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"The Advantage" - a newsletter dedicated to professional women development.

CBIZ Women's Advantage celebrates the uniqueness of the woman business professional. Internally, we direct the development of our women professionals through focused leadership, mentoring, networking and professional development programs. Externally, we provide women decision makers access to a network of highly skilled, seasoned, professional women to assist their every business need. We are "CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business."

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The Advantage Newsletter - December 2013 - CBIZ Women's Advantage

  1. 1. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Winter 2013 Advantage The Special Thanks to You! Inside This Issue Dress for Success Campaign Results Page 2 CWA 2013 Networking Events Page 3 CWA Snaps! Page 3 CWA Spotlight: Fiona Hotston Moore Page 4 Slideshare ... Still a Favorite! Page 4 This is one of my favorite times of the year and not necessarily for the reason you might think. Of course, I love the Holidays! But in the context of our CBIZ Women’s Advantage Program, this time of the year allows me to both look back on all of our successes in 2013 (enjoy our pictures and notes on our recent networking and our annual national community outreach events) and, at the same time, become excited for all of our projects, plans and pilots for 2014. There is so much discussion these days surrounding the importance of “solidarity of women” to the development and advancement of women. At CBIZ, I am convinced that our success is largely due to CBIZ Women Helping Women in our communities, in business development, in setting stretch professional goals for 2014 … and in always saying “Yes, we can do Nancy Mellard it!” My personal thank you to our CWA Leadership and to all of our talented women within CBIZ. Joy Foster: Consumed in JVS and the Community When Brent Wilson, Managing Director, CBIZ MHM Kansas City, nominated the Executive Director of long time audit client Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) for The Advantage client spotlight, he could not emphasize enough the all consuming love she has for the community. Joy Foster has been the Executive Director at JVS Joy Foster for more than 15 years. She received a Bachelor and Masters degree in Public Affairs and spent ten years at Catholic Charities before joining JVS. JVS was established in 1949 to assist holocaust survivors, refugees and displaced persons build new lives in this country. Today, JVS has expanded their services to anyone with a barrier, whether due to physical or developmental disabilities or acculturation difficulties. JVS engages, encourages and empowers people to achieve social, cultural and economic integration. Through her work, Joy is consumed in the community. “I am involved in everything we do at JVS and want to know and understand all of it. Being accessible and involved at all aspects is crucial; you really get to know and understand the needs of the community so you can then better develop programs around those needs.” Throughout her career, Joy has worked closely with all groups at JVS, but one of the things that has truly touched her is seeing the advancement of women, especially through the JVS refugee and social work programs. These programs - See Joy Foster on page 3 “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business”
  2. 2. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Winter 2013 National Campaign Highlights Dress for Success National Campaign chairs Jennifer Gray and Bonnie Hembrock are pleased to report the best fundraising year to date for CBIZ. Through the generosity of all our associates nationwide and the countless hours of planning and event coordination by members of the fundraising committees, CBIZ offices raised more than $10,000 over last year ... for a grand total of $34,818! 2013 DFS Campaign CBIZ Office DFS Affiliate CBIZ Contact Amount Raised Kansas City Team, KS Connections to Success Alex Zelie $ 4,227.00 NEO (Cleveland & Akron) DFS Cleveland Lori Novickis $ 5,251.00 New York DFS World Wide Erika Rotheim $ 2,915.00 Chicago & Naperville DFS Chicago Kelly Wilborn $ 3,241.00 Plymouth Meeting DFS Philadelphia Susannah Roberts $ 3,130.00 Congratulations to everyone for an outstanding 2013 DFS Campaign! Minneapolis DFS Twin Cities Anne Ledwein $ 2,831.00 St. Louis DFS St Charles Karen Grasso $ 1,592.00 Local Spotlights Bethesda/Columbia Combined DFS DC Karen Clark $ 3,678.00 Colorado DFS Denver Jewel King $ 1,850.00 San Diego DFS San Diego BreeAnn Shaver $ 1,000.00 Phoenix DFS Phoenix Pattie Stahm $ 2,398.00 Dublin DFS Dublin Jennifer Yorke $ 655.00 Salt Lake City United Way of Salt Lake City Mary Kay Griffin $ 1,950.00 Memphis DFS Memphis Megan Murdock $ 100.00 $ 34,818.00 CBIZ Bethesda hosted a networking/ fundraising kickoff event at the Bethesda Country Club to benefit Dress for Success DC (DFS), and generated $2,000 for the DFS local summer fundraising campaign. TOTALS (L-R) From CBIZ Karen Clark, Carolina Bate, Wendy Ricker, and Leigh Ann Sipple CBIZ St. Louis raised $1,600 in their month-long DFS campaign effort. Denise Mills, Chief Mindset Officer at LeaderFuelNow, (far right) with her daughters before presenting “Networking: A New Perspective.” Just a few of the accessory items collected during the CBIZ St. Louis DFS campaign. 2 Rooftop Cocktails in San Diego!
  3. 3. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Winter 2013 CWA Networking Events in 2013 CBIZ and Mayer Hoffman McCann’s Bethesda Mid-Atlantic Model Cities Group was the title sponsor of the 2013 SmartCEO’s Brava! Awards in July. Nancy Mellard (left) was a Podium Speaker at this event. This event celebrates female CEOs who combine their irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for giving back to the community. These CEOs have become exemplary leaders in their companies and the community at large by encouraging local philanthropy, mentoring fellow CEOs and setting their companies on the path to tremendous growth. “Developing and advancing the talents of women in the workplace at all levels is not a gender issue. It’s a business issue.” NANCY MELLARD National Leader, CBIZ Women’s Advantage Executive VP, General Counsel, CBIZ Employee Services women women business CBIZ helping CBIZ MHM Memphis sponsored the Memphis Business Journal “Super Women in Business” awards luncheon in July. During this event Megan Murdock had the opportunity to spotlight CWA and our efforts. Preceding the luncheon, the Memphis office hosted their own pre-event to celebrate past and present honorees. More than 50 of these honorees attended the pre-event, providing a great opportunity for additional networking. succeed in More than 300 women attended the 8th annual CBIZ and CWA Hot Pink event in October, hosted at the CBIZ Kansas City office. The event raised over $22,000 for Back in the Swing®, a national grass-roots organization dedicated to improving and protecting joyful, healthy and proactive life after breast cancer. CWA Snaps! Cheryl Callhoun was nominated for the LA Magazine’s “L.A. Woman” – The L.A. Woman is devoted to community larger than herself. She is dedicated to serving, leading and mentoring. She is an innovator. She is inspiring. Congrats Cheryl! Mary Kay Griffin was selected to receive the “Pathfinder” Award at the Salt Lake Chamber “Women in Business” Conference and Athena Luncheon in November. Megan Murdock was named in the Commercial Appeal as a Memphis Woman to Watch. Read more about Megan here. Carolyn Watley was recently featured in The Kansas City Business Journal in an article titled “5 ACA-Related Questions for All Small Businesses.” Karen Fenaroli was recently featured in a video discussing “How to Find a Leader.” The Advantage is CBIZ published by CWA. The Advantage Kansas City Editorial Staff: Alex Zelie (CBIZ MHM), Joellen Messerli and Andria Mitra (CBIZ B&I) Women's Advantage Joy Foster... Continued from cover Spring 2013 Nancy's Letter primarily work with women refugees and victims of domestic violence and trafficking. “These women come from a culture where the ‘outside of the home’ value of women is not recognized,” informed Joy. A large part of what JVS does is help these women integrate into the community by providing services and working with a variety of agencies to help them better understand and navigate through these experiences. “It is amazing to see women who have not experienced the opportunities we are accustomed to thrive socially and economically in our community,” continued Joy. Inside This Issue Avoid a Career Capsize Page 2 What Do You Think? If you haven’t had a chance to check out the updated website, follow this link http://intranet. We’ve updated the information, added an events calendar and added links to all the social media sites. Bookmark this page for quick access to all things CWA. sional development and their career paths clearly show that it is that professionalism and positioning that proves the point …“in the end it’s all about performance!” By the way – our CEO is also CWA’s #1 Champion! Again, I hope you enjoy this edition of Nancy Mellard our newsletter and I always value your comments.  – Nancy Mellard, CWA National Leader CWA Snaps! Page 2 CBIZ Memphis Creates Back-to-Back CWA Buzz Page 3 Maximizing Your Professional Wardrobe Page 3 “For me, Not-for-Profit work never ends and is incredibly rewarding. It’s wonderful because when you do this work, you really feel and see the difference you make every day,” concluded Joy.  During a meeting recently with CBIZ CEO and Chairman of the Board, Steve Gerard, he reminded me that our first and most important goal for CBIZ Women’s Advantage is the professional development and positioning of our CBIZ Women. What a business case for diversity our women’s program has become! I highlight this point in my brief remarks for this newsletter because you will note that we have decided to continue to spotlight successful women with whom CBIZ is proud to do business. These women have proven the importance of profes The CWA Spotlight Page 4 Stefanie Cavanaugh: Empowering Women It’s easy to see why Rick Jenson, Managing Director, CBIZ Valuations Group, Dallas, thought Stefanie Cavanaugh was an outstanding candidate for the CWA Client Spotlight. Stefanie, Senior Vice President of Harden Healthcare, an ancillary services organization specializing in senior care, is passionate about giving back and empowering women in the financial arena. As a teenager, she joined her mother as a volunteer at the San Antonio Women’s Credit Union (SAWCU), an organization designed to help women establish and gain credit. She kept the books and learned the financial operations of the organization. “I develStefanie Cavanaugh oped my love for finance during those early years and found my first CPA mentor at SAWCU. I watched an amazing group of professional women help their sisters gain financial independence,” commented Stefanie. After college and five years in public accounting she joined the San Antonio Symphony as CFO. Thriving in the small environment, Stefanie gained experience in all facets of managing the financial operations. She spent 10 years at Encore Medical Corporation as the Controller, learning about Health Care Finance and the medical device industry, and helped lead the organization through rapid growth in revenue – $35 million to almost $1 billion. Sarbanes Oxley became effective and increased the demands on public companies dramatically. Both these changes meant growth for Stefanie and her team. She began to mentor other accountants, - See Stefanie Cavanaugh on page 4 “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business” To submit material, please contact Andria Mitra at 3
  4. 4. CBIZ Women’s Advantage Winter 2013 SlideShare … Still a Favorite! The CWA Spotlight From Counting Calories to Counting Pounds –– The Journey of Fiona Hotston Moore Supported by her husband and two children, Fiona Hotston Moore is a partner at Top 30 UK Accountancy Firm Reeves and London resident by week; and a wife, mother and late 15th century farmhouse resident by weekend. Her professional journey and support for quotas for greater diversity in the workplace and on boards is inspiring and empowering! Originally qualified as a Dietician and Nutritionist, Fiona quickly made a career change to train as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG. In 1990, she had identified a “glass ceiling” within the organization and joined a smaller entrepreneurial accountancy firm, where she became a partner by the age of 30. Next, she joined MRI Moores Rowland partnership, where she was appointed Managing Partner and was the only female Managing Partner in the Top 30 practices. She then led the merger of that practice and in 2012 decided to move back into a more entrepreneurial practice, Reeves, where she is today. Fiona appears regularly in the media as an enthusiastic supporter of having quotas for women at the board level. “I have published numerous articles and have also spoken on TV, on the radio and in schools and at universities on the need for greater diversity on boards and generally in the workplace. I have been pushing for temporary quotas in the absence of real progress without intervention. I believe conscious and unconscious bias is the main obstacle to diversity in boards and more generally in leadership” stated Fiona. 4 To support this effort, Fiona co-founded the Accelerated Board Attainment (ABA) which Fiona Hotston is aimed to help equip Moore women with the tools to seek and obtain leadership positions. Fiona was also a member of the “Narrowing the Gap” committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, working to encourage more women to seek and succeed in leadership roles. Fiona noted, “Diversity eliminates group think, promotes sustainability, creativity and resilience in international organizations.” For her impressive efforts in this area, Fiona has received various awards, including being the winner of the “Woman Leader in Finance” in 2012, “Accountant of the Year” in the City Awards 2007 and Number 49 in the “Accountancy Age 2013 Financial Power List.” “It’s important for women to identify mentors and supporters both internally and externally and that you have confidence in your abilities. Women tend to assume they need 120% of the job specifications to apply for a role, whereas men are happy to push themselves forward knowing they may only have 60% of the attributes, but confident they can step up to the job” concluded Fiona. To learn more about Fiona and to follow her journey to better diversify the workplace, check out her blog on Huffington Post, follow her on Twitter and/or connect with her on LinkedIn.  New social media tools emerge daily, prompting improvements and changes to the other, more classic, social sites in order to Amanda Markos compete. However, a tool that continues to compete with the industry leaders is SlideShare. Slideshare is a public sharing site which allows professionals and businesses to upload presentations, whitepapers, brochures and videos to “share” with the world. By doing so, users can expand their sphere of influence, increase brand awareness and generate leads. Users also benefit from the infographic feature, allowing users to upload and share graphic or visual representations of information or data, otherwise intended to present complex information, quickly and clearly. Last, SlideShare is FREE, unlike other social media channels that push advertisements and paid updates. While SlideShare does have some paid business features, users receive the same benefits of sharing and downloading material at no additional cost. In 2013, CBIZ Inc. received over 94,318 views to our documents, 377 downloads and 32 leads. For more information or questions on SlideShare capabilities, contact or (858) 795-2253.  “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business”