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Fit yogurt  stephanea w
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Fit yogurt stephanea w


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Powerpoint presentation made for FITYogurt

Powerpoint presentation made for FITYogurt

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • I’m sure many of you remember those mom and pop stores of the past. To you no one in the world could bake bread like them, or make homemade ice cream like them. But their business only reached a certain level, they could only reach the people they knew in the city where they were located. In the days before social media exploded on to the scene, the owners of those small businesses relied heavily on word of mouth to spread the news of their business. In these small towns, this business strategy can work and give them some great traffic, but what if they wanted to expand their business? What if they wanted to reach people beyond their small town?Then there is the corporate business. Before social media gave the public the ability to be a fly on the wall of many companies, big businesses seemed very cold and distant. The only time companies heard detailed feedback from their buyers about their products, was when they wanted to complain. There was no way for companies to get inside their customers heads to improve their products.
  • The most important thing when thinking about becoming a social media group, is to chose your target group and go after them. Since FITYogurt can be enjoyed by any age bracket, it would be wise to learn how the majority of the world’s population spend their time. More people spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube than anything else. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.
  • One of the greatest benefits of becoming a social group is that people will know who you are! Once you have begun to indulge in all that social media has to offer a business, people will want to learn more about you. 90% of customers trust their peers when it comes to a particular brand, and especially food. If their friends don’t like it, they don’t won’t either. That’s why it is very important to be involved in the conversations that are going on about your product. People are always going to talk, so be apart of the conversation. Show your customers just how amazing FITYogurt is!As you interact with your customers on social media sites, they will begin to see what your company is all about. You want to show the pubic how eating your healthy yogurt will be just as satisfying as a half gallon of cookies and cream ice cream. Uploading videos on Social Media sites such as YouTube, of how your yogurt is made will make customers feel as though they were included in the process. Likewise, showing your customers where your ingredients come, will make more of a connection between your product and your customers. Once they know that they can trust your yogurt, then they know they can trust you= Transparency and Character
  • Launching your company into the social media madness does take time and some great effort. That’s why with a person like me running your social media department or project, you will be able to sit back and Since people run across thousands if not millions of advertisements a day, it can take a while for people to really stop and take a look at your company’s page on Facebook. However the rewards are worth the work. A great place to start is to ask the people what they want from you. People love coupons! Once you figure that out, cater to those wants and needs. Creating a Facebook page is also a great way to start. Upload videos of when people come to your store during your specials. As I said before uploading videos of how your yogurt is made is a great way to help your customers feel more connected to you. If they feel comfortable with your product, then they are more likely to buy it. After taking the time and setting up your social media site, and getting past the first couple months of fighting to be noticed, your social media sites will work on it’s own. People will continue to go on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, see your Tweets to learn about how your yogurt fits into their lives.
  • With Social Media, you can launch your business into hyper drive. People will know who you are and your traffic flow will increase. Opening up to your customers and even sharing the reigns of your company with them, can really seal the relationship you have with them, and thus make them more loyal to you. As the world changes, so should your marketing strategies. You don’t want to be left in the dust of technology and the internet. There is a quote I found that sums up the social media experience, “ We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is How well we DO it.” Erik QualmanWith my help, this company will never fall behind, and will become even more of a household name. Thank you very much.
  • Transcript

    • 1. FITYogurt Project
      An Introduction to Social Media
      Stephanea White
    • 2. The Days before Social Media
      Mom and Pop shops
      Face to Face communication
      Personal family like relationship
      The corporate business
      Very distant
      Feedback was more negative than positive
    • 3. Emergence of Social Media
      50% of the world is under 30 years old
      750 million Facebook users
      50% log on every day
      Twitter has 119 million accounts following 1 or more other accounts
      According to there are 24 hours worth of videos uploaded every minute.
    • 4. Benefits of Becoming a Social Group
      Brand Awareness
      Get your name out there
      Increased traffic up to 72 percent
      Improved search ratings up to 62 percent
      90% of customers trust their peers
      Access to valuable customer information
      “Get inside their heads”
      Transparency and Character
    • 5. The Hard Work Pays Off
      Takes time
      Give the people what they want
      Coupons, Specials, Give a ways
      • Make a plan
      • 6. Flavor contests, topping challenges, logo design contests, etc
      Social media works on it’s own
    • 7. Social Media In a Nutshell
      As the world changes, so should you.
      Sharing the reigns of FITYogurt with your customers is a great thing!
      Your customers will be more loyal to you.
    • 8. Questions?
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