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Book 7 of Homer:The Odyssey
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Book 7 of Homer:The Odyssey


Published on

By Charles, Danielle,Wittney,Jenifer, and Maddie.

By Charles, Danielle,Wittney,Jenifer, and Maddie.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Book 7<br /> <br />By Danielle Phan, Jenifer Pham, Wittney Bowyer, Maddie Bryan, and Charles Broderson. <br />Odysseus is on a big journey to try to get back home after being at war in Troy. There is also a Goddess that is helping him through all of it, her name is Athena. Now that we’ve gotten that over with, let’s resume the story.<br />Odysseus set out for the city to look for the palace of the Alcinoös. Athena watched over him carefully, she set a mist around him because she didn’t want anyone to meet him and ask who he was.<br />Just as Odysseus was about to enter the city, Athena disguised herself as a little girl and met him right outside the gate. Odysseus caught sight of her and said “My dear child, could you perhaps give me directions to the palace of the Alcinoös? I am a stranger from foreign parts, I have come a long way, and I don’t know a single person here.”<br />Athena smiled and said: “Of course, and welcome. My father lives close by here, just follow me and don’t look or talk to anyone. People here don’t like strangers, and they will not be very happy to see that you’ve come here. Ships are what they believe in, fast cutters that travel about the open sea.<br />Athena continued to lead Odysseus through the streets. No one noticed Odysseus because Athena still had him under a thick layer of fog, but he could still see the beauty of the town.<br />They reached the palace shortly. Athena turned to Odysseus and said: “there is the mansion you were looking for sir. You will find the royal princes feasting inside. Go in and don’t be scared. Look for the lady first; she’ll be in the hall. Call her Arête; he has the same parents as the king. Arête and Alcinnoös are married. He treats her very well. People think she is divine, and they clap and cheer for her whenever she walks by.<br />Later, Athena left and Odysseus walked into the house. The interior of the house was beautiful; it had bronze walls that ran along the perimeter, golden doors with silver posts, and silver and gold dog statues that sat on both sides of the porch which were meant to guard the estate. Also inside there were seats lining the halls covered in woven fabric the women had made, golden boys standing on pedestals of masonry holding torches, and over fifty women preparing the food in the hall.<br />Outside the courtyard were all kinds of trees and plants including pomegranate, apple, fig, and olive trees. The fruit was ripe all year long and never rotted or grew old. It also had a level plot for warming and drying grapes. Two springs also lied in the courtyard, one of which townspeople collected water. Odysseus merely stood there admiring the magnificent courtyard.<br />When Odysseus walked into the hall, Athena hid him in mist until he walked up to Arête and king Alcinnoös. When the mist had finally faded, he threw his arms around Alcinoös’s knees. <br />The people in the hall gasped in surprise as Odysseus said, “king Arête daughter of divine Khexenor! I have come in my distress, a suppliant to your husband and to your knees.... Know I beseech you to send me home to my native land without delay, for I have suffered tribulation far from my friends. ”Alcinoös said: … We must escort him home without trouble or annoyance, and bring him to his native land in contentment without delay, even though it may be far off.”<br />Alcinnoös tells the men to go rest after they have all eaten until their bellies are full and happy so that they can help Odysseus return home after they entertain him. Alcinnoös is pondering whether Odysseus is an immortal disguised as a human to watch the people honor the gods. Odysseus assures Alcinnoös that he is just a mere mortal that can tell of more sorrows than the men around. The men believe that this was a great speech and they eventually finish up and return home. After everyone has left, Arête questions Odysseus, who answers each question with wise words. He tells the stories of his adventures and what had happened. <br />Odysseus tells the story of arriving on the land. Bad luck came from Poseidon Earth-shaker. He made the wind go against Odysseus which stirred up the sea, giving him a hard time to move on. After that, the tempest broke and he went for a swim on the yonder gulf but the wind and water drove him to the island. He kept swimming until he finally reached a river that was free of pointy rocks. He then made a shelter for himself. After a nice, long night of sleep, he woke up and saw Alcinnoös’s daughter who gave him food, bathed him, and gave him clothes. Odysseus believed she had good sense. <br />Alcinnoös says that his daughter he did not take Odysseus home with the waiting maids and also that she did not display good sense. Odysseus then says that it is not her fault and that she did tell him to go to the maids. He also said, “We men that walk the Earth are a touchy generation.” <br />Alcinnoös then asks Odysseus if he could marry Alcinnoös’s daughter and can become Alcinnoös’s son. Alcinnoös also says that she will arrange a ship for Odysseus. He was very pleased to hear this. While they conversed Queen Arête directed her maids to prepare a bed for Odysseus. Odysseus then fell asleep with Alcinnoös by his side.<br />