2011 CoSN Conference Roundtable                                        	                             Social Media, CoSN an...
2011 CoSN Conference Roundtable                              Social Media, CoSN and You	  	  	  Use Twitter and Facebook f...
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"Social Media Tools and CoSN" Roundtable Handout


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The "Social Media Tools and CoSN" roundtable handout provides helpful hints on sharing useful content on Twitter and Facebook, and provides advice on how to connect with like-minded users after the CoSN Conference and other events.

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"Social Media Tools and CoSN" Roundtable Handout

  1. 1. 2011 CoSN Conference Roundtable   Social Media, CoSN and You  So, I have a Twitter and/or Facebook account ... now what?Provide Followers with Great Content• Read and share information from the CoSN Member Bulletin among fellow members on Twitter. Help others stay up-to-date on CoSN-related events, professional development offerings, and opportunities for involvement, as well as other news pertinent to the education community.• CoSN is always looking for more award nominations! Congratulate this year’s TEAM and Withrow Award winners, and encourage followers to submit nominations for next year’s awards at cosn.org.• Create a Twitter list of your preferred education media outlets (e.g., Education Week, eSchool News). Monitor their tweets and share articles, reports and studies on hot topics in the education industry.• Sign up for daily or weekly e-newsletters from education organizations or publications for a summary of the latest news in education. Share your favorites with followers and friends!  Recommended Reading/Resources for Future ContentA few highlights from the CoSN Diigo list: http://www.diigo.com/list/cblohmassoc/co_sn-2011• CoSN’s Acceptable Use Policies in Web 2.0 & Mobile Era: http://www.cosn.org/Initiatives/Web2/AUPGuide/tabid/8139/Default.aspx• 8th Edition of CoSN Compendium (contains four monographs): Building a Data Culture, The Future of Information Technology, Web 2.0 as a Force for School Transformation - A Tale of Six Districts, and Weathering the Storm: http://www.cosn.org/Default.aspx?TabId=6336• CoSN Leadership Initiatives - developed to help education technology leaders address key challenges: http://www.cosn.org/Initiatives/tabid/4204/Default.aspx• Keith Krueger’s (@keithkrueger) Spinning the Globe blog - explores global use of ICT in education: http://www.cosn.org/SpinningGlobeBlog/tabid/4736/BlogID/5/Default.aspx• U.S. Department of Education’s National Education Technology Plan: http://www.ed.gov/technology/netp-2010• Help preserve Enhancing Education through Technology (#EETT) funding via EdTech Action Network (ETAN): http://www.edtechactionnetwork.orgPresented by:Charlene Blohm (charlene@cblohm.com, @CharleneBlohm) and Kristen Plemon (kristen@cblohm.com,@kplemon) C. Blohm & Associates, Inc., http://www.cblohm.com, @CBlohmAssocCoSN 2011 Conference, March 15, 2011, New Orleans
  2. 2. 2011 CoSN Conference Roundtable Social Media, CoSN and You      Use Twitter and Facebook for Networking and DiscussionFind, Follow and Engage• Find educators from CoSN 2011 (#CoSN11) on Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch and continue conversations online.• Use tools like Twitter Lists, WeFollow.com and Twibes.com to find like-minded Twitter users. You also can start your own “twibe” to connect with educators who attended CoSN 2011, or others from state CoSN chapters; for example, CoSN11Attendees, CoSNChapterMembers, DistrictCTOs, SchoolTechSpecialists.  • Incorporate other CoSN-related hashtags in your tweets to contribute to conversations surrounding the organization’s initiatives. For example, adding #CoSN_LML to your updates will help others searching for CoSN’s new Leadership for Mobile Learning (LML) Initiative to join in the discussion.• Pay attention to tweets from @CoSN regarding upcoming webinars, CTO clinics and other events. Are specific hashtags being shared for these events? If so, include them in updates pre-, during, or post-event to share that information among your followers.• Become a fan of the CoSN Facebook page and contribute to ongoing conversations surrounding CoSN initiatives and education technology topics. http://www.facebook.com/mycosn• Have you found content useful for the education community? In addition to sharing the information with your Twitter followers, post links and useful resources for colleagues and other CoSN members via the CoSN Facebook page.• Create a discussion with other district CTOs on technology-related topics by incorporating a unique hashtag (e.g., #CTOchat) in your tweets to garner attention.  • Will you be presenting at an upcoming CoSN conference or event? Include your Twitter handle (@name) and Facebook URL on all your slides so attendees can reach you online after the presentation.• If your ideas or opinions on a topic are greater than 140 characters, write a blog post and share a link to it via Twitter and Facebook. If Twitter or Facebook chats become popular and ideas can be expanded, consider creating a Ning network (ning.com) to help aggregate all conversations, ideas and resources in one space.  Presented by:Charlene Blohm (charlene@cblohm.com, @CharleneBlohm) and Kristen Plemon (kristen@cblohm.com,@kplemon) C. Blohm & Associates, Inc., http://www.cblohm.com, @CBlohmAssocCoSN 2011 Conference, March 15, 2011, New Orleans