Introducing the chalet mermille summer


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Introducing the chalet mermille summer

  1. 1. CH LET. ERMILLEReal jewel, this marvellous chalet, built 4 yearsago by a renowned architect, Renaud Chevallier(website), will offer an absolute comfort in afantastic greenery environment.Only 500m from Chamonix downtown, the chaletis also located to a walking distance from thearrival station of the Montenvers train, kidsplayground, Paradis of the Praz, the Savoy plain,near the river and surrounded by greeneries. It isalso in front of the Chamonix free Shuttle stop,which links the 4 telecabins.The chalet is also located from a walkingdistance from the Gulf, the tennis courts, theparaglinding and the swimming pool. Its Southexposition guaranties sun all along the day andan extraordinary view on the Mont-Blanc and TheDrues.
  2. 2. The chalet terrace offers a fantastic view onthe mountains, and all the massif.   Across the street is the river, “the Arve”, which cross over Chamonix. Follow it and in 5 min you’ll join the city center.
  3. 3. The Chalet was conceived to bewarmly welcoming andcomfortable for all the family, thespace has been optimized, andthe materials are first quality.  
  4. 4. Chalet Entrance   Storage room for ski gear and mountain hiking or climbing gear.  
  5. 5. The dining room and the living room are facing the Mont-Blanc massif, and the bay windows, south oriented, bring sun and light all day long.  The kitchen is fully furnished with modern equipment(dishwasher, micro-wave oven, fridge) plus numerouskitchenware, which enable any type of food cooking.We also have a service for « cheese fondue » for 6people.    
  6. 6. The bathrooms are modern and spacious, equipped with finest materials. Subfloor heating and heating panels bring warm comfort. The twin bed bedroom is also the one with the bathtub, convenient for small children.    Please, be considerate and use the heatingsparingly, to save energy, and avoid your room to betransformed into a sauna…  
  7. 7. Both bedrooms have shelves and basket toorganize your clothes.Subfloor heating in each room, with individualtemperature control device for more comfort.  
  8. 8. The mezzanine is an additional space,where 2 people can sleep. The toilets inthe living room, equipped with awashbasin, guarantee more comfort forthe guests sleeping in the mezzanine.There is a remote control device in them e z z a n i n e to c l o s e t h e c u r t a i n sautomatically for the Velux windows.  
  9. 9. Logistic matter: the best way to use the dryer is to hang it in the mezzanine stairs. You won’t see it from the living room, and the wood will absorb the humidity very quickly.  The space offers many drawer chests, andyou might enjoy a DVD in the mezzanine,where is the TV.For the Internet wireless connexion, pleaseuse the login and password at the back ofthe modem, near the TV.
  10. 10. You have 1 parking lot reserved,5724, as shown in yellow on themap.Should you have 2 cars, there is apublic car park across the street.  
  11. 11. The chalet was conceived withnew green materials to limit CO2release and global warmingeffect, and was featured indifferent publications.  
  12. 12. Everything was conceive to enhancethe space, the view and the light,from the spectacular view on themountains.
  13. 13. However, should you had any issueswith the remotes, please do nothesitate to ask for help.  
  14. 14. The chalet is additionally equippedwith 4 outdoor seats and 1 terracecoffee table. You will enjoy the view onthe mountains and the sun.
  15. 15. Useful addresses:-  Any issues, call Andy : + 33 6 13 33 11 59-  For dinner: -  Casa Valerio : key restaurant for good food and good atmosphere: 88 Rue Luret - tel. +33 (0)4 50 55 93 40 -  Le Cap Horn & La Cabane : the « it » restaurants in Chamonix. w w w. c a p h o r n - c h a m o n i x . c o m + 3 3 ( 0 ) 4 5 0 2 1 8 0 8 0 +33 (0)4 50 53 23 27For the bars, see the website: And to arouse your senses: Or if no Facebook account: v=UPY_bvW1yQs&feature=share and   v=SVuVqukAlN8&list=UU7V1lqLr-gMITtUCZ7LZA- w&index=5&feature=plcp