"I Want You To Want Me" - CB Social Solutions Whitepaper


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Check out our whitepaper on recruitment and social media!

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"I Want You To Want Me" - CB Social Solutions Whitepaper

  1. 1. I WANT YOUTO WANT MEAttracting Better CandidatesThrough Social Media
  2. 2. As the use of social media continues to grow at breakneck speed, there is an immediate need for companies to utilize the tools to build brand awareness and recruit the talent of today and 64% research a tomorrow. Though platforms like company Facebook and Twitter may have seemed before like fads for teens and college students applying at the start, these resources are now to a job utilized across all demographics — and it appears they’re here to stay. In CareerBuilder’s Job Seekers’ Perceptions of Social Media 2010 survey data fact, recent statistics from marketing research company comScore show that social media more than once a week, Facebook, after surpassing Google in companies have a huge opportunity to August 2010, has become the Internet’s attract a new pool of interested and most-visited site. qualified applicants. Through these open communication platforms, individuals are quickly sharing 48% of users use social media information that’s been integrated into more than once a week real-time search engine results with their CareerBuilder’s Job Seekers’ Perceptions networks, extending the content’s reach of Social Media 2010 survey data to a larger online audience. And while only a small percentage of online users In addition, the survey revealed that are referred to as “hyper-contributors” 54 percent of active and passive job (those who post content frequently), the seekers are more likely to apply for a job overwhelming majority of people are at a company after following it through consuming this user-generated content, social media. It’s clear that companies thereby increasing its impact. Using using online platforms to execute their social media to initiate conversations branding and recruitment marketing and foster deeper relationships is a initiatives have a greater chance to culture shift so powerful that leading connect with candidates and enhance brands cannot ignore its immense their recruitment strategies. recruitment opportunities. Companies new to social media must CareerBuilder recently surveyed 2,586 listen to what’s being said about them active and passive job seekers ranging and use those findings to get involved from ages 18 to 65 to understand in the conversations, continue to build how individuals are influenced by a community around their brand, information on social media sites and, finally, strategically amplify their and what organizations can do to recruitment efforts through social media. leverage social media for employment purposes. The survey, Job Seekers’ Listen Perceptions of Social Media 2010, Companies can uncover their found that more than 60 percent of job employment reputation by following seekers research a company before the user-generated content and applying to a position. As many as conversations, or “online buzz, ” 50 percent of those job seekers use surrounding their company on social2 CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media
  3. 3. media platforms. Though it may seemscary to think about, the reality is that 512 mentionsthese conversations are taking place about “cardinal health”regardless of whether a companychooses to engage in them. Forinstance, even though Cardinal Health, 10% 3:1 34% 17% strength sentiment passion reacha Fortune 500 company, may not havean official presence on any social 1media site , the company is still beingdiscussed online. When a general 2 minutes avg. per mentionkeyword search of “Cardinal Health” last mention 3 hours ago 2is conducted on Social Mention ,a stream of positive, negative, andneutral sentiment posts is revealed.By not having an online presence, acompany misses out on the opportunity 211 unique authorsto engage and respond. 4 retweets54% of active and passive jobseekers are more likely to applyfor a job at a company after Why is this content worth listening to? In today’s age, people generallybecoming a fan or following the place more value in the opinions andcompany on social media experiences of others, deeming them CareerBuilder’s Job Seekers’ Perceptions of Social Media 2010 survey data more authentic and trustworthy. In fact, the Job Seekers’ Perceptions of Social Media 2010 study revealedIn order to truly uncover users’ perceptions that 59 percent of job seekers agreeof a company, it is necessary to that, in forming their opinions about aidentify where these conversations company, what is said by others is moreare happening, listen to them, and important than what the company saysanalyze the findings. A company may about itself. Fifty-three percent of jobstrive to promote specific initiatives seekers also agree they are more likely 1 Cardinal Health has aand values, and by analyzing its online to believe posts and comments made Facebook Community page (http://www.facebook.buzz, the company can find out if those about a company (e.g., blogs, wall com/#!/pages/Cardinal-Hea lth/109556449069756?ref=initiatives and values are reflected in posts, and customer reviews) rather search) with more than 300 fans. Community pagesthe perceptions of past, current, and than what is said on the company’s are Facebook-generatedprospective employees. Companies corporate website. and include a stream of mentions that occur withinmay be surprised to find there are the site. Such an existence further proves thatmixed views about them. For example, A company, then, that restricts its conversations are taking place without a company’sexecutives might believe their online employment brand solely to active participation.initiatives are effective, but employees user-generated content may put itself 2 Social Mention (http://may feel very differently. In recognizing at risk for further brand degradation. A socialmention.com/) is a tool used to search andsuch a disconnect, a company can company must proactively protect its analyze user-generated content from more thanenhance its initiatives and bring forth a brand, since as messages reach more 100 social media outlets.more effective way of promoting those people and the body of content grows,tactics and values. a company’s ability to respond to and CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media 3
  4. 4. population. Getting current employees Kristi Davidson Kelly I have a headache and it has Cardinal health written all over it! excited and involved with this initial Yesterday at 11:20am via Facebook for BlackBerry Comment Like process is vital, as their enthusiasm Marilyn Parker likes this can help drive friends, family, job seekers, and other brand enthusiasts Facebook user comment. to the page. For instance, when influence the message diminishes. current employees begin to follow Take, for example, the above post, which their company’s presence, features of puts Cardinal Health in a negative light. the social websites announce it to their Without having its own social media online network. Given the viral nature presence, Cardinal Health is unable to of social media sites as well as their ask Kristi why she blames the company real-time search engine results, such for her headache — or even defend itself an occurrence is likely to drive more in the first place. Furthermore, the viral people to that company’s page. effect of social media comes into play here, as Kristi’s entire online network When visiting a company’s social receives the update; one friend even media site, job seekers expect more “Liked” the post. Keeping the viral than just a repurposed website. For effect in mind, such perceptions created starters, nearly 60 percent expect through social media have the power the company to interact with its to ultimately persuade or dissuade followers. In developing a social media candidates from even considering the presence, that interaction is key; it company as an employer of choice. gives individuals a closer look at the organization as a whole and may help In order to shift perception, broaden them determine whether they would awareness and drive applications, like to work for the company. a company must engage in those conversations using the same channels When interacting with a company on that its audience uses. By doing this, a social media sites, 74 percent of active company can foster a relationship over and passive job seekers are interested in a longer period of time than that of just seeing new job opportunities, 58 percent a single Web visit. would like to see responses to company Build While launching a basic social media 63% say presence is relatively easy, it takes that they have a time and dedication to properly and better impression effectively manage the accounts — of a company especially for companies that want to that responds to expand virally. users’ negative posts or comments First and foremost, companies must than those who be willing to promote their presence do not address internally to employees at all levels — negativity. particularly at the leadership level — as well as externally to the general CareerBuilder’s Job Seekers’ Perceptions of Social Media 2010 survey data4 CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media
  5. 5. issues, and 47 percent want their But creating a successful and viral questions to be answered. The ability to presence on social media involves more answer questions directly and publicly is than just answering users’ questions. one of the biggest advantages of social When users engage online, they do it media, as it is a feature not often found for a reason — whether it’s to share on company websites. Instead of being something new, exchange ideas, or elicit forced to call or e-mail the company, opinions. The most effective way to social media gives online users the increase employment brand awareness opportunity to ask questions directly on and build credibility is to interact with the company’s page. On social media users by publicly recognizing, responding sites, users expect a quick, yet detailed to and sharing with them — the way response to questions, like the one Bozzuto Careers does. the T.G.I. Friday’s: Get Your Stripes On Facebook page provided Keith in the example below. In answering Keith’s Bozzuto Careers Welcome to all of our new fans! We’re glad you’re here. If you have any questions, just let question, T.G.I. Friday’s was able to keep us know! the conversation going, learn more Yesterday at 2:41pm Comment Like Hide Feedback (3) about Keith, and create a deeper, more Tara Ryan likes this. meaningful relationship with him. Isabelle Mattioli knowing my current employer may not like this but I want to be a Bazzut career fan :( 10 hours ago Delete Report Bozzuto Careers That’s fine by us, Isabelle! Keith Bolyard Can anyone tell me how to get a hold Welcome! 32 minutes ago Delete of a manager in firewheel mall in garland, tx firday’s...I would like to dee jay there. Facebook conversation Sat at 1:24am Comment Like Delete T.G.I. Friday’s: Get Your Stripes On! Hey, Keith, what’s up? Give the Friday’s at Firewheel a call at 972-414- In addition to interacting with already 1299 and ask for Jim Pickett. He’s the manager who can help you out with the dj gig. Good Luck! existing, user-generated content, Sat at 1:24am Delete companies must initiate conversations Kieth Boylard Thanks a milion i will do that thanks for by posting compelling and relevant the info...what friday’s are you from? Sun at 1:53am Delete Report information with which users can relate T.G.I. Friday’s: Get Your Stripes On! We’re here to help and identify. Again, these updates with all the locations-- made a few calls to get you the should be more than just information scoop. Sun at 10:40am Delete that comes directly from a corporate Kieth Boylard oh wow!!! i went in there today at about website, as social media gives 2pm but it is always busy in there so i wasnt sure when to go in. But they told me to come back tuesday be- companies the chance to become tween 2-4 pm do all of the friday’s have dj’s? more conversational and approachable Sun at 8:17pm Delete Report and display their unique personality. T.G.I. Friday’s: Get Your Stripes On! Nice work! And to answer you question, live entertainment is part of the Friday’s culture. It’s just on of the ways we keep the party going, ya know? Strategize Sun at 11:02pm Delete As mentioned in the introduction, Kieth Boylard oh for sure...I do know how to the party 64 percent of job seekers research a going I put on a amazing how. I do live mixing music video shows. if i get the change to dj at this facility. I’ll company before applying to a job, and be posting pictures. most of that research occurs online. Yesterday at 2:11am Delete Report Therefore, it is critical for a company T.G.I. Friday’s: Get Your Stripes On! Awesome. Can’t wait to see the pics. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for to utilize an online employment brand you. Yesterday at 8:51am Delete Report presence to attract the right talent. By hosting conversations on mainstreamFacebook conversation CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media 5
  6. 6. Though it’s true that social media makes 47% want their building or improving an employment questions to be brand easier and faster than ever before, answered via social engaging in social media without an media interaction. overarching strategy severely impacts Q&A JOBS 74% are the success of the initiative in the long run. And most critical to a successful interested in seeing strategy is engagement. While this is new job opportunities also the most involved and complex posted on social component, it is the most influential media profiles. in terms of the return on employment brand efforts on employment brand CareerBuilder’s Job Seekers’ Perceptions of Social Media 2010 survey data efforts like website, advertising, events sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, employers can ensure online job seekers Liberty Tax Service Move over tanning tax, orange will notice them. Through the strategic fruits and veggies could be the new fake tanners. A recent study says eating 5 daily servings of carotenoid- use of relevant content, candidates are rich foods, like carrots, canteloupes, apricots, and able to familiarize themselves with the sweet potatoes, may make you appear tanner - no sun required! Wonder if that works with carrot cake, too... company and learn about its culture, values and opportunities. If a company is trying to attract August 22 at 11:25am Comment Like Share engineers, for example, it may want to talk about its latest green project, 8 people likes this. headed up by an engineer who has Patricia Demoranville Make u more orange than tan! moved her way up the ladder since August 22 at 11:31am Like starting out as an intern. Conversations Liberty Tax Service Ha! We noticed the study carefully and stories like this are a great way suggested they make you “appear” tanner. Think it could have an Oompa-Loompa effect? for a company to be more relatable, August 22 at 11:47am Like especially during the often-stressful Tamaki Okamoto Wow, That’s interesting... August 22 at 1:03pm Like application process. Sylvie Venegas lol... August 22 at 1:14pm Like CareerBuilder’s survey also showed that job seekers would rather see the Amy Brockbank My brother, as a science experiment, put himself on an only-carotenoid diet for the month company having fun with its community of October. Needless to say, he was ORANGE by the end of the month. These foods will definiltely give the than participating in contests or appearance of tanner skin! giveaways, as Liberty Tax is initiating August 22 at 1:56pm Like in the example interaction to the right. Joy Gonzales A lot safer than radiation and tanning beds. Above all, engagement must be a daily August 23 at 2:44pm Like activity; a dedicated resource should be Liberty Tax Service Amy - that’s crazy! I bet he was sick of that diet by the end of the month. How long did set aside to manage and engage in the it take for his coloring to return to normal? August 24 at 10:25pm Like online conversation. Whether this role Kandi Knight Lins Does candy corn count as is outsourced, managed internally, or a carotenoids??? If so, count me in on this combination of the two, the voice must experiment!!! August 23 at 2:44pm Like be authentic and aligned with the overall Facebook conversation employment brand.6 CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media
  7. 7. and PR as depicted in the chart tothe right. If done well, the strategic Applying Marketing Principles to Talent Attractionmanagement of social media to driveemployment brand awareness is likely websiteto result in the successful creation of a searchtalent community and a higher level of marketing & advertising SEOinfluence over company perceptions.It is also important to note that socialmedia employment branding efforts are social email media integrated marketingnot meant to operate independently, marketing communicationsbut to act as an amplifier of existingtactics and activities. internal PR communicationsBy successfully utilizing social mediain employment branding efforts, a direct eventscompany gains the ability to foster marketingdeeper relationships with its entire activeand passive candidate pools, leading to CareerBuilder’s unique IMC approach.higher quality and quantity of applicants,lower time-to-fill and cost-per-hire ratios, and brands. With social media growingand lowered rates of offer rejection. at such a rapid rate, the impact and reach of social media sites and user- generated content will only continue to grow, and many companies are taking an active role in developing and influencing their online employment brand. These companies are following the existing conversations, then building an official presence on the appropriate channels from which their employment brand can be launched, all while crafting an overarching strategy.ADP for instance, made 23 hires from ,Facebook alone in the 2009 fiscal year, Sound compelling? CareerBuilder wasand Sodexo, a proven leader in social the first to recognize this initiative onrecruiting, reported a $300,000 annual a larger scale, implementing an entirereduction in recruitment advertising division focused on helping clients recruitcosts. Sodexo used a talent community new employees via social media. Takeapproach to create a targeted talent pool action and contact CareerBuilder todayof more than 200,000 people, and saw a for more information about adding social300 percent increase in the traffic to its media to your recruitment mix.careers website in the first 15 months. Call 800-610-8790 to speakResearch has proven that user-generated content from social media with a consultant, or visitsites has become extremely impactful http://j.mp/socmediamgmtin forming perceptions of companies for more information. CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media 7
  8. 8. About the Authors About CareerBuilder Christina Bottis is a strategic thinker who has CareerBuilder is the global leader in human capital accumulated specialized expertise in integrated solutions, helping companies target and attract their marketing, branding, social media, advertising and most important asset – their people. Its online career Web development. In her roles with CareerBuilder, site, CareerBuilder.com, is the largest in the U.S. with Christina has consulted with major brands like Red more than 22 million unique visitors, 1 million jobs and 38 Lobster, Olive Garden and T.G.I. Friday’s on building million resumes. CareerBuilder works with the world’s and expanding their employment brands and top employers, providing resources for everything implementing social media strategies. Prior to joining from employment branding and data analysis to talent CareerBuilder, she managed the integrated marketing acquisition. More then 9,000 websites, including 140 programs of campus bookstores in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and broadband portals such as MSN and markets and worked at a boutique ad agency where AOL, feature CareerBuilder’s proprietary job search she was responsible for marketing, advertising, technology on their career sites. Owned by Gannett design, and SEO programs for B2B clients. Co., Inc. (NYSE:GCI), Tribune Company, The McClatchy Company (NYSE:MNI) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: Bridget Maiellaro manages, analyzes, and develops MSFT), CareerBuilder and its subsidiaries operate in the the social media presences of companies around the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia. world. Since joining the CareerBuilder team in 2009, Bridget has represented dozens of clients across CareerBuilder for Employers: www.facebook.com/CBforEmployers the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada, including renowned names like AB InBev, Liberty Tax and CareerBuilder Social Solutions: David’s Bridal. In addition to her role at CareerBuilder, www.twitter.com/CB_Social Bridget, a Chicago native, contributes to a range of print and online publications — most recently Employer Blog: Chicago and Michigan Avenue magazines. www.thehiringsite.com8 CareerBuilder | I Want You to Want Me: Attracting Better Candidates Through Social Media