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Appleton PowerPoint - Corpus Christi Cathedral Proposed New Organ Campaign
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Appleton PowerPoint - Corpus Christi Cathedral Proposed New Organ Campaign


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Update ~ 2012 …

Update ~ 2012

New bids are being solicited for the Cathedral Organ Project. Once received, reviewed and approved, I will update this PowerPoint with the new budget figures. We do anticipate the cost to be a bit higher. Additional review of the Cathedral building requires adjustments. Stay tuned!

Background: I created this presentation as a gift to friend and philanthropist Mrs. Maureen Miller, who hopes to see charitable funding secured for a greatly-needed new organ for Corpus Christi Cathedral. Bishop Wm. Michael Mulvey has approved going forward with a capital campaign at long last (for this and other needs); please contact Lee Gwozdz at 361-883-4213, for details.

Thank you!

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  • 1.  John Kenedy Family provided the land, and Bishops E. B. Ledvina and M. S. Garriga oversaw fundraising  Groundbreaking occurred in 1939. The cornerstone was laid and the new Cathedral opened in 1940
  • 2.  The architecture is Spanish and Mission-style. The architects were C.L. Monnot and Welsh Burney. The builder was Charles Carroll. The cost for construction and appointments was $425,000
  • 3.  Three bells donated by Petra Vela and Captain Mifflin Kenedy to old St. Patrick’s Church, were transferred to the new Cathedral  In 1946, a carillon of thirty- two bells was donated by Mr. and Mrs. James Dougherty in memory of their son, Lieutenant James R. Dougherty
  • 4.  The marble altar and communion railing were donated by John Dunn. The marble pulpit was given by Cecile and Eleanor Kelly in memory of their mother
  • 5.  The tower clock and new pipe organ were gifts of Mrs. Sarita Kenedy East in memory of her deceased husband, Arthur Lee
  • 6.  The Cathedral was consecrated in 1952. In preparation, the Cathedral’s interior was redecorated. Art glass replaced the former plain glass windows, and paintings and murals were added
  • 7.  The Cathedral carillon bells and tower clock on the south tower were restored in the 1980s with a gift from Dee Dee Harkins-Richards and the Harkins Foundation  May Dougherty “Topsy” King supported the renovation of the tower in 1996
  • 8. Bishop Paul Nussbaum  First Bishop of the Diocese, 1913 to 1920  Laid the groundwork for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi  St. Patrick’s Church officially became a Cathedral
  • 9. Bishop E. B. Ledvina  He was consecrated in 1921  Oversaw construction of a new Cathedral, and signed 1946 organ contract with Wicks Organ Company
  • 10.  Helped secure funding for the Cathedral and organ with the help of Bishop M. S. Garriga  World War II prevented delivery of the organ until 1948, but that year it was happily dedicated the Kenedy Memorial Organ
  • 11. Corpus Christi Cathedral Photograph by Karl Swafford from the Collection of Jim Moloney
  • 12. Bishop M. S. Garriga  Became Bishop Coadjutor in 1936 (first native Texan chosen for such a position), and then Bishop in 1949  Helped oversee fundraising for the new Kenedy Memorial Organ, with Bishop E. B. Ledvina  New organ had 3 keyboard manuals and a pedal board controlling 38 ranks of pipes
  • 13. Bishop Thomas J. Drury  Appointed Bishop in 1965  Wicks Organ Company hired in 1971 to repair Hurricane Celia damage  Ballard Pipe Organ Company hired in 1979 to renovate the Kenedy Memorial Organ and bring it up to concert recital standards (expansion to a 4 keyboard manual console)
  • 14. Bishop Rene H. Gracida  Appointed Bishop in 1983  Ambitious renovations of the Cathedral were undertaken  Cathedral pipe organ completed in 1984 (96 rank/4 manual by Ballard Pipe Organ)
  • 15.  Bishop Gracida authorized a condition study by Master Organbuilder Frank L. Friemel in 1994, ten years later  During this time frame, the music program was enhanced overall by converting Cathedral Kindergarten to a choir room for 80 singers  Choir loft renovated to accommodate 80 singers
  • 16.  Acoustic tile was also removed to improve reverberation  Sound system and television lights installed  Instruments - from kettledrums to a harp and harpsichord - and the Chapel Pipe Organ - were acquired
  • 17. Bishop Roberto O. Gonzalez  Appointed as Coadjutor Bishop in 1995, and Bishop in 1997  Continued to preserve the Cathedral
  • 18. Bishop Edmond Carmody  Appointed in 2000  Described the Cathedral, “the treasure of the Diocese”  Encouraged the preservation of Cathedral and the growth of the Cathedral Music Ministry
  • 19. Bishop W. Michael Mulvey  Appointed 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI  Believes the Cathedral Music Ministry to be one of the crowned jewels of the Diocese of Corpus Christi
  • 20.  Began in 1984 under Bishop Rene H. Gracida and Msgr. Richard Shirley  Lee Gwozdz and Greg Labus hired as Co-directors  Launched the Cathedral Concert Series, which today has enjoyed over 20 successful seasons of outstanding performances for audiences of all faiths and cultures  Today over 250 talented Coastal Bend volunteers are involved!
  • 21.  To preserve, promote and provide high quality “live” performances to the overall community, at no cost  To educate, entertain and serve all segments and cultures of the population  Program and experience a wide-range of musical repertoire  Provide greater cultural and educational exposure to “live” performance for the youth of our community
  • 22.  Cherub Choir – Grades 1-3  Choristers – Grades 4-7  Youth Chorale – Grades 8- 12 and Junior College  Pontifical Chorale – College and Adult  Schola Cantorum – Adult Men’s Chant Choir  Cathedral Handbell Choir
  • 23.  The Pontifical Chorale served His Holiness Pope John Paul II in the Papal Masses in San Antonio (1987), the Feast of Corpus Christi in Rome (1993), and a sold-out Basilica Fundraising Concert at St. John Lateran in Rome (2003)  Youth Chorale and Choristers have sung at many National Pastoral Musicians Conventions in Washington, D.C., Orlando, Los Angeles and Dallas
  • 24.  The Cathedral Youth Choirs were featured on Robert Schullers’ “Hour of Power” at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California  The Cathedral Youth Choirs sang in Washington, D.C. at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and in front of The White House on 4th of July, 2008!
  • 25.  Religious Music  Mass and ceremonies for baptisms, confirmations, ordinations, weddings, funerals and other special gatherings  Cathedral Holiday Spectacular  Ancient Echoes – What Jesus Might Have Heard  GLAD – Contemporary Christian Band  Harlem Gospel Choir  And more!
  • 26.  Secular Music  Academy of St. Martin in the Field  Berlin Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet  Brazilian Guitar Quintet  Canadian Brass  Chamber Orchestra – Kremlin  Chanticleer  Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore
  • 27.  Secular Music  Glenn Miller Orchestra  Romeros – The Royal Family of the Guitar  St. Olaf Choir of Minnesota  United States Naval Academy Glee Club  Vienna Boys Choir  Westwind Brass of San Diego  Yale Wiffenpoofs  And more!
  • 28.  The 1994 study conducted by Master Organbuilder Frank L. Friemel, B.A., F.A.I.O - commissioned by Bishop Gracida - found:  Hurricane Celia damage in the 1960s required repairs and additions  New pipes were added as well as old pipes from other organs, creating a patchwork of elements that no longer function well together  Serious mechanical problems overall
  • 29.  Some of the weakest tonal resources are situated in key positions that undermine overall quality  Random notes and pipes sound during Cathedral Masses without the organist pressing keys!
  • 30. Florida Michigan
  • 31. Little Rock, Arkansas Abilene, Texas
  • 32. Nichols & Simpson, Inc. Corpus Christi Cathedral Organ Rendering
  • 33. ~ Organ for a New Century ~ Campaign Co-chairs
  • 34. Nichols & Simpson $1,444,250 Construction ($602,750) Casework $ 180,000 New elevator (for organ and ADA requirements) $ 120,000 Interior construction $ 106,000 Electric, wiring $ 15,000 Removal of old organ $ 15,000 Contingencies for materials and other needs $ 69,750 Campaign administration $ 72,000 Donor recognition, organ dedication $ 25,000 Endowment for long-term maintenance $ 500,000
  • 35. Cathedral Organ (naming) $1,000,000 Cathedral Organ Endowment (naming) $ 500,000 The Seraphim $ 250,000 each The Cherubim $ 100,000 each The Virtues $ 50,000 each The Archangels $ 25,000 each The Guardian Angels $ 10,000 each
  • 36.  Those who provide leadership gifts will be forever associated with the Cathedral and the new organ. They will leave a legacy of musical excellence for future generations
  • 37.  Donors of $25,000 and larger will have their names inscribed on a permanently installed plaque commemorating the completion of the new Cathedral organ
  • 38.  Donors of $10,000 and larger will be recognized in printed publications of the Cathedral Music Ministry for programs involving the organ
  • 39.  Donors of $1,000 and larger will be invited to an exclusive organ dedication ceremony at Corpus Christi Cathedral
  • 40.  Donations may be made to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi, or to a fund created specially for this purpose at the Coastal Bend Community Foundation  Other options for supporting the Cathedral Music Ministry are available
  • 41. Mr. Lee Gwozdz Music Director Corpus Christi Cathedral 505 N. Upper Broadway Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 361-883-4213
  • 42. Carolyn M. Appleton in Honor of Maureen Miller Corpus Christi Caller-Times Jim Forsythe and Lee Gwozdz Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History Raymond Gray The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Photograph of the Cathedral by Karl Swafford is from the Collection of Jim Moloney Nichols & Simpson, Inc. Roman Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi “Song of the Angels,” William Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881 (Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale, California) February, 2010