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For further details view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQAW7l0WBU4 …

For further details view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQAW7l0WBU4

(002) 019 649 4918

Website: www.gcribs.com

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  • 1. El GounaA perfect destinationA self-contained town on the beautiful Red Sea coast, El Gouna offers an unrivaledlifestyle. Built on 10 km of beach, the town of 15,000 residents of multi-culturalinternational community who spreads across islands and lagoons.Boasting a superb infrastructure and excellent services, the destination is a short flightfrom Europe. At El Gouna unmatchable sandy beaches and the ideal temperatureswelcome visitors all year round.
  • 2. Abu TigThe World Class Cruising Marina
  • 3. El Gouna’s 18-hole championship course Simply boasts year-round golfing in tranquil settings. Players can feast their eyes on stunning views of mountains and endless water as the course challenges the strength, ingenuity, and skill of novice and professional alike.
  • 4. What makes El Gouna Unique?El Gouna is unique as a Red Sea leisure destination due to its harmony andcompleteness as a town. Careful planning, superb architecture, and competentmanagement have ensured that the resort’s many attractions are contained in abeautiful, immaculate and aesthetically unified setting.The resort’s award-winning architecture brings together a blend of traditional andmodern elements and is the work of an impressive list of prestigious architectsincluding Italian Alfredo Freda and American Michael Graves.Here, a creative and diverse community of entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists,and sports enthusiasts make their home and give the town an eclectic andsophisticated international flavor.
  • 5. El Gouna…Simply life as it should be
  • 6. G Cribs LocationUniquely located within the Mansions in El Gouna, the fresh G Cribs project has come tointroduce the concept of youthful style to the area, offering studios, apartments andvillas built to accommodate those with a taste for simplicity, modern style and convenience. Distance from G Cribs to any other destination is 5 minutes by any kind of transportation.
  • 7. Master PlanAll units are overlookingthe pools (total of 6heated pools)Compound surrounded byone ring road to ensure achild friendly environment83% of the project isdedicated to landscapeFully equipped Club House
  • 8. Architecture Simply…. How it should be!Our artistic approach is a new concept in El Gouna – offering fresh, contemporary andmodern architecture with flexible layouts and sizes to suit your requirements.White is the prevalent color of choice to create modern and relaxed surroundingsThe use of natural stones for façade cladding adds a touch of understanding luxury
  • 10. CLUB HOUSE
  • 11. Club HouseOne of the main facilities of G Cribs is the club house.It is strategically located within the project for easy access.Here, you can truly relax and enjoy the sun all year round in lush landscapedsurroundings.Experience any of our well refined restaurants that offer deliciously inspiring menus.Sit back and rewind by any of the three uniquely connected pools for a trulyrejuvenating experience.
  • 12. Types of ResidencesStudios & Apartments
  • 13. SINGLE STUDIO 35M2
  • 14. Single Studio 35m2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 15. One Bedroom Apartment 53m2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 16. One Bedroom Apartment 70m2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 17. Two Bedroom Apartment 88m2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 18. Two Bedroom Apartment 105m2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 19. Three Bedroom Apartment 140m2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 20. Studios and Apartments Prices (USD) 25% Down Payment 75%/12 Quarterly Maintenance Range (USD) Price Range (USD) Components Range (USD) Installments Range (USD) Paid Once @ Delivery Type Net Area (m2) 1st Floor Ground Floor Master Bedroom Bedroom Maids Room Bathrooms 1st Floor Ground Floor 1st Floor Ground Floor 1st Floor Ground Floor Studio 35 69,464 72,143 - - - 1 17,366 18,036 4,342 4,509 4,862 5,050 1 Bedroom 53 104,286 108,214 - 1 - 1 26,072 27,054 6,518 6,763 7,300 7,575 1 Bedroom 70 138,928 144,286 1 - - 2 34,732 36,072 8,683 9,018 9,725 10,100 2 Bedrooms 88 173,750 180,357 1 1 - 2 43,438 45,089 10,859 11,272 12,163 12,625 2 Bedrooms 105 208,392 216,429 1 1 1 2 52,098 54,107 13,025 13,527 14,587 15,150 3 Bedrooms 140 277,856 288,572 1 2 1 2 69,464 72,143 17,366 18,036 19,450 20,200P.S ask about our tailor made special sizes
  • 21. Types of residences Villas
  • 22. Villa D01 164M2
  • 23. Villa D01 164M2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 24. Villa E03 165M2
  • 25. Villa E03 165M2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 26. Villa E02 196M2
  • 27. Villa E02 196M2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 28. Villa E01 204M2
  • 29. Villa E01 204M2Full finished & air conditioned, “what you see is what you get”
  • 30. Villas Prices (USD) Components 75%/12 25% Down Maintenance Net Area Quarterly Type Price (USD) Payment Range( USD) Paid (m2) Master Installments Bedroom Maids Room Bathrooms (USD) Once @ Delivery Bedroom (USD) Villa (type D01) 164 272,321 1 2 1 3 68,080 17,020 19,062 Villa (type E03) 165 285,357 1 2 1 3 71,339 17,835 19,975 Villa (type E02) 196 316,250 1 2 1 3 79,063 19,766 22,138 Villa (type E01) 204 339,286 1 2 1 3 84,822 21,205 23,750P.S ask about our tailor made special sizes
  • 31. Facilities and Services offered by “Key”Property ManagementRefurbishmentHelp DeskCleaningSecurity and safetyGeneral maintenancePest controlLandscaping and internal plantingFit-outUtilities and resources ( water, electricity,…etc)Concierge services“Get you in” servicesCatering and hospitalityLaundryWay findingsMain structural element (roofs, walls, floors, externals)Internal cabling and ITCFurniture and space managementSOP (standard operation procedures)Building documentation
  • 32. Payment Terms• 5 % Reservation• 20% Upon signing Contract• 75% balance paid quarterly over 3 years with 0% Interest (12 installments)• Delivery Date: June 2013• All Units are delivered fully finished with semi central A.C
  • 33. Standard Specifications- Flooring Local marble or porcelain tiles- Stairs Local Marble- Internal painting Plastic paint- External painting Dry-mix white color- Windows Aluminum sections including accessories without shutters- Doors hardware Imported as sample- Bathrooms Ceramic tiles (Gawhara or Cleaopatra)- Sanitary sets Ideal Standard or Duravit- A/C Units Connections and units are included- Satellite dish connections Included (one outlet in the living and in each bedroom)- Telephones Included(one outlet in the living and in each bedroom)- Lighting units Outlets only included according to the standard drawing
  • 34. Gouna Owner’s Card Ownership in G Cribs offers you “ The Gouna Life”• Over 60 Restaurants and eateries• More than 20 bars and evening hotspots• Nurseries and childcare• International school k 12• Community library• 18 hole championship golf course• European standard hospital• Private airport• 2 spa outlets• 5 kite surfing centers and hot diving spots• El Gouna beaches and island (4 public access beaches)• El Gouna marinas
  • 35. DeveloperMain ConsultantArchitectural ConsultantInterior DesignProperty Management
  • 36. Cheryl WilsonSenior Property ConsultantInertia Properties3 El Mansour Mohamed Street,Zamalek, Cairo – EgyptTel: (002) 019 649 4918E-Mail: cheryl.wilson@inertiaegypt.comWebsite: www.gcribs.com