Engaging Your K-12 Audience: Driving Sales In An Internet World


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  • Today we ’re going to focus on social media Situation Analysis – Analyze social media in general and your social media situation Approach and Strategic Planning – How will you use social media? AUDIENCE POLL Understanding Social Media Channels – Review different channels available and how to use them Objectives, Goals, Measurement – Set goals and determine how you will gauge measurement Key Takeaways – things we want you to learn from this session Additional Outlets – If there is time, review other channels to explore
  • Set the stage: Impact of the Internet on today’s buyers Reference research on personal learning networks
  • Finding where your audience lives a key first step of any social media strategy. This will determine where you should start and focus your efforts. Don’ t take on too much at one time. Start small and expand gradually. Are you already active on social media channels? What can you be doing to better engage your followers? Different channels have different strengths. Each social media channel can serve a different purposes as I will discuss in this presentation.
  • Tone - Do you want to be fun? Serious? Somewhere in between? Whatever you decide, make sure the voice remains consistent. Relevance - Publish posts that are relevant to your readers. What do they care about and how can you provide them with more insight? Ease of sharing - Is this post something they will want to share with others? Help them share… Delegate – Know who is responsible for what channel. Make sure they have a clear idea of what they are supposed to be posting. Give them the authority to make decisions. Schedule – Having a schedule can relieve stress and help set goals. Determine how many posts you want to send out on each channel each day or week.
  • Emphasize that having a social media account is not the same as being active on one. An active account engages its followers. Customize pages – have language that reflects company messaging. Use logos and create handles that make sense. If you ’re Jim’s Tutoring you don’t want a handle that’s @JsAwesome (or something along those lines) Respond to queries – Companies that don ’t respond to follower queries run the risk of generating bad word of mouth. Respond in a timely manner, but don’t get sucked into a war of words. Relevant topics – Again post about what matters to your followers. Posting about Industry news and trends is a great first step to establishing yourself as a thought leader. Images – Posts with images typically generate twice the engagement than those that do not. Questions – If you want to know what your audience is thinking, just ask. Social media channels are the perfect place to do impromptu surveys and collect quick feedback from your followers.
  • Explain 30-30-40 philosophy
  • 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their tweets. 90% of customers trust peer recommendations compared with 14% who trust advertising. 33% of marketers have generated leads through Twitter 77% of Fortune Global 100 companies have Twitter accounts – do you? Short and sweet – 140 characters max. Aim for 120 for optimal sharing. Industry Leaders - Not just about following people and having people follow you. It ’s about following the right people. Identify the thought leaders in your industry and engage with them. Trend based article - It isn’ t always all about you. Share articles and resources your followers will find relevant. Marketing - Link to promotions and resources, but avoid spam. Keep posts consistent but don’ t overwhelm.
  • Join in education chats by using appropriate hashtags in tweets Follow and retweet thought leaders. You can also study their social media habits as a basis for your own.
  • This is a view of a recent #EdChat from this week There ’s an opportunity to start an #tutorchat  Absence of thought leaders, room to start an lead new conversations
  • Facebook would be the third largest country in the world in terms of population Facebook now supports hashtags, can now push same content across Twitter and Facebook. Great outlet to share the personal side of your company. Likes, shares and comments make it easy to see what kind of posts your customers are interested in. Can pay for targeted ads – reach people who are searching for tutors or tutoring services. Post about contests or promotions to raise awareness and participation.
  • FundingFactory Facebook page Demonstrates post frequency (two posts on Friday), accompanying posts with images and engagement (17 likes and four shares on post in upper right corner) Also shows how to post content relevant to your followers Results v skills (prezi)
  • 25 million users as of February 69% of users have found an item they bought or want to buy Business pages; can be ‘verified accounts’ – Rich Pins If you have a verified website, you ’ll get information about how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest. We’ll also show you a selection of your most repinned, most clicked, and most recent pins so you have a better idea of what’s popular. For example, if you have a travel blog, you’ll be able to see whether people are pinning your ski vacation posts or beach vacation posts more.“
  • Califone pin board Shows boards for products as well trends and topics in education
  • Two members sign up for LinkedIn every second 90% of users think the site is useful because it helps connect them with people from their respective industries as clients Differentiate between business as a whole and personal (as in what a CEO should be doing on their profile)? Post company information – How many employees, industries served, services provided, etc. Post job openings and search for candidates Engage in groups relevant to your business and share resources
  • Search illustrates how to find people, companies and groups to connect with Here ’s an example of a firm you may have heard of that is based in Dallas…Texas Instruments
  • More than 1 billion unique visitors every month Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Create and customize your company ’s YouTube channel Not everything needs to polished. Mix high quality marketing materials with authentic video. Vary the length of the videos you post. Short videos will keep the attention of subscribers, but longer videos are sometimes necessary if you want to provide the full picture of what happened at an event. Think of short video segments that are instructional or testimonial in nature. Tutoring especially is relevant post quick grammar or math tips. Share other videos you find that subscribers would find relevant (also a good way to come up with new ideas for your own channel)
  • TEDTalks example
  • More than 500 million users, 40% of marketers use it, 67% plan on increasing their usage Communities make it easy to find people. Still trying to figure out the best way to use this, but people are on it and present. Hangout present an opportunity to lead online video discussions Drastically improves SEO
  • Hot spot for educators. Education Revolution is one of the most popular and active educator communities on Google+. More than 18,000 members sharing learning resources.
  • Users go to the site to find businesses in their area. Potential customers are searching you out. Want to make sure what they find is positive. Be aware of competition in your area and in what ways they are succeeding and failing. If a competitor is receiving complaints, how can you let customers know they should try your service? Have positive reviews. Customer Feedback: Real feedback, lets you identify problem areas and find ways to correct them. Yelp gives users the ability to respond directly to feedback. Offers and announcement can be seen even by people who are not searching for you Yelp generates its revenue through ads.
  • Review of a tutoring center in Dallas
  • Google Alerts can be used to company and competitor news as well as industry trends. Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to bring all of your social media under one roof and push content across multiple platforms at the same time. Share this functionality on posts can push posts out to wider audience.
  • Set goals at the beginning Once those goals are in place have the means to track them to see your progress. Most social media channels will have some means of free of free analytics to track pages and will send weekly page updates. Premium services are available to help provide analytics for social media and marketing campaigns. These can provide vital insight but also can be expensive.
  • Utilize platform analytics to determine popular posts and new followers
  • Remind the audience that building a following does not happen overnight. It takes time to establish yourself, gain a following and begin interacting.
  • Use it explicitly for photo and video sharing purposes Also utilizes hashtags
  • Sharpie’s Instagram account
  • Blogs are an opportunity to create new content to push out across your channels. Also helps in establishing yourself as a thought leader.
  • eSchool News best tweets of the week for education
  • Engaging Your K-12 Audience: Driving Sales In An Internet World

    1. 1. July 26, 2013 Engaging Your K-12 Audience: Driving Sales In An Internet World #EDVentures13
    2. 2. Contact Information • Charlene Blohm o C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. o 608-216-7300 o charlene@cblohm.com o Follow: @CharleneBlohm #EDVentures13
    3. 3. Engaging Your K-12 Audience • Situation Analysis • Approach and Strategic Planning • Understanding Social Media Channels • Objectives, Goals and Measurements • Key Takeaways • Additional Outlets #EDVentures13
    4. 4. Why This Matters to Your Business • 92% of teachers say the Internet has a major impact on their ability to access content, resources and materials for their teaching. • 69% of teachers say the Internet has a major impact on their ability to share ideas with other teachers. o Personal Learning Networks coming in all shapes and sizes • The percentage of educators participating in social networks jumped from 61% to 82% from 2009 to 2012. Sources: Pew Internet & American Life Project; MMS Education
    5. 5. Find Your Audience Online • Who is your audience and where are they active? • What assets do you have in place to engage your audience members? • What tools will you use and how will you use them? #EDVentures13
    6. 6. Create A Plan • Set goals and objectives, and ID ways to measure your success • When developing social media content consider: o Tone o Relevance o Ease of sharing • Delegate responsibilities for channels • Create a posting schedule #EDVentures13
    7. 7. Engage • Foster and maintain relationships by: o Customizing pages o Responding to queries o Posting relevant topics o Including images whenever possible o Posing questions #EDVentures13
    8. 8. #EDVentures13
    9. 9. Twitter • Micro-blogging platform • Follow and engage with customers and industry thought leaders • Share trend-based articles with followers • Promote marketing campaigns • Link to new materials #EDVentures13
    10. 10. Twitter • Popular chats and hashtags o #edchat – Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m. and 7-8 p.m. o #education o #edtech • Follow: @SPinesEIA, plus EIA Board members o @NoodleEducation, @FairmontSchools #EDVentures13
    11. 11. Facebook • Social networking website • Share company news and behind the scenes photos • Promote marketing campaigns • Pay for targeted advertisements • Contests, promotions #EDVentures13
    12. 12. Pinterest • A pin-board style photo sharing website • Share teaching tips and projects • Promote your products and services o Rich Pins • Follow key customers and industry leaders • Generate leads #EDVentures13
    13. 13. LinkedIn • Social networking platform for professionals • Share company updates and relevant business news • Post job openings • Connect with the people you do business with • Join groups #EDVentures13
    14. 14. YouTube • Video sharing platform • Create company channel • Mix marketing materials with authentic video of varying lengths • Post short tutorials or testimonials • Share trend-based videos #EDVentures13
    15. 15. Google+ • Social networking service • Improve SEO • Join circles and communities • Engage in conversations • Potential thought leadership opportunities through Google Hangouts #EDVentures13
    16. 16. Yelp • Internet rating and review service • Hyper-local • Track competition • Review customer feedback and respond directly • Promote offers and announcements #EDVentures13
    17. 17. Collect and Share Content • Monitor coverage through Google Alerts • Consolidate platform posts in platforms like Hootsuite • Add and utilize “share this” functionality on posts #EDVentures13
    18. 18. Goals and Measurement • What do you want to achieve? • How will you track your progress? • Premium services available to track marketing campaigns #EDVentures13
    19. 19. Key Takeaways • Know your audience, where they live, and begin engaging them • Have a stable social media presence • Understand different channels and the best ways to use them • Set goals and have the means to track progress #EDVentures13
    20. 20. Thank You! • Charlene Blohm o C. Blohm & Associates o 608-216-7300 o charlene@cblohm.com o Follow: @CharleneBlohm #EDVentures13 Thank you to our clients FundingFactory and Califone for serving as examples in today’s presentation.
    21. 21. Bonus Round!—Instagram • Owned by Facebook • Photo and video sharing platform • Informal way to show company culture • Thrives on spontaneity #EDVentures13
    22. 22. Bonus Round!—Vine • Owned by Twitter • Mobile app • Create six-second video clips • Best videos run well on a loop or use stop- motion animation (think .gifs) #EDVentures13
    23. 23. Bonus Round!—Blogs • Generate content to push over other channels • Establish yourself as a thought leader • Show behind the scenes activity from your company • Multiple platforms (e.g., Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr) #EDVentures13
    24. 24. Bonus Round!—Storify • Create stories to summarize events • Search hashtags and users to pull into a story o #EDVentures13 • Easy way to collect and post new content #EDVentures13