Alternative Risk Transfer Mechanisms - Can You Benefit?


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Alternative Risk Transfer mechanisms are designed to help you retain underwriting profits and reduce insurance premiums paid under traditional plans. Your organization very well may benefit from an ART. Learn more in this 2-page overview.

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Alternative Risk Transfer Mechanisms - Can You Benefit?

  1. 1. CBIZ ALTERNATIVE RISK SOLUTIONS National Alternative Risk/ Captive Insurance Practice The CBIZ National Alternative Risk/Captive Insurance Practice Group is dedicated to the design, implementation and management of alternative risk transfer (ART) mechanisms. ART mechanisms are designed to help you retain underwriting profits and reduce insurance premiums paid under traditional plans. Our extremely skilled staff has the expertise and resources to guide your organization through this complex arena, ensuring you are utilizing the industry’s most efficient and appropriate risk financing and insurance arrangements. Opportunities include: n High-Deductible Plans n Qualified Self-Insured Plans n Risk Retention Groups n Retrospectively Rated Programs n Reciprocal Arrangements n Trust Arrangements Traditional Market 48% of all commercial premiums © Copyright 2014. CBIZ, Inc. NYSE Listed: CBZ. All rights reserved. • CBIZ-215 Guaranteed Cost Dividend Programs Deductibles our High Deductibles SIRS n Pool Programs n Risk Purchasing Groups n Captives Alternative Market 52% of all commercial premiums Pool Programs Retro Plans business is growing yours Reciprocal Qualified Self-Insured RRG RPG Trust Arrangements Captives
  2. 2. CBIZ ALTERNATIVE RISK SOLUTIONS WHY CBIZ? Our unique value proposition is that we provide consultancy and solutions on an unbundled basis. We are not tied to only certain alternative-risk service providers or facilities. We do not bundle all service platforms internally. Our vast portfolio of alternative-risk facilities, service providers, and legal/tax/actuarial specialists provides you with customized solutions created for your specific profiles, goals and objectives. ORGANIZATIONS THAT CAN BENEFIT FROM AN ART ARE HIGH-PERFORMING COMPANIES THAT: n do not wish to pay high risk-management premiums to cover the cost of low-performing companies whose premiums are inadequate to pay their claims. n desire access to underwriting profits and corresponding investment income generated from current insurance premiums. n want more control of their destiny in the areas of claims management and risk management, as well as with whom they share risk. n demand stability and predictability in their risk financing, as well as adequate capacity to insure their organizational risks. These are some of the main reasons the ART segment of the commercial insurance industry has grown at more than 200 times the rate of the traditional market in the past 15 years. In fact, the ART market now constitutes over 50 percent of all commercial insurance premiums. The professionals of the CBIZ National Alternative Risk/ Captive Insurance Practice Group would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we can help your organization become part of this growing segment of the industry and maximize the use of your risk-management premium dollars. Mr. Courtney W. Claflin is CBIZ’s National Captive Insurance Practice Leader. In his 29-year career, Mr. Claflin has developed a methodology and history of most efficiently identifying, quantifying, financing and managing clients’ risks. He has designed captive insurance and alternative risk financing programs for firms with as few as 50 employees and has worked with Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Claflin has served on both national and international captive insurance company boards of directors and has participated in the formation of numerous privately held captive insurance companies. Contact Courtney Claflin today to learn how CBIZ can help your business succeed. 612.436.4614 | |