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Online Presence For The Exchange Group
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Online Presence For The Exchange Group


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This is a presentation I gave to The Exchange group on 18 September 2009 about online presence and increasing your "findability" on Google and other search engines. …

This is a presentation I gave to The Exchange group on 18 September 2009 about online presence and increasing your "findability" on Google and other search engines.

Whether you are a job seeker, a consultant, or a small business, the information in this presentation can help you be found on the internet.

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  • 1. Online Presence
    Presented to The Exchange 18 September 2009 by Chris Bigelow
  • 2. No, it’s not an existential question…
    What will a prospective employer find if they Google you?
    There are almost no unique names: I have found Chris Bigelow the volleyball player, the librarian, the company CEO, etc.
    Do you even show up in the first page or two of results?
    It is in your best interest to create and control your online image – both as an individual or as a business
    Created by Chris Bigelow
    Who Am I?
  • 3. Up to a point, “Yes!”
    While you can’t delete the other “Chris Bigelows”, or get rid of less than flattering posts about you (you don’t have any of these, do you?), you can bury them in new professional links
    Prior to mid-February I was lucky to find one entry about me in the first 6-10 pages of Google results; this morning I checked and I appeared 3 times on the first page and 3 times on the second page of results
    Created by Chris Bigelow
    Can I Control Google Results?
  • 4. Since February I have created accounts or profiles at the following sites (I already had a LinkedIn account):
    Google Profile
    The Social Media Club of Rochester, NY and PingFire
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 5. I have been using LinkedIn for about 1-1/2 years now. Some thoughts:
    Complete your profile (100%)
    Include personal messages with connection requests and replies
    Download the browser ( toolbar; it shows who you know at a company
    Join groups and actively participate in at least a few
    Don’t miss the various add-in applications such as, which lets you add files to your profile. These can be documents, presentations, etc. that provide a more in depth picture of who you are and what value you bring to the table
    LinkedIn Tips
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 6. Created by Chris Bigelow
    (see LinkedIn)
  • 7. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 8. I am new to Twitter as of this spring. Some suggestions:
    Take it slow until you learn the ropes: follow a few people that you know or who have content that interests you; pretty soon you will have followers of your own
    I recommend you tweet 1-6 times per day – nobody wants to hear from you every 15 minutes
    Minimize tweeting what you are doing (even though that is what the prompt says) – instead tweet useful info and links (shorten links using,, etc)
    Change/customize your background design/theme (see or
    Check out other clients like TweetDeck, the Gmail TwitterGadget, and others with additional functionality
    Twitter Tips
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 9. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 10. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 11. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 12. Created by Chris Bigelow
    VisualCV screenshot goes here
    (this space unintentionally left blank)
  • 13. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 14. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 15. Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 16. Keep your marketing message and materials consistent
    If you have a tag line, use it in your email signature and business cards (WiseStamp example)
    If you are using a photo, make sure it looks professional and is well done; then use the same photo in all of your marketing materials and web presence. I use the same photo for my business card, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and my Google profile
    Your email signature should include your name, title, phone number(s), web addresses (web site, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, etc.) and tag line
    Use a professional email address
    Marketing Thoughts
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 17. Business Cards:,, or
    Local printer or print own using high quality Avery stock
    Marketing Plan:
    Various formats available – one interesting one is described at and is called the Solo Sheet™
    Two main formats available – Chronological and Functional
    Brag Book with endorsements, results, diplomas, etc.
    Elevator speech & tag line:
    Marketing/Networking Materials
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 18. Job Boards
    There are lots of job boards on the internet. Some of the most popular include:
    Sites like Indeed and SimplyHired are aggregators, meaning they crawl the other job sites, including company sites, and display what they find. Most offer customizable search agents that will email you matching jobs at periodic intervals. Remember to
    update your posted resume every one to
    two weeks to keep it fresh.
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 19. Ask The Headhunter® | Nick Corcodilos
    Bonnie's Blog
    Hannah Morgan
    Robewanow’s Weblog
    The LinkedIn Personal Trainer
    Tom Fishburne: The Management Cartoonist
    Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel
    Spin Strategy™ - Tools for Intelligent Job Search
    Linked In | SuperBlog
    Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist
    JibberJobber Blog
    Karen Burns, Working Girl
    Secrets to A Successful Job Search
    Success With Linked !n
    Hell in the Hallway
    Videos |
    Social Media Today
    Career Rocketeer | The Career Search and Personal Branding Blog
    Pongo Blog | Pongo Resume
    CAREEREALISM: Because EVERY Job is Temporary
    Some Blogs I Recommend
    Created by Chris Bigelow
  • 20. Thank You & Good Luck!
    A copy of this presentation may be downloaded from my LinkedIn profile at
    Contact Info for Chris Bigelow: