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R e g i s t e r         at      WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST                                             ...
R e g i s t e r             at        WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST                                       ...
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5th Annual West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Management Forum Brochure


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CBI and Medical Meetings magazine are pleased to announce the 5th West Coast Meeting Management Forum for the Life Sciences Industry!

The Sunshine requirements and other regulatory changes have made meeting departments rethink, re-engineer and restructure the way they track and report physician spend during meetings and events. 2011’s West Coast Forum offered attendees an intimate learning opportunity to connect and discuss best practices for meeting management professionals within pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. With engaging compliance presentations, hands-on meeting management sessions and the premier physicians panel; the 2011 was a must attend program for anyone in the industry.

2012 topics being researched include:

*Tracking and reporting in 2012/2013
*Physician’s perspective on medical meetings
*Compliance issues for meeting managers
*Global meetings
*Cost management techniques
*New meetings technology

Return to your team with practical and high-level strategies for producing effective meetings in the life sciences industry; complying with the latest regulatory developments and implementing strategic meeting management practices.

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5th Annual West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Management Forum Brochure

  1. 1. 5th Annual West Coast Life Sciences Meeting ManagersMeeting Management Save $100! Register byForum 10/12/2012 December 12-13, 2012 Hyatt Manchester Grand San Diego, CA Earn CMP Clock Hours!CBI and Medical Meetings Magazine Present the Leading West Coast Event for Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Meeting Managers Pending ApprovalIndustry Perspectives Prepare for 2013 at this Year-End Event!Affymax, Inc. Understand how the federal Sunshine requirements and state transparency and disclosure laws affect your company and your roleAllergan Analyze ways smaller companies can meet the challenges of trying toBiolase maintain compliance both in the U.S. and internationallyDaiichi Sankyo Learn how to enhance your face-to-face meetings with hybrid orEisai Inc. virtual alternativesMillennium Laboratories Go inside a global Strategic Meetings Management Program initiationSanofiShire Regenerative Medicine Don’t Miss the Technology Showcase: s! u Discover Innovative Technologies to Enhance Meeting Management PlTeva PharmaceuticalsCo-organized by: Supporting Sponsor: Outstanding Support AND Provided by:w w w . p h a r m a m e e t i n g p l a n n e r s . c o m / w e s t
  2. 2. R e g i s t e r at WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST • 8 0 0 - 8 1 7- 8 6 0 1 MEET THE FACULTY 5 t h A n n u a l W e s t C oa s t L i f e S c i e n c e s Chairperson: Meeting Management Forum Marybeth Roberts, CMP, Director, Global Meeting Management, co-organized by AND AmgenPerspectives From thought leaders Kare Anderson, Angie Duncan, Judy Benaroche Johnson, CMP, Co-Founder, Director, SMMP Operations, North American, President, CEO, Say it Better Center Carlson Wagonlit Travel Rx Worldwide Meetings, Inc. Shari Baron, Kimmarie Everett, Trade Show and Event Manager, Lisa Keilty, Manager, Meetings and Events, Daiichi Sankyo Biolase President, The Keilty Group Michelle Bartolone, CMP, Kenneth Gordon, CEO, Head of North America Carol Krugman, MEd, CMP, CMM, Meeting Sites Pro Inc. Multimedia Communications, Assistant Professor, Sanofi Meeting and Business Event Management, Kiran Boyce, Kevin Harty, Metropolitan State University of Denver Director, Commercial Operations, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Affymax, Inc. Meeting Sites Pro Inc. Janna Sipes, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Peter Burberry, Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Hara C. Hawthorne, Senior Director, Global Practices, Manager, Meeting Planning, Scientific and Millennium Laboratories Allergan Operational Clinical Support, CFU, Eisai Inc. Pat Schaumann, CMP, CSEP, DMCP, President, Agnès Canonica, CMP, CMM, Meeting IQ; Partner, Present China; Founder, General Manager, Susan Holley, The International Medical Meeting North America and Latin America, Manager, Meetings and Conventions, Professionals Association (IMMPA) MD Events Shire Regenerative Medicine Ann Dery, Gavin Houston, Bonnie Weiss, Associate Director, Travel Services-Americas, Executive Vice President, Americas, Director, Pharmaceutical Industry Sales, Teva Pharmaceuticals Universal WorldEvents Hyatt
  3. 3. R e g i s t e r at WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST • 8 0 0 - 8 1 7- 8 6 0 1 Day One — Wednesday, December 12, 20127:30 – 8:30AM Global Compliance AddressConference Registration and Networking Breakfast on the Exhibit Floor 9:45 – 10:30AM HCP Spend Transparency Outside of the U.S.8:30 – 9:00AM While it’s important to understand the U.S. Sunshine Act, meeting managers who work internationallyChairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks now, or may go global in the future, also need to stay keenly aware of what is happening globally with HCP transparency requirements. This presentation provides an overview of regulations in Marybeth Roberts, CMP, Europe, Asia and Australia. Director, Global Meeting Management, • Learn specific transparency-related legislation developments outside the U.S. Amgen • Analyze the impact of global requirements on reporting in the U.S. • Discuss the future of evolving regulations worldwide Understand U.S. and Global Transparency Requirements to Peter Burberry, Senior Director, Global Practices, Allergan Ensure Your Meetings Will Be Compliant 10:30 – 11:30AM Networking and Refreshment Break on the Exhibit Floor/Business Card ExchangeKeynote CCO Address During this extended break, meeting managers have the option to participate in a business card9:00 – 9:45AM exchange. This exchange designates time for brief introductions among attendees who selectThe Waiting Game — Get the Latest on the Sunshine Act Provisions this option when registering. These new contacts are an opportunity for increased learning overand Understand Your Role in Compliance the course of the two-day meeting.While the federal Sunshine Act’s final provisions have yet to be released, the Act will likelygo into effect January 1, 2013 and meeting management professionals need to understand their Industry Case Studyrole in healthcare professional, or HCP, spend transparency compliance. To fulfill their role as 11:30 – 12:15PMcompliance gatekeepers, meeting managers adapt quickly to the changing regulations thatgovern all HCP meetings. This session shows how to partner with internal compliance and Develop a Scalable Process for Tracking and Reporting Spend Bothaggregate spend teams, including sales operations and accounting, to adhere to industry Domestically and Globallyguidelines and company policies regarding all HCP interactions during meetings and events. Building on earlier sessions, the presenter shares how to leverage processes already establishedDuring this address, learn: within your organization (or currently being established) to meet U.S. requirements, to then meet• How the federal Sunshine requirements and state transparency and global transparency requirements. disclosure laws affect your company, and your job • Review what practices have been established for U.S. transparency requirements• The role meeting managers will play in collecting HCP spend data for transparency • Discuss how established processes can be expanded and reporting • Discover ways smaller companies can meet the challenges of trying to• How meeting managers can use an aggregate spend solution to remain compliant maintain compliance in the U.S. and internationally Janna Sipes, Shari Baron, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Manager, Meetings and Events, Millennium Laboratories Daiichi Sankyo
  4. 4. R e g i s t e r at WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST • 8 0 0 - 8 1 7- 8 6 0 1 Panel Discussion Maximize Engagement Using Storyboarding,12:15 – 1:00PM Hybrid Meetings and Innovative TechnologyMeeting Management and Compliance Teams Join ForcesUnderstanding transparency regulations is only the first step in ensuring compliance. Featured PresentationMeeting managers also must review their practices for HCP meetings and understand the 2:00 – 3:00PMimplications of these regulations and policies. During this panel, discuss how to best identify, Establish a Meeting Environment that Augmentsassess and correct deficiencies in your compliance efforts. Attendees have the opportunity to Audience Engagementask questions and share their insights. Just as a movie director storyboards the sequence of scenes to pull audiences into the story,• Understand the different types of audits that could take place you can increase the number of positive moments your audience feels when stepping into• Learn how to prepare for an audit by evaluating current processes your place or event. From the first sight to the last touch, increase the multi-sensory cues that• Establish corrective methods to improve current procedures nudge people to participate more fully. Conference organizers, hotels and public places all can• Determine best practices for monitoring these procedures evoke better attendee experiences using a unique storyboarding method. Discover how to conduct an “Exposures Audit”, then craft the moment-by-moment, one-of-a-kind experiencesModerator: that attendees rave about. Gavin Houston, Kare Anderson, Executive Vice President, Americas, Co-Founder, Universal WorldEvents Say it Better CenterPanelists: 3:00 – 3:30PM Shari Baron, Manager, Meetings and Events, Networking and Refreshment Break on the Exhibit Floor Daiichi Sankyo Industry Case Study Kevin Harty, 3:30 – 4:15PM Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Bringing Hybrid Meetings to the Next Level Meeting Sites Pro Inc. Hybrid and virtual meetings, when used effectively, can help life sciences meeting managers Janna Sipes, save time and money. During this case study, learn how Sanofi has partnered with a webcasting Senior Vice President, Regulatory Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, and satellite provider to host virtual meetings to be broadcast to homes, offices or restaurants. Understand how the team executed a virtual launch meeting with over 1,000 sales reps and used Millennium Laboratories webcasting for monthly POA and manager meetings. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot and create multiple redundancies to ensure these meetings run smoothly and without interruption. Kelli Butler, • Learn how to save costs with hybrid meetings Physician Relations Specialist, Office of Medical Affairs, • Discuss to increase audience engagement virtually Medtronic, Inc. • Learn how to avoid meeting disruption and technical difficulties Kenneth Gordon,1:00 – 2:00PM Head of North America Multimedia Communications, Networking Luncheon on the Exhibit Floor Sanofi
  5. 5. R e g i s t e r at WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST • 8 0 0 - 8 1 7- 8 6 0 1Technology Showcase: Cool Tools! Better Business Bureau — From SMM to Global Compliance4:15 – 5:00PMNew this Year! Discover Innovative Technologies to Enhance Your Interactive Roundtable DiscussionsMeeting Management and Improve Your Outcomes 9:00 – 10:15PMExperience a variety of technology demos where you can see first-hand the innovative Industry Trends and Roundtable Discussion, Including an Updatetechnology that is available to help you plan face-to-face and virtual meetings; as well as toenhance your meeting experiences. Best-in-class technology providers offer hands-on on Medical Meeting Planner Certificationdemonstrations to understand the advantages and limitations of these tools. Our popular roundtable session is introduced by officials of the International Medical Meeting Professionals Association (IMMPA), who will update you on the coming certification process for medical meeting professionals. It will be followed by topical roundtables, which will review current trends in meeting5:00PM management and identify answers to the following questions: What are my colleagues struggling with?Close of Day One What processes do we need to improve? Where are life sciences companies spending resources? What will meeting managers’ focus be for process improvement over the next 6-12 months? These roundtable5:00 – 6:00PM discussions afford attendees the opportunity to benchmark best practices with industry peers. Attendees will be surveyed 6 weeks prior to the conference regarding topics they’d like addressed during this time.Networking Reception — Wine-Pairing Exercise Suggested Topics for Discussion Include:With a growing focus on compliance and cutting costs, meeting managers must not lose sight • Contracting and negotiations • Global meeting management and complianceof one of their most important priorities — providing an enjoyable experience for meetingparticipants. During this reception, attendees have the opportunity to learn more about food • SMM • Audit prepand beverage design through a fun and interactive wine-pairing activity. • Identifying new partners • Medical meeting planner certification • Managing HCP data collection • Medical device best practices Discussion Facilitators: Day Two — Thursday, December 13, 2012 Angie Duncan, Director, SMMP Marybeth Roberts, CMP,8:00 – 8:45AM Operations, North American, Director, Global MeetingNetworking Breakfast Carlson Wagonlit Travel Management, Amgen8:45 – 9:00AM Hara C. Hawthorne, Carol Krugman, MEd, CMP, CMM, Manager, Meeting Planning, Assistant Professor, Meeting andChairperson’s Review of Day One Scientific and Operational Business Event Management, Marybeth Roberts, CMP, Clinical Support, CFU, Eisai Inc. Metropolitan State University Director, Global Meeting Management, Judy Benaroche Johnson, CMP, of Denver Amgen President, CEO, Pat Schaumann, CMP, CSEP, DMCP, Rx Worldwide Meetings, Inc. President, Meeting IQ; Partner,“There were so many topics and sessions that Present China; Founder, Lisa Keilty,were invaluable…a great number of takeaways.” The International Medical Meeting President,— Previous Attendee, James Vachon, Associate Director, Corporate Meetings and Conventions, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company The Keilty Group Professionals Association (IMMPA)
  6. 6. R e g i s t e r at WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST • 8 0 0 - 8 1 7- 8 6 0 110:15 – 10:45AM Panelists:Networking and Refreshment Break on the Exhibit Floor Kiran Boyce, Susan Holley, Director, Commercial Operations, Manager, Meetings and Conventions, Affymax, Inc. Shire Regenerative Medicine Industry Case Study 12:15 – 1:30PM10:45 – 11:30AMDevelop a Strategy to Globalize an SMMP Networking LuncheonAfter successfully consolidating the Travel Program in the Americas region, Teva’s Director of 1:30 – 2:15PMTravel Services developed an initiative to expand the Strategic Meetings Management Program(SMMP) on the brand-side of the organization to the non-brand side of the organization, which I’ll Take Sunshine Requirements for $500historically had been unmanaged. During this presentation, learn how Teva’s existing SMMP has Let’s play a Meetings Management question and answer game! The expert panel will select abeen reviewed in order to globalize the program. Learn what the consolidation process entailed, specific meeting management question, while the audience gets to join the panel in finding the answer. Questions addressed during the game will range from beginner ($250) to advanced ($1,000),how they evaluated a new software platform that would enable more robust programming, and the providing the audience with an understanding of various international regulatory requirements inbenefits and challenges to further consolidation on a global scale to initiate a global SMM Program. meeting management. After the game, review the key meeting management issues discussed. Ann Dery, Host: Associate Director, Travel Services-Americas, Agnès Canonica, CMP, CMM, Teva Pharmaceuticals General Manager, North America and Latin America, MD Events Players: Panel Discussion Michelle Bartolone, CMP, Angie Duncan, Kimmarie Everett,11:30 – 12:15PM CEO, Director, SMMP Trade Show and Meeting Sites Operations, Event Manager,Advanced Contracting and Negotiations for Meeting Managers North American, Pro Inc. BiolaseWith products going off patent, longer lead times to bring products to market and the cost of Carlson Wagonlitcomplying with ever-increasing regulations, cost management is increasingly important life sciences Travelcompanies. This means meeting managers must be more strategic than ever with their negotiations.This panel gives meeting managers with the inside scoop on what hoteliers can and can’t discount, 2:15 – 3:00PMand fills hoteliers in on where meeting managers can be flexible. When each side understands where Meetings 2012 and Beyond — Expectations for 2013 and 2014the other is coming from, it’s easier to assess how best to negotiate in order to cut costs and get the Review recent trends in SMM, technology and meeting management compliance, and what you’veconcessions needed. learned over the course of the past two days that will help you better meet today’s challenges.• Define the top priorities of both parties Assess what has been top-of-mind for the meeting management field and what industry can expect• Establish what contract points are most important to negotiate to see in 2013. It’s one last chance to ask any lingering questions and share key takeaways.• Learn where hoteliers are most — and least — likely to concede Marybeth Roberts, CMP,Moderator: Director, Global Meeting Management, Bonnie Weiss, Amgen Director, Pharmaceutical Industry Sales, 3:00PM Hyatt Close of Conference
  7. 7. R e g i s t e r at WWW . P H ARMAMEETIN G P LANNERS . COM / WEST • 8 0 0 - 8 1 7- 8 6 0 1About theConference 2012 conference sponsors 2012 Advisory boardOrganizers: We thank this year’s West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Management Advisory CBI and Medical Meetings magazine’s corporate sponsors represent select companies that share a common mission: business advancement through thought leadership, strategic interaction and Board for their dedication to the program. Their insights helped shape the innovation. Companies that sponsor with CBI and Medical Meetings magazine carefully select messaging, agenda to ensure we offer solutions to your most pressing challenges. branding or positioning sponsorships that result in the successful communication of their quality products Michelle Bartolone, CMP, and/or services available to the conference’s targeted attendees. Opportunities ranging from strategic CEO,CBI, an Advanstar company, is dedicated co-sponsoring positioning, to the simple power of a single exhibit are available. Meeting Sites Pro Inc.to developing market-driven, unbiasedconferences in the pharmaceutical, For more information Hara C. Hawthorne, Manager, Meeting Planning,biotech, medical device and managed care Scientific and Operational Clinical Support, CFU, on sponsorship opportunities,industries. CBI creates conferences that contact Jamie McHugh at Eisai Inc.serve senior executives and government 339-298-2106 or emailofficials by providing a unique platform for jamie.mchugh@cbinet.com. Judy Benaroche Johnson, CMP,highly focused content and presentation. President, CEO,Delegates, speakers and sponsors receive For more information on Rx Worldwide Meetings, Inc.timely information on the latest investment exhibiting opportunities,opportunities, business strategies, domestic contact Karen Hanover at Marybeth Roberts, CMP,and international regulatory issues, 339-298-2184 or email Director, Global Meeting Management,operations and applied technologies. karen.hanover@cbinet.com. AmgenAll CBI events provide concrete, real lifeexamples that can be immediately appliedfor significant impact on cost and revenue. 2012 conference informationCBI events also deliver extensiveopportunities for networking and discussion registration fee: venue:with senior policy and decision makers.For more information visit www.cbinet.com. advantage Pricing Standard Pricing Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Corporate Meeting Managers $695.00 $795.00 One Market Place • San Diego, CA, USA 92101 Third-Party Meeting Managers $695.00 $795.00 Reservation Line: 888-421-1442 • Hotel Direct Line: 619-232-1234 Destination Management Companies $1,195.00 $1,295.00 Accommodations: Vendor $2,495.00 $2,795.00 To receive CBI’s special discounted hotel rate online or by phone, please go to:Medical Meetings engages an audience Associations $495.00 $495.00 • Online: WWW.PHARMAMEETINGPLANNERS.COM/WESTof continuing medical education, medicalassociation, and pharmaceutical and • Phone reservations: 888-421-1442 and mention Meeting Management West Register by October 12, 2012 and SAVE (See pricing grid above). Fee includes continental breakfast, Cut-off date is November 26, 2012. Reservations made after the cut-off datemedical device company meeting lunch, wine and cheese reception, refreshments and conference documentation. Please make checks (in U.S. or after group room block has been filled (whichever comes first) will be acceptedprofessionals with reports on regulatory and funds drawn on a U.S. bank) payable to: CBI. (No personal checks accepted. Verification for Corporate and on a space and rate availability basis. Rooms are limited so please book early.educational trends in continuing medical Third-Party may be required.) PLEASE NOTE: All advertised discounts are taken from the final, Standard Rate. All travel arrangements are subject to availability.education and life sciences meetings andevents. Subscribe to receive online and team discount:print coverage of this industry’s pressing substitution and cancellation: Attend this conference FREE if you bring THREE registered colleagues from your organizationregulatory and educational issues at Your registration may be transferred to a member of your organization up to 24 hours in advance of the conference. or external to your organization (enables cross-company teams). Teams of Two receive 20%meetingsnet/com/subscribe. Cancellations received in writing on or before 14 days prior to the start date of the event will be refunded, less a off of total registration fee – offer expires 4 weeks out from conference. Applies to co-located $295 administrative charge. No refunds will be made after this date; however, the registration fee less the $295 events. All team registrations must be made at the same time to qualify.For information about qualifying for a administrative charge can be credited to another CBI conference if you register within 30 days from the date offree subscription to Medical Meetings this conference to an alternative CBI conference scheduled within the next six months. In case of conference satisfaction guaranteed:magazine and Medical Meetings Extra cancellation, CBI’s liability is limited to refund of the conference registration fee only. CBI reserves the right to alter this program without prior notice. Please Note: Speakers and agenda are subject to change. In the event of a CBI stands behind the quality of its conferences. If you are not satisfied with the quality of thee-newsletter, please visit meetingsnet.com, conference, a credit will be awarded towards a comparable CBI conference of your choice. Please speaker cancellation, every effort to find a suitable replacement will be made without notice. The opinions of theand click on the “Subscribe” link. conference faculty do not necessarily reflect those of the companies they represent or CBI. contact 800-817-8601 for further information. Advanced preparation for CBI conferences is not required.
  8. 8. 5th Annual West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Managers Save $100!Meeting ManagementMeeting Management Earn CMP Clock Register byForumForum December 12-13, 2012 Hours! Pending Approval 10/12/2012 Hyatt Manchester Grand San Diego, CA SCAN HERECBI and Medical Meetings Magazine Present the Leading West Coast Event forBiotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Meeting Managers 4 CBI Ways to Register Now! 600 Unicorn Park Drive Woburn, MA 01801 WEBSITE— www.pharmameetingplanners.com/ west E-Mail cbireg@cbinet.com Phone 800-817-8601 339-293-2100 outside the U.S. Live Chat— www.pharmameetingplanners.com/ west 5th Annual West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Management Forum PC12082 Key Learnings You Can Take Back to the Office Meeting managers’ role for efficiently collecting HCP spend data for Sunshine Best practices for meeting global transparency requirements How to identify, assess and correct deficiencies in your compliance efforts Proven methods for increasing audience engagement Understanding the overall process of establishing an SMMP and parameters for globalizing the program Where hoteliers are most — and least — likely to concede in contracting ’t Don And s... M is Pharma Forum 2013 Gold Sponsor March 19-22, 2013 • Or la n do, FL • www.phar mameeting pla nners. com