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Market Report-  Fall 2010
Market Report-  Fall 2010
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Market Report- Fall 2010


Published on

Brookline and Newton Real Estate market report.

Brookline and Newton Real Estate market report.

Published in: Real Estate
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  • 1. CBRB Brookline cOldWell BANkeR ReSideNTiAl BROkeRAge OUR TOWN 1375 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 731-2447 (617) 731-4477 BROOkliNe & NeWTON Historical Market Analysis by Zip Code If you, as a seller or as a buyer, are currently under a written contract to use another broker exclusively then please disregard this notice. It is not our intention to solicit other real estate broker’s clients. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully. ©2010 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and operated by NRT, LLC. Local Real Estate Trends Price Comparison by Neighborhood 1375 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446
  • 2. AL F O R D Beartown 24 Chester- Huntington Reservation B EL C HER T O W N Covey WMA State Blandford State Forest 116 Facin 37 Fountain Pond Farmington State Forest East SO UT H G R AN B Y State Park Forest TY RI 90 Mountain HA DL EY 202 Rock 181 NG River WMAS OTI SO UT HA M PT O N WMA 21 GREAT HA Southampton WMA 32 BARRINGTON Tyringham Otis Otis M Blandford/Russell MONTGOMERY WMA 189 Chicopee WCE WCE HO LY O K E Holyoke L U DL O W 23 State WMA M 71 15 10 PAL M E R Tekoa Memorial as 23 133 Forest HSP Red Bridge sT Jug End State E G R EM O N T 159 B L AN D F O R D 20 Mountain Hampton Ponds 33 State Park Ludlow State Park ur cONdOMiNiUM AveRAge SAle PRiceS Reservation East Mountain 14 pik WMA State Park State Forest Palmer With all the information available, it is difficult to know what it means for 125 202 C H IC OPE E n 391 22 23 e R U SSE L L & WMA 23 State Reservation M O N T E R EY 29 203 128 WMA 90 Bash Bish ppalachian Trail Sandisfield 127 A 57 State Forest 31 Falls State 141 23 67 Park Jug Three Mile 5 20 GraceWE ST F I E L D your real estate needs. Here, we have aggregated all the information from 7 Pond WMA Lake Lorraine State Park 20 BRIM By Zip Code A. Robson MOUNT End WE ST 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 WASHING­ 41 291 Tolland Sanctuary SP R I NG F I E L D 36 Brimfield TON Dolomite 57 NE W M AR L B O R O U G H 91 State Forest Honey Pot WIL B R AHAM State Forest Ledges L D SH EF F I E 20 255 NHA SP R IN GFIE LD G R AN V I L L E Brookline 02445 $546,984 $489,739 $470,788 $513,658 $493,617 $500,868 MlS for our area. This will give you 57a sense of 202 57 the market has done NHA 183 Mt. Everett what 10 Campbell's 147 16 SANDISFIELD SO UT HW I CK M O NS O N T O L L AN D Robinson State Reservation Falls State State Park EAST Park Granville 32 Brookline 02446 $547,648 $511,490 $517,738 $514,685 $487,450 $537,222 Mt. Washington LONGMEADOW HA M PDE N Cookson State Forest and what the current trends are. To find out more or determine how this AG AWA M LONG- State Forest 187 State Forest MEADOW WAL E 28 Chestnut Hill 02467 $458,368 $446,654 $622,332 $468,700 $488,079 $487,464 27 CONNECTICUT should affect your plans, call one of our trusted Realtors® today. TO HARTFORD, CT, NEW YORK CITY Newtonville 02458 $460,198 $523,667 $435,168 $437,136 $422,182 $525,360 Newton 02459 $772,598 $788,055 $781,966 $801,676 $617,072 $562,949 D r. e Lynn Heritage or Sh State Park nn King’s Beach Spot Saugus River Ly 3A Pond LY N N Lynn Beach Newtonville 02460 $515,573 $545,271 $533,205 $560,943 $510,113 $451,874 . ay Nahant Beach Blvd MIDDLESEX FELLS SAUGUS w MELROSE LYNN SHORES Lynn WINCHESTER RESERV- ATION RESERVATION 95 Nahant 1A Fellsw 225 RUMNEY MARSH Beach Newton Highlands 02461 $565,424 $644,364 $595,808 $522,333 $463,005 $526,307 Sandy 128 Beach E. RESERVATION ay W. Fellsway 38 MALDEN y wa Newton Lower Falls 02462 $354,933 $298,667 $311,250 na $417,250 $278,500 Mystic ark Lakes 60 hP Mystic MEDFORD 1 REVERE BEACH ea c Fellswa k w y. ARLINGTON Va l l e y P RESERVATION re B MYSTIC Newton Upper Falls 02464 $446,143 $431,979 $436,160 $402,338 $426,879 $382,450 REVERE Reve ok Pkwy. y Alewife RIVER 1A 2 EVERETT Pkwy Revere Beach Brook RESERVATION Cambridge . each Revere B Bro Auburndale 02466 $499,683 $503,066 $484,531 $470,389 $436,373 $395,940 ife Little Al e Short Beach G R E A T E R w CondoM E$ 493,032 Mary O’Malley Pond O S BEAVER BROOK BELLE ISLE MARSH Fresh Pond RESERVATION BELMONT RV Sngl Family I$E 1,226,555 C Park West Newton 02465 $443,462 $511,877 $470,875 $444,005 $420,841 $474,492 WA LT H A M Fresh A M BR LL 93 Constitution RESERVATION WINTHROP SHORES B O S T O N Pond ID RESERVATION kw G Beach E P y. Brighton CHA 20 CHARL WINTHROP Winthrop ES North SiNgle FAMily AveRAge SAle PRiceS Riverwalk RL W A TERTOWN RI New CHELSEA Beach Park ES End Pk. Basin Wellesley RIV RVATION Landry ER RESE V ER R lvd. Condo $289,690 Rd. Lakes Park i el B d gh . rs F Dr District Gree nou ie ria l LOGAN Forest Nonantum Sold Hatch mo Boston Atlantic ESE Me AIRPORT Condo $643,902 Grove Rd. e Sngl Family $433,343N E s p la n a d e �Shell RV ATIO Dr. Harbor Ocean By Zip Code 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 pik ow Tu r n r Stor Sngl Family $1,141,158 90 Mass NEWTON Brookline CHESTNUT HILL St. con Brookline 02445 $1,484,633 $1,364,439 $1,701,320 $1,679,957 $1,471,625 $1,564,703 Riverside RESERVATION Bea Marine M Commonwealth Castle as Park Newton 93 Island s Ave. Condo $531,458 3 Av Leo J. Chestnut Hill South Boston Lovell’s Gt. Brewster e. rk Martin Reservoir Beaches Is. Is. Pa Gallops away Hammond Long Brookline 02446 $1,518,192 $1,489,574 $1,445,493 $1,226,214 $1,237,496 $1,221,795 Condo $470,400 Golf Course B R OSnglE Family $1,326,708 Crystal Is. or Pond Carson Is. Lake Roxbury Heritage rid aic OKLIN Beach State Park George’s Cor Sngl Family9$888,548 Jam Mo Blvd. Jamaica Spectacle Is. Thompson’s rris BOSTON est Pond Chestnut Hill 02467 $1,329,588 $1,286,218 $1,256,015 $1,136,880 $1,146,741 $1,301,353 Hemlock Lost Is. Is. BOSTON HARBOR sey thw Gorge Pond ISLANDS STATE PARK Jamaica Plain Rainsford Ft. Revere Sou Dorchester Beaches Is. . St M Newtonville 02458 $936,171 $815,637 $1,046,377 $1,095,259 $838,607 $811,058 Hancock o Squantum ve. Condo $352,893 W on est Roxbury Pk Woods Point Park rto Hill A Victory gt H ULL nS Peddock’s hin . Road Park Brook wy t. Moswetusset Sngl Family $612,382 Is. as Blue Pk W Farm W Tenean Beach Hummock NANTASKET BEACH VF Newton 02459 $941,675 $887,194 $902,751 $918,073 $890,269 $837,757 NEEDHAM Bumpkin QUINCY SHORES Is. RESERVATION Ga Wollaston Qu lliv Tr. RESERVATION w an Sh Beach inc B l v d. y. Cutler a il tR Pope John y Hu Park ore se ll Dr. Riverdale on Paul II Park Newtonville 02460 $831,702 $736,998 $779,137 $813,688 $703,861 $762,899 Sh Nep 3A Caddy Grape or Park STONY Is. e Park Dr. NEPONSET RIVER Blue Hills Pkwy. BROOK Red Wing RESERVATION Webb Bay RESERVATION Park Newton Highlands 02461 $752,543 $792,699 $714,375 $719,729 $647,998 $786,406 Village Wilson Bro ok P kwy. . wy Falls Mountain Mother ce Stodders 28 Turtle Pond Pk Brook Furna Neck an Abigail Adams um Pkw Park Tr Newton Lower Falls 02462 $586,583 $732,269 $685,812 $518,450 $582,867 $694,500 MI L TON Quincy y. 138 Quarries QUINCY 3A 3A DOVER 95 DEDHAM Camp 53 228 Newton Upper Falls 02464 128 $593,063 $578,056 $522,125 $462,769 $546,308 $724,200 Meigs HINGHAM Rd. wbut Triphammer ata WESTWOOD ick Woods Fowl Ch Trailside Meadow Auburndale 02466 $697,806 $682,635 $761,650 $696,431 $743,051 $694,314 Museum BLUE HILLS WEYMOUTH Rd e RESERVATION id Blue Hill Wompatuck . lls Hi Ski Area 0 2.5 5 State Park Houghton’s 93 BRAINTREE 3 West Newton 02465 Pond $999,072 $969,518 $952,685 $982,598 $853,173 $912,593 109 1 Miles Ponkapoag 95 Golf Waban 02468 $1,062,390 $1,173,871 $1,118,750 $1,001,273 $944,218 $1,066,184 Course 24 Information as supplied by MLSPIN 8/8/2010. Subject to errors and omissions. Some property sales may not be recorded in MLS and are therefore not reflected in the supplied information.