Accelerating Traction in the Market for Your Managed Service Offerings

Accelerating Traction in the Market for Your Managed Service Offerings



What is working in the marketplace in 2013 to drive top line revenue and higher conversions? How can we turn the IT Services curious to the converted - and faster? This action packed 60 minutes will ...

What is working in the marketplace in 2013 to drive top line revenue and higher conversions? How can we turn the IT Services curious to the converted - and faster? This action packed 60 minutes will leave you with numerous campaign ideas, and proven sales tools proven to deliver results. Enough Strategy -- Hear from CA MSP partner Rackspace on marketing tactics that are driving revenue today.



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    Accelerating Traction in the Market for Your Managed Service Offerings Accelerating Traction in the Market for Your Managed Service Offerings Presentation Transcript

    • Accelerating Traction in the Market for Your Managed Service Offerings GP010SN FOCUS AREA:  SERVICE LEVEL PARTNER
    • Scott Whitright , Enterp Sol MktgAndrew Spoeth – CA Social Media MktgBeth Barach – CA Svc Provider MktgSteve Stewart – CA Service Provider Mktg
    • 3 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Overall  Agenda3 CA Cloud WorkshopMarch 16,2013Speaker RUN TIME TOPIC NotesSteve 5 mins Intro Agenda Run throughSteve 10 mins B2B MktgSegmentation Strategy, Content Mktg, Beth 5 mins CA Tools CA PoP, CA Partner portal Andrew 15 mins Social Media MktgScott W Rackspace 20 mins Case StudyCAS Relaunch core campaign elements. Planning for the Surge Events. Q & A 
    • 4 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Marketing Enablement4
    • 5 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.$2,356 $2,403 $2,451 $2,500 $2,550$2,094 $2,267 $2,443 $2,627 $2,819$1,153$1,220$1,288$1,339$1,364Estimated CA Software Opportunity for Service ProvidersShifting to Managing and Securing Cloud Services5$6382014 2015 2016CAGR = 10%Cloud Services2013$6,903IS Outsourcing $1,0132012$6,241$7,673$8,448$9,154$1,491$1,982$2,421In $ Millions12‐16 CAGR%40%4%2%CA Software opportunity within SP segments8%Source: CA Market Intelligence team opportunity based on calendar year market revenue aligned to CA’s organizational structureApplication Mgmt / BPOManaged Networkand Desktop Services
    • 6 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.The Managed Service Provider Center of Excellence (COE)Best practices content, templates and individuals focused solely on the enablement of our service provider partners.Service CatalogPricing & PackagingService DeliverySLAs/SLOsOnboardingDelivering ValueOperational Go‐to MarketPositioningLaunch PlanningMarketing CollateralSales ToolsDemand GenerationExecutionStrategicAdvocacyService Offering RoadmapBusiness ModelGTM StrategyOur Goals:• Helping you grow and maintain momentum• Evolve your business and offerings• Sharing leading practices to overcome hurdles and challenges  providers encounter
    • 7 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.An Over‐Simplified Revenue Reality Q: Where Does Channel Revenue Come From? A:  An Integrated Go‐To‐Market Process• Alignment• Marketing Plan• Alignment• Marketing PlanMarketing• Messages• Campaigns• Tactics• Messages• Campaigns• TacticsDemand Generation • Qualified Leads• Forecast• Qualified Leads• ForecastPipeline• Sales Cycle• Negotiation / Winning• Sales Cycle• Negotiation / WinningSales ExecutionREVENUEWhere Does The Marketing Job End … And The Sales Team’s Job Begin?
    • 8 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Fundamental Marketing Principles• Marketing is Defined by WHO You Sell To• Define Strategy First …                                                                    Plan Campaigns Second …                                                             Develop Tactics Last• Messages Must Be Adapted to Audience + Strategy• Focus + Execution Lead to Credibility + Opportunity• Protect, Maximize, and Grow Your Customer Base• Start With Your Core … Then Expand Your ReachDIVERSIFICATIONMARKET DEVELOPMENTSOLUTION DEVELOPMENTMARKET PENETRATIONMarketing Strategy MatrixExisting Solutions New SolutionsExisting CustomersNew CustomersHigh Risk / High Reward Strategy … Low Priority8
    • 9 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Ability to react on uneven demand loads• Seasonality• Time of the day• Unpredictable events• Industry agnostic• CA Automation Suite• Upsell & Cross Sell • Lowest Sales & Marketing Cost• Control & flexibility• Banking • Aerospace• Healthcare / Insurance• Government• Oil & Gas• SMBBuilding a cloud that meets regulatory requirements, i.e. • HIPPA• PCI • EU Data Privacy Service Level StrategyCompliance StrategyVertical Market StrategyInstall Base StrategyDistinguishing Your Cloud Offerings4 Potential Strategies
    • 10 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Customer Segmentation & Prioritization Market Segmentation Best Practices– Customer Size … number of users / annual revenue– Customer Type … business model / operating structure– Customer IT Strategy … early adopter / value adopter A detailed customer profile is your most valuable asset– Customer Segment Description– Customer Decision Maker Description– Customer Business Objectives– Competitors and Alternatives– Customer‐Specific Business CaseCustomer SizeCustomer TypeCustomer IT Strategy
    • 11 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Stage 1:PROMOTEGenerating Initial ResponsesStage 2:QUALIFYEstablishing Qualified LeadsStage 3:ENGAGEEngaging Qualified OpportunitiesStage 4:SELLWinning The DealStage 5:RETAINRetaining The Customer•Telemarketing•SEO•Web 2.0•Referrals•Advertising(Niche)•Public Relations•Referrals•Web 2.0•Sales Training•Telesales•Seminars/Events•White Paper, etc.•Seminars/Events•Case Studies•Sales Training•Solution Config.•Collateral•Web Advertising•Testimonials•Demos / Trials•Incentives•References•Website•Proposal /Presentations•Acct. Mgmt.•QBR Meetings•Cust. Portal•Email Mktg.•Newsletter•Incentives/RewardsBuilding A Repeatable Marketing “System”
    • 12 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.How Many Leads Do You Need?• Do “Backwards Math” to determine your lead generation requirements … tied directly to your revenue goalsCA Cloud Workshop 12# OF TOUCHES# OF RESPONSES# OF LEADS # OF SALESREVENUE GOALRESPONSE RATE (%)QUALIFIED RATE (%)CONVERSION RATE (%)AVERAGE DEAL SIZE ($)• Targeting• Messaging• Call To Action• Repetition• Solution Match• Profile Match• Participation• Authority• Engagement• Proof Case• Sales Cycle• Negotiation• Customer Size• Contract Term• Service Pkg.• Avg. Price Point
    • 13 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Content MarketingPoP Campaign Assets – Rackspace Example13• Partner Marketing Funds for content development • List development assistance• Tailored email marketing campaigns to different stakeholders• Turn Key campaign management  with reporting
    • Sales & Mktg ToolsBeth Barach 
    • 15 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.15Enabling Global Partners with CA POP!Turnkey Content Syndication, Marketing Automation & Demand Generation Establish a Pipeline of Automatically Updating ContentDeliver Results & Demonstrate Channel ROIAutomate Email Campaign Management for PartnersTie Campaign Activity to Vendor‐Created Content on Partner WebsitesMEASURABLE RESULTSMARKETING AUTOMATIONCHANNEL EMAIL CAMPAIGNSCONTENT SYNDICATIONGENERATE LEADS EASY AND FAST . . .  Select a campaign Provide your company information Execute your digital campaign Respond to the generated leads
    • 16 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved. For Partners, on the MyCA Partner Portal ”  Partner Portal 16
    • How to Grow Business and Thrive with Social MediaGP010SN FOCUS AREA:  SERVICE LEVEL PARTNERAndrew SpoethSocial Media Marketing
    • 18 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Everybody is talking about social media.18
    • 19 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Number of searches for “Social Media” in Google
    • 20 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.
    • 21 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.
    • 22 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.
    • 23 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Social Media growth at CA Technologies
    • 24 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Opportunity KnocksIndividuals and enterprises alike can grow brand awareness and credibility using social media.24Social Media for Personal BrandSocial Media for the Enterprise
    • 26 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.1. Build a Roadmap26• Decide what totrack and why• Do a reality check• Set goalsand targets• Get the team onboard
    • 27 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.2. Grow Your Audience27• LinkedIn Company Profileand Group• Twitter• Facebook• Cross-Promote
    • 28 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.3. Increase Engagement• Active vs. Passive engagement• Build relationships• Produce relevant and remarkable content
    • 29 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.4. Generate Leads• Direct vs. Indirect lead generation• Open up content where possible• Blog opportunity
    • 30 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.5. Think like a publisherJuly Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.
    • 31 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Publish Regularly and Leverage Advocates
    • 32 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Not all networks are created equalReal-time sharing industry news, and quick response toquestions and newsPosition yourself as a thought leaderMedia library / How-to’s / EntertainmentAdditional distribution through Tube Mogul, iTunes, etc.Content hub, consolidate and reference other channels.Part of website and key driver of inbound organic searchtraffic (SEO)Communication among community.Personable side of your brand.Channel Content Strategy
    • 33 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.How to Grow Business and Thrive with Social Media1. Draw the Roadmap2. Grow your Audience3. Increase Engagement4. Generate Leads5. Think Like a Publisher
    • 34 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Which social networks do you use professionally?
    • Three Things You Can Start This Week
    • 36 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Connect.Listen.Engage.
    • 37 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.SocialMediaMagic?
    • Accelerating Traction in the Market for Your Managed Service Offerings GP010SN FOCUS AREA:  SERVICE LEVEL PARTNERScott WhitrightEnterprise Solution Marketing
    • 39 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.RACKSPACE® HOSTING200,000+CUSTOMERS89,000+ SERVERS5,000+RACKERS9 WORLDWIDEDATA CENTERSGLOBALFOOTPRINTCUSTOMERS IN120+ COUNTRIES60%FORTUNE® 100OFTHEWE SERVEAnnualized RevenueOVER $1.3BILLION $$$$PORTFOLIO OFHOSTED SOLUTIONSDedicated - Cloud - HybridA LEADERGartner Magic Quadrantfor Managed Hosting“We consider our leadership position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting providers as further confirmation that Fanatical Support® provides great IT outcomes for our customers.”Lanham Napier, CEO, RackspaceRev. 2.2013
    • 40 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Marketing & Sales Enablement for Rackspace Critical Application ServicesSelling DecksWhite PapersCheat Sheets Field Events Case StudiesWebsite
    • 41 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Best Practice:  GTM PLANNING“GTM WORKSHOP w/CA Technologies”PLANNING BEST PRACTICESPositioningTarget Audience• Strategy session to Brainstorm GTM for New, Expanded, Highend Service• Integrate Key Vendor/Partner into Rackspace planning.• Included KEY Leads across:  Support, Sales, Engineering, Mktg, ProductCHALLENGES:   • Overcoming  “Internal GROUP THINK”• “Our own Arrogance – We do things differently”• New team membersExecution• GTM Survey/Worksheet (20 Q’s)• Series of 3 Con Calls to Review Datapoints & Prep CA Team• 1‐day Onsite Results• Established, deeper relationship• Identified Roles & Responsibilities & additional CA Resources• Established an ongoing, cadence• Identified multiple opportunities for RAX to engage
    • 42 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Best Practice:  Event Marketing  “Strategize for the SPIKE”PLANNING BEST PRACTICESTargeted:  ~2100, RAX IB Customers (>$1B rev) in US, ~3600 in UKDirectors & Above, Business & ITPositionedEvent:Executive Strategy sessionSolving Business Problem vs. Pitching ProductHighlighted our Capabilities (Before, During & After a Surge Event)NO SALES REPSEXECUTION BEST PRACTICESLimitParticipationOnly those Rackers who had a defined role.Established a “Sharing” environmentFormat Engage in a Dialog vs. PPT’ing to death.FacilitateMeetingLead the conversation and where you want it to goGet participants engaged, talking, white boardingNote taker Capture insights (bonus: Broadcast in realtime)Sales Handoff Coached Sales on areas they should focus their efforts Be Prescriptive (outlined top 3 things Reps can do immediately)Networking Use the time before, during & after for feedback, insight & queuing next question/topic.Field Events
    • 43 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Best Practice:  Event Marketing  “Strategize for the SPIKE”"Expected more of a Sales Pitch, than true content, thank you!”"We now have a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for cloud architecture." “Good exploration of issues and ways to position and address implementation, scaling and support issues” Field Events
    • 44 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.Launch!GTM Timeline ‐ Highlights2012 ‐ Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4CA/RAX Workshop• Develop Service• Align Product, Sales, Mktg, Support, LegalCollateral• FAQs• Datasheet(s)• Selling Deck(s)PR / AR Outreach• (20) Articles • (12) BriefingsSales Enablement• (2) White PapersDevelop• Messaging• Pricing• GTM PlanWebsite• Enterprise Section• Critical App Services• Adobe CQPress Release• (6) Partner QuotesLegal• Refresh SLAsCommunications• T‐ Weekly (Internal)Internal Training• Web Scale Engineers• Enterprise Sales • MarketingInternal Training• OngoingCustomer Briefings Customer BriefingsEvent(s):• Advisory Services+ Critical Application Services • “Strategize for the Spike” (US/UK)• CA Panel Discussion @ TM Forum 2012
    • 45 Copyright © 2013 CA. All rights reserved.1. Alignment of Resources– Add 2‐4 extra weeks to your GTM schedule – 2x Legal SLAs, Contracts, Pricing etc.2. Leverage CA Resources Early & Often– Don’t re‐invent the wheel– Developing Offer / Value Prop / Awareness– Joint Webinars, Panels, Programs, Speakers– Establish a regular cadence3. Keep Calm, Nothing is Perfect – Iterate, Evolve, Move ForwardKey Learning & Highlights
    • Scott Whitright , Enterp Sol Mktg@swhitrightAndrew Spoeth – CA Social Media Mktg@AndrewSpoethBeth Barach – CA Svc Provider Mktg@bethbarachSteve Stewart – CA Service Provider Mktg@EstebanStewart
    • Thank You