The Advantage Newsletter - CBIZ Women's Advantage August 2012


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The Advantage, a newsletter for and about CBIZ Women's Advantage.

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The Advantage Newsletter - CBIZ Women's Advantage August 2012

  1. 1. The Advantage August 2012Performance Counts Kate Paul – President and CEO, Delta Dental of ColoradoD uring a meeting recently with CBIZ CEO and Chairman of the Board, Steve Gerard, Not only has Kate Paul achieved significant business success, she he reminded me that our first and most is also a revered civic and nonprofit leader, and an inspiration toimportant goal for CBIZ Women’s Advantage is all the women (and men) who have been fortunate enough to knowthe professional development and positioning of and work with her. She is a natural connector and is willing toour CBIZ Women. What a business case for share her broad circle of influence to help others. I am proud todiversity our women’s program has become! I have Kate as a friend and client.” – Mary Hobson, EVP, CBIZ EFLhighlight this point in my brief remarks for this Nancy Mellard K ate Paul was working as a Seniornewsletter because you will note that we have decided to continue Resident at UC San Francisco, expectingto spotlight successful women with whom CBIZ is proud to do busi- her career to take her in a certain direc-ness. These women have proven the importance of professional tion. Then out of nowhere she received a calldevelopment and their career paths clearly show that it is that pro- from a Kaiser Permanente regional manager offessionalism and positioning that proves the point …“in the end it’s hospitals in Northern California who had anall about performance!” By the way – our CEO is also CWA’s #1 administrator that needed an assistant for aChampion! Again, I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter new medical center in San Rafael, California.and I always value your comments.  Kate had worked for Kaiser Permanente before Kate Paul – Nancy Mellard, CWA National Leader entering graduate school and had stayed on the radar as a bright and innovative student. The administrator hired Kate, and thusLynn Atchison – CFO, began a 30-year relationship with Kaiser, as opposed to what KateH originally had in mind for her career, which was to eventually ard work, creative thinking and effective become #2 in a large medical center. This first key position and the networking have been central compo- broad perspective that she obtained early on of the overall workings nents to the success of Lynn Atchison, of a hospital turned out to be an experience that Kate would notChief Financial Officer of HomeAway. Based in have traded for anything.Austin, Texas, HomeAway is the worlds leading Starting in 1970, Kate moved through the ranks with Kaiseronline marketplace of vacation rentals, with from Assistant Administrator to Administrator to Vice President,sites representing over 700,000 paid vacation Senior Vice President and ultimately in 1999 President of Grouprental home listings in 168 countries. A client Operations for the West. By this time Kate was spending too muchof Rick Jenson, CBIZ Valuation, since 2006, Lynn AtchisonRick describes Lynn as a powerful leader that The Advantage should - See Kate Paul on page 3get to know! Field Report: Arizona, St. Louis, This Issue Starting out with an accounting degree in 1982, Lynn initially Mid-Atlantic, L.A. & Salt Lake City . . . . . . . . . 2went to work for Ernst & Young in the audit department. When her Insideson was born in 1989, Lynn made the decision to leave because her CWA Executive Board Spotlight:work had involved extensive traveling. “With the great businesses I Cindy Rosenberg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3was introduced to at Ernst & Young, I became aware of the number Kudos to CWA Movers & Shakers. . . . . . . . . . 3 - See Lynn Atchison on page 4 Upcoming CWA Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4“CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business”
  2. 2. CBIZ Women’s Advantage August 2012Field Report: Arizona, St. Louis, Mid-Atlantic, L.A. & Salt Lake City CWA Arizona partnered with The Girl CWA Mid-AtlanticScouts of Southern Arizona to celebrate leadership team spon-100 Years of Girl Scouting and to honor sored the SmartCEO“The Committee of 100 Women” who Brava! Awards, cele-inspire and believe in girls. CWA and CBIZ brating women busi-were event sponsors. Our very own Mica ness leaders who com-Bane, Vice President of Client Services, bine their irrepressiblewas one of the 100 women honored. entrepreneurial spirit – Monica Arreola with a passion for giv- l to r: Sue Demirkaya, Debbie Knapp, ing back to the com- Blanca Avetrani and Karen Clark (CBIZ ES Mid-Atlantic) munity. The event, The Phoenix office held their first Mica Bane, VP of held on July 24th, honored 24 women business executives in the DCCWA event on May 1st. Fifty guests in Client Services, CBIZ metro area. A pre-event invitation was accepted by several of theattendance were treated to a very interac- Arizona honorees, and the networking opportunities continue!tive session with Sunny Claggett, VP of OD & Talent Management, – Karen ClarkCBIZ, Inc. and CWA Executive Board member, who spoke on manag-ing change. CBIZ and CBIZ Women’s Advantage hosted a networking and – Angie Avers fundraising event in Los Angeles to introduce Dress for Success Worldwide-West. Present for the event were members of the DFS CBIZ and CWA St. Worldwide West Advisory Council, CBIZ executives Steve Gerard, Louis held a summer Jerry Grisko, Ware Grove, Nancy Mellard and Cheryl Calhoun, as DFS event featuring the well as featured speaker Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Mystique Boutique, a Worldwide. mobile clothing store selling high-end, gently worn clothing and acces- sories. Over $1,200 was raised with proceeds benefiting Connections to Success, a division ofBecky Vidal and Vicki Reznicek Dress for the DFS Mystique Boutique – Bonnie Hembrockin St. Louis A great turnout in Los Angeles for DFS On May 23rd CBIZ and CWA Mid-Atlantic held a networking fun-draiser to benefit Dress for Success. Co-sponsored with Cigna andother generous local sponsors, approximately 70 attendees had an On August 9th, the CWA Lead Group in Salt Lake City hosted aopportunity to meet and interact with Gretchen Neels, a well-known luncheon with Zions Bank Women’s Financial Group at the CBIZimage coach and blogger, as well as other CBIZ women executives offices. The goals in coming together included: 1) finding ways toand guests. collaborate on educational seminars to women business owners inWomen from CBIZ Mid- our community, and 2) bringing more recognition locally for CBIZAtlantic participated in the Women’s Advantage and Zions Bank. Among other strategies, CBIZTour de Cure for Diabetes, plans to leverage Smart Women Smart Money conferences, whichsponsored by CBIZ. Pic- are free of charge, and for which both CBIZ and Zion Bank havetured are (front, l to r) Mar- been sponsors. These conferences have been held since Septembergaret Blaine and Debbie 2004. Attendance ranges from 1,000 to 1,400 women, and high-Knapp, (back, l to r) Kar- profile keynotes such as Geena Davis participate.en Clark and Tricia Cage – Mary Kay Griffin2 “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business”
  3. 3. CBIZ Women’s Advantage August 2012Kate Paul (cont. from page 1) CWA Executive Board Spotlight:time on airplanes and made the decision to retire. It was not long Cindy Rosenberg – Managing Director,after that decision that she ran into Mary Hobson, who had per- CBIZ MHM, LLC & Shareholder, Mayerformed recruitment work for Kaiser, but at that time was performingan executive search for Delta Dental of Colorado. It was a perfect fit. Hoffman McCann P.C.In her role as President and CEO, Kate is responsible to the Board Cindy is a shareholder in the audit departmentof Trustees for the strategy, development and overall management and provides accounting, auditing and businessfor the company including management of 105 employees. advisory services to publicly and privately held In addition to work responsibilities, Kate has and continues to companies. She was recently named a co-attestserve on a number of boards including as past Chair of the Board of practice leader in the New York office and hasDirectors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver been a member of the CWA Executive Board Cindy RosenbergBranch. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the since 2010.Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Colorado Women’s Chamberof Commerce and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Professional Experience: Advantage: When you first took the job as the assistant admin- I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and began myistrator for Kaiser, you indicated that the person who hired you made career with Mahoney Cohen & Company, P.C. which was acquired bya big difference in your career. CBIZ in 2009 and is now the New York office. I am sometimes embar- Kate: What made him such a key person in my life was that he rassed to tell people that it’s the only job I’ve ever had, but over the pasttrusted me enough to give me difficult assignments, but was always 18 years I guess it’s impressive that I have worked my way from a staffthere just in case I got into trouble. He invested the time in truly accountant to a shareholder.developing me. He was not only my boss but an important mentor.We are still in touch to this day. Did you have a mentor in the business: Advantage: What do you consider to be the most important Over the years, there have been a few people who have stood out tothing that you have learned over the course of your career? me, not only because they were great teachers, but because they were Kate: By far, it is knowing yourself. Sometimes your level of really strong supporters of both me and my career. I have learned overself-knowledge is questionable. Do everything you can to know the years that no two people have the same experience in this businessyourself. Once you do this, learn to manage yourself. Play to your and your career ends up being shaped by the types of clients and chal-strengths. You generally do not change your weaknesses. So instead lenges you are given. I have been lucky in this respect and have reallyof spending the time and energy to try to eliminate them, spend your worked with people who have given me great opportunities.time strategizing how you can minimize them.  What characteristics/traits do you think are critical to your success: Kudos to CWA Movers & Shakers I have always tried to keep a positive attitude no matter what has • Monica Arreola, Producer, CBIZ ES Arizona has been named been thrown at me, even when I felt completely overwhelmed. I also try the Recording Secretary for Angel Charity for Children, Inc. to be as easy-going as possible. I think this has helped me in getting Angel Charity raises over $1 million every year to benefit chil- along well with people, whether it is with clients, who can sometimes be dren in Pima County, Arizona. challenging, or co-workers, some of whom have become long-lasting • Lori Novickis, Director of Corporate Relations, CBIZ and CWA friends. Executive Board Member has been named the Secretary for the board of directors of Dress for Success Cleveland. How do you spend time outside of work? (hobbies, interests, • Congratulations to Michelle Martinez, Manager of New sports, friends, etc.) Business Development, CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc., Phila- Whenever I am away from work, I try to spend time as much time as delphia. She was named "Woman of the Month" by the Soci- possible with family and friends. I love to read, travel and go wine tast- ety of Professional Women (SPW). ing. I have also recently started running and although I don’t see any • Karen Clark, Sr. VP, CBIZ ES and CWA Executive Board Mem- marathons in my future, it is definitely a great way to relieve stress and ber led a July 28th workshop for the DC Dress for Success Pro- stay in shape at the same time. fessional Women’s Group entitled “Building Professional Re- Any words of wisdom/advice for CBIZ female associates as lationships/Communicating Effectively With Others at Work.” they continue in their career? • On August 24th, Mary Kay Griffin, Managing Director, CBIZ Since coming to CBIZ, I have met some amazing women who are MHM, Salt Lake City and CWA Executive Board member, will very willing to mentor and share their knowledge with others. Take be recognized as a 2012 AICPA Women to Watch Experi- advantage of these opportunities, especially when you meet someone enced Leader award recipient at the UACPA Annual Meeting you click with, because you never know what they can teach you. Always and Awards Luncheon. strive to improve and challenge yourself to keep learning new things.  “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business” 3
  4. 4. CBIZ Women’s Advantage August 2012Lynn Atchison (cont. from page 1) CBIZ Women’s Advantageof high-tech smaller companies that needed the support of a finan- 11440 Tomahawk Creek Parkwaycial leader. I came up with the vision of being a virtual, part-time Leawood, Kansas 66211CFO.” This network of companies that Lynn had been developing overthe course of those eight years provided her with plenty of consult-ing and project work – allowing her to contribute her expertise tothese firms and maintain a flexible schedule for the home front.By 1993 she had “fallen in love with the Internet,” and took a fulltime CFO position with one of her clients, Travelogix. The companydidn’t ultimately survive, but Lynn was sold on working with a busi-ness that was centered around the Internet, and went to work forHoovers until they were bought by D&B. Lynn ultimately joinedHomeAway in 2006 and has loved being a part of a high-tech,growing organization. Advantage: Lynn, you mentioned several times the importantrole that networking has played in your career. Do you have anystrategies to share with the Advantage audience? Lynn: When you join an organization, not only attend the bigmeetings but find a smaller group (for instance, less than 20 peo-ple) within the larger organization, such as the leadership team or agroup specifically related to your industry or interests, and focus ondeveloping those relationships. I joined the Austin Women inTechnology and quickly located a great subset: a group for seniorexecutives with small technology companies. AWT also had groupsfor younger employees and also a Moms group which appealed tomany! When you join a smaller group, or subset of a large group, youwill develop better relationships and really solidify your network. Upcoming CWA Events Advantage: Did mentoring play a role in your career? Lynn: Mentoring really did not play a role, but the review processat E&Y did — which consisted of getting feedback from everyone St. Louis – August 28th CBIZ and CWA will co-sponsor a networking event to benefitahead of you. The Little Bit Foundation. Over 300 guests are expected to at- Advantage: What characteristics or traits do you consider the tend the event.most important ingredients for success? Lynn: Working hard, being assertive and direct, and what I call San Diego – September 19th“ringing the bell early.” Transparency is critical, so if you have made CBIZ San Diego will sponsor Moonlight Chic, a networkinga mistake or see a problem, bring it to light immediately. You will event and fashion show benefitting Dress for yourself a lot of headaches. Phoenix – September 20th Advantage: In an industry comprised largely of men, how have CBIZ and CWA will host a networking event in negotiated this? CBIZ Social Media specialist Amanda Markos will share her Lynn: Throughout my career I didn’t really worry about the male/ thoughts on “How to Build Your Credibility Using Social Media.”female ratio — the environment at E&Y was 50/50. Ironically, 30years later I am much more aware of this issue as I attend meetings Kansas City – October 25thon Wall Street that are 98% men. Even while I am more aware, I try CBIZ and CWA Kansas City will host the 7th Annual Hot Pinkto stay focused on my role in the meeting or at the organization and Party, a benefit for Back in the Swing, and will feature sev- eral auction items from singer Sheryl Crow, including an auto-not worry about the ratio.  graphed guitar. The Advantage is published by CWA. Editorial Staff: Lisa Russ (CBIZ Chicago), Joellen Messerli and Correction/clarification Andria Mitra (CBIZ Kansas City) In the last edition of The Advantage, Lori Novickis was incorrectly iden- To submit material, please contact Andria Mitra at tified as beginning her career as a director for CBIZ. Lori started her For printed copies of this newsletter for external distribution, career with CBIZ in 1994 as a Government Relations Liaison with CBIZ please submit requests to predecessor company, Alliance Holding Company.4 “CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business”