CA Nimsoft Monitor - Ensuring Business Service Reliability

CA Nimsoft Monitor - Ensuring Business Service Reliability



See how CA Technologies unified end-to-end IT monitoring solution, CA Nimsoft Monitor, is helping these customers ensure business service reliability. Learn more at ...

See how CA Technologies unified end-to-end IT monitoring solution, CA Nimsoft Monitor, is helping these customers ensure business service reliability. Learn more at



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  • See how partners are utilizing CA Nimsoft Monitor to Ensure Business Service Reliability...Powerful and Secure Services
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CA Nimsoft Monitor - Ensuring Business Service Reliability CA Nimsoft Monitor - Ensuring Business Service Reliability Presentation Transcript

  • Challenge YJT Solutions needed amulti-tenant solution toprovide as a service to itscustomers to help themmanage and transformtheir businesses. The company needed toensure theconfidentiality of itscustomer data.ResultsSolution Nimsoft enables YJTSolutions to providepowerful and secureservices to its customersat low cost. Nimsoft is easilycustomizable to satisfy arange of customer needs.YJT Solutions Delivers Monitoring Services that Help FuelGrowthCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.1Transformed IT:• Nimsoft provided YJT Solutions with amulti-tenant solution that enables it toprovide cost-effective, flexible andsecure solutions to its customers.YJT Solutions is a unique full-service ITmanagement partner offering a complete range ofhigh-value capabilities designed to help youoptimize the efficiency and excellence of yourcompany’s IT operations.
  • Challenge Faced with increasinglycomplex customerinfrastructures, AXSOSneeded a flexible andcomprehensivemonitoring solution for awide mix ofenvironments, includingvirtualized, cloud andmobile devicemanagement systems.ResultsSolution CA Nimsoft Monitor andCA Nimsoft CloudMonitor provide end-to-end service monitoring,including the tracking ofend user experience oncustomer help desks andwebsites.AXSOS Delivers New Cloud OfferingsCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.2AXSOS can now provide enhancedIT monitoring as well as offeradditional services, which is helpingto increase customer satisfactionand grow business revenues.AXSOS provides SaaS-based IT managed services tosmall and medium businesses (SMBs) across Germany,Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and the Middle East
  • Challenge Having good visibility,having an effective wayto restore service and beproactive while limitingthe load on customer’soperations.ResultsSolution Having a stickyrelationship withCustomers is Key. CA Nimsoft provides anadditional level ofvisibility and increasedlevel of service.Datalink Realizes Efficiency Gains that Reduce CostsCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.3They can be more efficient in theircustomer support and reduceoperational costs, so they canservice more customers.Datalink solutions ensure IT strategies and tacticsalign with business needs. Each solution is builtusing a customized platform of hardware andsoftware from multiple technology innovators,along with a comprehensive suite of professionaland support services.
  • ResultsCA Nimsoft, between monitoringand service desk, lets them trackand articulate how their ownorganization is performing, committo SLAs, and then deliver on theircommitments.Challenge In order to be profitable,customer centric, beahead of everyone else,separate yourself fromthe mass of people goingto market, fundamentalchanges need to bemade.Solution Nimsoft allows them toput their “magic” skillsinto an environment thatenable them to grow.Lead IT Consulting - CA Nimsoft Helps Lead IT Track andMeet its CommitmentsCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.4Lead IT Consulting helps local companies pinpointcustomized information technology solutions to supporttheir growth and revenue goals. We partner with small andmedium-sized businesses in the Portland Metro area toprovide IT consulting services, including: Client servermanagement, Cloud storage, Network consulting services,Change management solutions & Information technologyoutsourcing.
  • Challenge To simplify thedeployment of cloudservices and maintainquality of service for itscustomers, Logicalisneeded to automateinfrastructuredeployment, monitoringand management andenhance capacityplanning.ResultsSolution CA Nimsoft, CAAutomation Suite forClouds and CA CapacityManager monitorcustomers’ cloudinfrastructures, prioritizeand route incidents,automate provisioningand enable effectivecapacity management.Logicalis cuts cloud delivery costs for customers with CATechnologies solutionsCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.5Logicalis can deliver cost-effectiveand efficient cloud services. Newcustomers, cloud environments andcapacity can all be quicklyprovisioned according to stringentservice levels.Logicalis is a global IT solutions and managed servicesprovider. The company’s U.S. operation has 750employees and is focused on providing advancedtechnologies and services.
  • Challenge With the introduction oftheir new self-service HRapplication, Securexneeded to improvemonitoring across a rangeof managed HR services,provide secure applicationdelivery and 24/7availability and reduceoverall monitoringcomplexity to save timeand money.ResultsSolution After the evaluation, theteam selected CANimsoft Monitorrecognizing that thissingle, integrated end-to-end solution wouldsignificantly simplify theirmonitoring efforts.”Securex Selects CA Nimsoft to Streamline IT MonitoringCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.6• Delivered new online HRapplication• Optimised IT performance andavailability for SLA achievement• Extended deployment acrossentire IT infrastructure andsubsidiary operationsSecurex provides expertise, advice and innovativesolutions for human capital management. The companyservices more than 150,000 individuals and companies,110,000 self-employed and 6,500 privileged partneraccountants and brokers throughout Belgium, Franceand Luxembourg.
  • ChallengeAirlines Reporting Corporation(ARC) needed a unified tool tomonitor and ensureperformance of its criticalticketing and settlementsystems, serving more than18,000 accredited points of sale.The ability to scaleand customize the solution wasimportant, and the solutionneeded to accommodate amixed Windows andUnix environment.ResultsSolutionARC deployed Nimsoft Monitoracross three locations—adatacenter, support operationsand corporate offices—to monitor all key serversand applications, as wellas connectivity betweenlocations.Airlines Reporting Corporation Deploys CA Nimsoft ServerMonitoring SolutionCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.7 Reduced costs: Cut training and supportcosts, while eliminating the need for on-going consulting Improved user experience: Advancedmonitoring capabilities provide greatervisibility into applications and servers,enabling ARC to address problems quicklyand ensure optimal performance Freed resources: Enables the IT team tospend more time on mission-critical tasksAirline Reporting Corporation supports more than 180 airlines fromaround the world, distributing and settling their products with itspioneering e-ticket processing and settlement solution. An airline-owned company, ARC provides financial services, data products andservices, ticket distribution, original travel solutions and settlement totravel companies in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. VirginIslands and American Samoa. With a reporting and settlementsystem that is fully electronic, ARC can accommodate every type ofpurchasing system, from the largest online distribution system to moretraditional retail model travel agencies.
  • ChallengeAlvaka needed toimplement a more reliablemonitoring solution thatwould accommodateclients’ mixedenvironments and helpthem meet their goal of 5-nines reliability.ResultsSolutionAlvaka is using NimsoftMonitor across all of itsclients’ infrastructures, andleverages the customizeddashboards to provide 24x7monitoring, fast reporting,and proactivetroubleshooting.Alvaka Networks Shaves Cost and Risk Off MonitoringServices with CA Nimsoft Server Monitoring SolutionCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.8 Significantly cut administrative andmaintenance costs. Helped clients achieved 5-ninesreliability through proactivetroubleshooting and real-timemonitoring and alerts. Enabled staff resources to beredirected to revenue generatingactivities. Provided competitive advantage thatleads to new business opportunities.“Alvaka” is an old Icelandic word for “ever vigilant” or“always awake.” Being ever vigilant is critical for AlvakaNetworks, whose primary responsibility it is to monitor itsclients’ IT infrastructures−roughly 60 mid-sized enterprises,each ranging from 50-2,000 users. The company is dedicatedto providing superior network support and changing the waynetworks are managed and secured.
  • Challenge Due to significantgrowth, Apps Associatesneeded a service desksolution that provided aformal ITIL® bestpractices framework, aswell as capabilities formanaging and trackingSLAs and customizingworkflows for multipleclients.ResultsSolution By deploying NimsoftService Desk, AppsAssociates is able tosupport delivery ofmanaged services toclients globally withunique, customizedworkflows and ITIL® bestpractices.Apps Associates Creates Flexible Workflows for MultipleClients with MSP-Ready Nimsoft Service DeskCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.9 Enables creation of unique approvalworkflows without reprogramming. Employs ITIL® best practices and increasesvisibility into the service cycle. Promotes consistent interaction with multiplecustomers through a single interface. Reduces overall infrastructure costs throughautomation and SaaS-based delivery model. Speeds response to customer requests viaemail and web-based communications. Allows proactive SLA management to satisfycustomer expectations.Founded in 2002 by former employees from Oracle ConsultingServices, Apps Associates is an IT service provider with provenexpertise in Oracle applications and technologies. The companyhas attained Oracle’s Premium Partner status, the highest level ofpartnership reserved for a select group of companies thatdemonstrate superior product knowledge and technical expertise.Leveraging onsite, onshore, and off shore capabilities, AppsAssociates serves a global clientele, with a focus on exceptionalservice and value.
  • Challenge Gaining end-to-end servicelevel monitoring insightsneeded to demonstrateand deliver more businessvalue to clients, whilecontending with disparate,limited monitoringplatforms. Finding a monitoringplatform and establishing astrategic vendorpartnership that can helpsupport business growthobjectives.ResultsSolutionNimsoft Monitor, whichoffers capabilities forbusiness-centric monitoringand support for emergingtechnologies, was selectedto replace severalmonitoring products.Atrion Enhances Managed Services, Profit Margins withCA NimsoftCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.10 Reduced training and administrationcosts. Cut repair times by as much as 50%. Expanded service catalog and revenuestreams. Improved service profitability. Enhanced ability to demonstratebusiness value.Established in 1987, Atrion Networking Corporation has beenoffering managed services for more than 14 years. Atrion’sofferings span the full IT management lifecycle, including design,implementation, ongoing break-fi x support, proactive andreactive managed services, and optimization. Today, Atrionmonitors the “always on” infrastructures of mid to largeenterprises, supporting clients that have anywhere from a coupleof hundred to 2500 employees.
  • Challenge Servecentricadministrators neededcomprehensivemonitoring of itsvirtualized and cloudenvironments, so theycould track, manage andoptimize service levels.ResultsSolution CA Nimsoft Monitordeployed to identify,troubleshoot andaddress issues in clients’IT infrastructures. Thesolution enables them towork with, and respondto, individual clients withtailored, responsiveservice—without havingto reinvent the wheelevery time.CA Nimsoft Helps Leading Managed Services OperatorServecentric Deliver Confidence in the CloudCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.11Transformed IT: Streamlined monitoring administrationsaves time and money Improved service levels and SLAcompliance Timely, intuitive reporting helped buildcustomer trust Optimized the use of all resourcesEstablished in 2002, Dublin-based Servecentric isone of Ireland’s leading managed service providersand data center operators. The company has anextensive portfolio of clients, serving organizationsin the public sector, gaming, legal, financialservices, technology and other industries.
  • Challenge Skygone needed to beable to provide servicelevel reporting to itscustomers to proveuptime and availability. The company wanted toprovide its customerswith faster time-to-resolution for issues.ResultsSolution CA Nimsoft providesSkygone with the abilityto identify andtroubleshoot clientissues quickly andenables the company toreport on service levelsand monitor activitythrough a unifiedmanagement consoleusing fewer resources.CA Nimsoft Equips Skygone with Service Level Reportingthat Supports 24/7 OperationsCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.12Transformed IT: A unified console for monitoring andreporting on service levels A streamlined and powerful approachto issue resolution Optimization of people and IT resourcesSkygone Inc. provides enterprise-class CloudComputing resources and services to Federal,Commercial, and Global customers. With anexpertise and focus on Geospatial (GIS) technology,Data Caching, and Security, they manage complexapplications, up-time standards, and delivery ofpetabytes of data content.
  • Challenge In the process of migrating atraditional product andservices model to a cloudplus services model, ThomasDuryea Consulting wanted todifferentiate itself in themarket by providingproductized offerings such asmanaged support andoutsourcing. The companyneeded a remote monitoringsolution to enable theseofferings.ResultsSolution Thomas Duryea Consultingdeployed the CA NimsoftMonitoring Solution (NMS) tomonitor and manage itsscalable IT managed servicesportfolio as an integratedcomponent of its MinderSupport Services Suite. WithNMS, Thomas Duryea canremotely monitor dozens ofunique customer ITenvironments through asingle interface.Thomas Duryea Adds Value to Cloud Service Offerings withCA Nimsoft Monitoring SolutionCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.13Transformed IT: Improves scalability and support for real-timemanagement of high-volume, high-transactionIT infrastructures. Enables Thomas Duryea to identify andaddress potential problems proactively. Supports SLA compliance, while reducing thetime and effort required to monitor thoseenvironments. Empowers efficient growth while keeping pacewith demand for 24x7 network surveillance.Thomas Duryea Consulting is a trusted, privatelyowned supplier to companies across the Asia Pacificregion. They design, plan, implement and manageinnovative, world-class IT infrastructure solutions.
  • Challenge Troubadour needed a highlyscalable monitoring solutionfor its new virtual data center(VDC) that could supportmultiple clients and providerich functionality andcustomization. Ideally, thesame solution could beunbundled and used for on-premise monitoring, as wellas for VDC customers.ResultsSolution Troubadour deployed the CANimsoft Monitoring Solution(NMS) and created a serviceoffering called ClientView.Troubadour creates a ClientView Like No Other with CANimsoft Monitoring SolutionCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.14Transformed IT:• Differentiates Troubadour in the serviceprovider marketplace with highly scalablemonitoring and alerting capabilities providedto clients as an affordable monthly service.• Helps the company provide optimalperformance and availability of its cloud-basedand on-premise services.• Provides incremental revenue streams basedon new service offering.• Enables a flexible pricing model formonitoring.• Improves customer satisfaction withcustomized dashboards..Thomas Duryea Consulting is a trusted, privatelyowned supplier to companies across the Asia Pacificregion. They design, plan, implement and manageinnovative, world-class IT infrastructure solutions.
  • Challenge Virtustream needed acost-effective solution tointegrate into its serviceofferings, to providepowerful capabilities toits customers.ResultsSolution Nimsoft providesVirtustream with theability to provide easy-to-use and powerful servicedesk capabilities to itscustomers at lower costwith less customization. IBM’s offering was farmore complex andrequired a high level ofprofessional servicesinvolvement.CA Nimsoft Provides Virtustream with UnparalleledMonitoring Breadth and DepthCopyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.15Transformed IT:• Nimsoft helped Virtustream integrateand package powerful service deskcapabilities into its offerings.• The company cut costs and decreasedcomplexity by choosing Nimsoft overIBM.Virtustream is a leading cloud innovator offeringenterprise class cloud solutions to enterprises,governments and service providers. Virtustreamenables businesses to move complex productionapplications to the cloud - whether private, publicor hybrid - while delivering the full economic andbusiness benefits of the cloud.