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2013 Advice on Nonprofit Fundraising
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2013 Advice on Nonprofit Fundraising


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This slide presentation has been updated! See the newest version on SlideShare: This presentation …

This slide presentation has been updated! See the newest version on SlideShare: This presentation refers to a blog post on my WordPress site:

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  • 1. Carolyn M. Appleton,
  • 2. Tried and True Do what you have always done to secure funding for your nonprofit organization Your organization has its own personality and way of doing things Build on your strengths, continually refine and improve your fundraising activities at all levels!
  • 3. Having Said That … Your own needs – and those of other nonprofits – are probably increasing Economic challenges mean heightened competition for government, individual, foundation and corporate dollars Heightened fundraising activities by your nonprofit colleagues mean your nonprofit’s “voice” may be “drowned out”
  • 4. Suggestions  Reduce your dependence upon government funding  Enhance your private sector fundraising activities (individuals, foundations, and corporations) Enhance your stewardship of existing donors, to be sure they stay with you  Don’t forget the volunteers!
  • 5. Invest in the future, and the future is … Boomers and Seniors  Some 10,000+ people are retiring daily; these groups are charitably-inclined  Make it easy - and enticing - to place your nonprofit in Wills and in estate plans  Devote staff time to promoting planned giving  Consider a council of professional advisors Invest in a professional system to manage planned giving
  • 6. Consider New Ideas Learn new technologies tosave money and increaseeffectiveness (i.e., cloud computing,video, phone tech services,mobile apps, Microsoft tools) Consider “crowdfunding” (broad-based fundraising campaigns to attain goals large and small) Use social media to communicate your mission, needs and vision – but think “smart” to avoid becoming overwhelmed Charity lotteries, a concept whose time has come …
  • 7. Many Factors at Work Women are playing greaterroles in charitable decisions So-called “minority” populationsare growing in size, influence, and affluence Professional advisors are being asked to help donors make charitable decisions more than ever before Donors are becoming more “tech savvy” Consider these factors as you move forward in our brave new world!
  • 8. Thank you! This presentation is based on an article found on Carolyn’s blog (January, 2013). To read more, including additional supportive resources: /2012-advice-from-carolyn-on-nonprofit- fundraising/ Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE