chesapeake Bay retriever;, a Pekingese; Skip, a mutt; terriers named Jack and Pete; cats named Tom Quartz and Slippers; Josiah the badger; Algonquin the pony; Eli the macaw; Jonathan the piebald rat; Emily Spinach, a garter snake; twelve horses; five bears; five guinea pigs; other snakes; two kangaroo rats; lizards; roosters;