How the Big Data of APM can Supercharge DevOps


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In the age where applications reign supreme, your organizations must be agile in application performance management and app development in order to meet the market demands and stay competitive. Even with mature APM solutions, developer, test and operations teams are strained by operational complexity, accelerated release schedules, and big data challenges to quickly find the root cause of issues affecting end user experience.

The power of advanced analytics and data science can help us make the most of the vast cache of APM data we collect and help our DevOps teams supercharge user experience. It’s time to take some of the load off of our humans and let technology make it easier to focus on meaningful changes in user, application and system behavior. Analytics are becoming a valuable component of APM solutions to redefine triage, improve application quality, and delight the end-user.

In a webcast on August 7th, 2014, Ken Godskind, Chief blogger and Analyst, shared how the big data of APM can supercharge your DevOps transformation. Chris Kline, Senior Director, CA Technologies followed Ken and discussed how the Advanced Behavior Analytics capability of CA APM can assist in this journey.

Ken and Chris used this slide set during the webcast which can be viewed at

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How the Big Data of APM can Supercharge DevOps

  1. 1. whoami Ken Godskind @KenGodskind, @APMexaminer Florida Keys fanatic :)
  2. 2. Why this is so important?
  3. 3. The world’s gone digital •Item 1 •Item 2 •Item 3 •Item 4
  4. 4. Results Business outcomes User experience Application Performance Management Applications
  5. 5. APM Challenges for DevOps •We are going faster! •App delivery is more complex •False alarms •Root cause •Big data
  6. 6. Challenge #1: We are going faster!
  7. 7. Challenge #2: complexity •Modern modularized webscalearchitecture •Virtualization •Cloud •3rdparty APIs and components •Support for multitude of devices and networks
  8. 8. Challenge #3: time to find root cause Identify –Fix –Test -Deploy
  9. 9. Challenge #4: False alarms
  10. 10. Challenge #5: Big Data
  11. 11. Dashboard Overload!!!
  12. 12. We need some power tools!
  13. 13. The Power of Analytics •Automatic •Reduce false alarms •Root causes isolation •Identifying problems earlier •Awareness of unknown failures Risk Reduction
  14. 14. It’s automatic! adjective 1.(of a device or process) working by itself with little or no direct human control. "an automatic kettle that switches itself off when it boils" synonyms:mechanized, mechanical, automated, computerized, electronic, robotic;
  15. 15. Reduce false alarms
  16. 16. Root cause isolation
  17. 17. Awareness of unknown failures •1 •2 •3 •4 Identifying problems earlier
  18. 18. Analytics are a safety system
  19. 19. Chris Kline Senior Director, Product Management CA Technologies
  20. 20. CA APM ABA Goes Beyond Single Metric MonitoringOne-of-a-kind Advanced Statistical Engine to Detect Anomalies •Automatically configures to eliminate errors •Instantly starts determining what’s “normal” •Processes 100,000 multi-variant metrics •Provides metrics in 15-second intervals •Intelligent pattern matching shows you how one item impacts another item FULLY INTEGRATED INTO THE APM USER EXPERIENCE Automatically Configures & Starts Working
  21. 21. Application Behavior Analytics (ABA) is INCLUDED with upgrade to v9.5 or higher • Automatically configures to easily install and eliminate chance of errors • Instantly starts learning what’s “normal” in your app environment • Anomaly Detection process 100,000 multi-variant metrics per 15-second interval in real-time • Intelligent pattern matching shows you how changes in one metric may affect changes in other metric(s) • Fast, easy, root cause analysis to find problems BEFORE they impact users Redefine Triage With Operational Intelligence Analytic compute power automatically finds metrics to help you act decisively ABA: A Different Type of Analysis • Takes multiple data sources • Analyzes in aggregate • Fully integrated into APM user experience • Available with APM 9.5 at no charge Network End User Web Servers App Servers Database Middleware Messaging Mainframe Application Behavior Analytics
  22. 22. Real World Example
  23. 23. Analysis Workbench
  24. 24. Application Triage Map
  25. 25. Application Triage Map
  26. 26. Application Triage Map
  27. 27. Application Behavior Analytics
  28. 28. Application Behavior Analytics
  29. 29. Application Behavior Analytics
  30. 30. Application Behavior Analytics
  31. 31. Application Behavior Analytics
  32. 32. Application Behavior Analytics
  33. 33. Application Behavior Analytics
  34. 34. Application Behavior Analytics
  35. 35. Application Behavior Analytics
  36. 36. Application Behavior Analytics
  37. 37. Application Behavior Analytics
  38. 38. Application Behavior Analytics
  39. 39. Application Behavior Analytics
  40. 40. Application Behavior Analytics
  41. 41. Application Behavior Analytics
  42. 42. Application Behavior Analytics
  43. 43. Cracking the Code on APM Big DataApplication Behavior Analytics Part of an Integrated Solution •It’s all about the application users •Solve problems before they impact users •Thresholds & Single Metrics Approach drives the “blame game” •ABA uses multi-variate metrics, auto config & pattern matching. •Over 1000 large Enterprises use CA APM INTELLIGENT ANALYTICS / DEEP VISABILITY / SCALES FOR TRUST Included at no cost with CA APM 9.5 & Higher
  44. 44.