EdNET 2010 Twitter Tips


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EdNET 2010 Twitter Tips

  1. 1. Twitter Tips Tweetiquette: Guidelines for a Twitter-ific Experience • Provide a complete bio and profile image – others are more likely to follow you or engage in conversation if they know a little about you first. • Be honest and authentic; be yourself. Don’t communicate like a robot (e.g., using auto reply messages when someone follows you on Twitter). • Be transparent about your work/employer in your profile, if your use of Twitter has any implications for your work life. • Don't go Twitter crazy. You’re likely to lose followers if you tweet excessively, or tweet about all your daily activities (e.g., what you had for lunch). • Think before you post. Remember your post can live online forever. Be respectful. Don’t use profanity, ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, etc. • Be community-minded. Retweet, ask and respond to questions. Share information and links, but don’t make it all about you. Top-Notch Twitter Tools • CoTweet (cotweet.com) – A free and easy tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts – up to five – with a single login. It also allows brand and keyword monitoring through Twitter search. • TweetDeck (tweetdeck.com) – A Twitter management tool that allows you to update your accounts, follow topics with saved searches, and manage conversations with @ replies and direct messages. • Hootsuite (hootsuite.com) – A professional Twitter client offering a wide range of features including the ability to manage other social media accounts, schedule Tweets, and track Twitter statistics. • Mobile Apps – Post updates to Twitter from anywhere; options include OpenBeak (orangatame.com/products) for Blackberrys, Tweetie (atebits.com) for the iPhone, and Twidroyd (twidroyd.com) for Android. • Twtpoll (twtpoll.com) – A feedback tool that helps you to conduct polls/surveys on Twitter, or any other social media site. • Twtvite (twtvite.com) – An event manager tool that helps you organize Tweetups and make meaningful connections through social media. Compiled by: C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. Public Relations for the Education Industry www.cblohm.com @CBlohmAssoc
  2. 2. Twitter Tips A properly used Twitter account can be a very beneficial tool for developing a network of clients, media contacts and industry leaders. It’s important to identify, follow and reach out to the individuals, groups and organizations who interest you and have helpful information to share. Education Media @rww @convergemag @wired @DA_magazine @digidirections Education Orgs @educationweek @AASAHQ @edutopia @ASCD @eschoolnews @CoSN @futureofed @EdNETBiz @TheMailbox @ISTE @teachermagazine @NSBA_TLN @techlearning @SETDA @SLJournal @SIIA_Education @TheBigDealBook @THE_Journal Worthy Edu-Tweeters @USNewsEducation (Edublog Award winners) @web20classroom Technology Media @russeltarr @cnntech @courosa @mashable @ShellTerrell @nytimestech @Larryferlazzo "Links were three times more prevalent in retweets than normal tweets (19% to 57%)." "This one's kind of a no-brainer, but original content is way more popular than stuff we've already read." Source: fastcompany.com Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets, enabling Twitter users to easily spread information and follow topic-related discussions or group conversations. Simply prefix a word with a hash symbol, and add it in your tweet. Hot Hashtags #EduIT #ednet10 #followfriday #edchat #learning #edtech #STEM #edublog #teachertuesday #education #web20wednesday Compiled by: C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. Public Relations for the Education Industry www.cblohm.com @CBlohmAssoc