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CA ERwin Data Modeler End User Presentation
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CA ERwin Data Modeler End User Presentation



Published in Technology
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  • 1. November 2009
    Presented by: Osman Haque,
    Global Strategy & Partner Enablement Lead, Data Modeling
    Be a Hero with CA ERwin Modeling
  • 2. Introductions
    Osman Haque
    Global Strategy & Partner Enablement Lead
    GSAT Data Modeling
    Osman leads the global sales acceleration of the ERwin product line. He has been with CA, Inc. for over 5 years working in various capacities such as senior presales consultant, SWAT, engineering services architect, and senior technology strategist. Osman is an expert in the ERwin Data Modeler family of products and comes with over 8 years of experience working with ERwin. He develops and executes the strategy needed to make ERwin successful to customers, partners, and to CA, Inc. Osman has been invited to speak at various events and technology forums, including CA World on various topics related to best practices in data modeling.
      He has a strong technical background combined with strong business acumen. He holds various degrees: Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Univ. of Maryland, Executive Certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University, Master of Science in Information Systems, and is currently completing his global MBA from the Univ. of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler School of Business partnered with 4 others international universities {Rotterdam School of Management (RSM Erasmus) in Europe, Sao Paulo FundacaoGetulio Vargas University (FGV-EAESP) in Brazil, the TEC University of Monterrey (EGADE) in Mexico, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.}
  • 3. Agenda
    To understand what Data Modeling is.
    To understand why a company needs to Data Model.
    To understand why the ERwin suite of product is the right solution.
    What’s in R7.3?
  • 4. What is Database Modeling?
    A MODEL is a graphical representation of a complex object, system or concept clarified through textual explanation
    E.g. A blueprint
    A DATABASE MODEL is a graphical representation of a database which is depicted by using an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
    Data Model (ERD)
  • 5. SQL vs. Model
    product_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    product_name VARCHAR(50) NULL,
    product_price NUMBER NULL);
    ADD ( PRIMARY KEY (product_id) ) ;
    department_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    department_name VARCHAR(50) NULL);
    ADD ( PRIMARY KEY (department_id) ) ;
    department_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    employee_fname VARCHAR(50) NULL,
    employee_lname VARCHAR(50) NULL,
    employee_ssn CHAR(9) NULL);
    ADD ( PRIMARY KEY (employee_id) ) ;
    customer_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    customer_name VARCHAR(50) NULL,
    customer_address VARCHAR(150) NULL,
    customer_city VARCHAR(50) NULL,
    customer_state CHAR(2) NULL,
    customer_zip CHAR(9) NULL);
    ADD ( PRIMARY KEY (customer_id) ) ;
    zorder_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    employee_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    customer_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    zorder_date DATE NULL);
    ADD ( PRIMARY KEY (zorder_id) ) ;
    “A picture is worth a thousand words”
  • 6. Why Do You Need a Data Model?
    With a single graphical model, you can manage multiple databases on diverse platforms.
    SQL Server
  • 7. Why Do You Need a Data Model?
    Would you navigate a strange city without a map?
    • Maybe…you could always read the road signs
  • Why Do You Need a Data Model?
    • But what if you were traveling in several foreign cities, and couldn’t possibly learn every language for your trip?
  • CA ERwin is your GPS for databases
    • ERwin provides a Roadmap for multiple Database Platforms
    • 8. Automated
    • 9. Graphical
    • 10. Easy-to-Use
    • 11. Saves Time and Frustration
    • 12. Understands & Translates multiple database “languages”
    • 13. A must-have for any modern technical professional
  • CA ERwin® Data Modeler
  • 14. What happens if we don’t Data Model?
    Database may be missing critical information
    Database development/maintenance time and cost are increased – over-budget!
    Poor database design – unstable system
    Missed project deadlines
  • 15. Modeling Suite Overview
  • 16. ERP
    Database Management &
    Data Warehouse
    Center of Your Data Management Initiatives
    Types of Project Areas:
    Application Development
    Business Intelligence (BI)
    CA ERwin®
    Data Modeler
    Master Data Management (MDM)
  • 17. ERwin
    ERwin Data
    ERwin Data
    ERwin Data
    Other ODBC
    CA ERwin® Modeling Components
    Model Manager
    Model Manager
  • 18. CA ERwin Data Modeler
    Forward Engineer
    Design an ERD and generate code for specific target database based on the design
    Reverse Engineer
    Connect to a database catalog or read a script file and create an ERD
    Automates complete bidirectional synchronization of models and databases
    Out of the box model and meta data exchange
  • 19. CA ERwin Model Manager
    Collaborative model access and persistence
    Check-in/Check-out approach
    Models and Sub-Models (Subject Areas)
    Model library management
    Security and access management
    Version management and control
    Impact analysis and conflict resolution
    Global and library reporting
    Hosted on: MS SQL Server, Oracle or Sybase RDBMS
  • 20. Introducing ERwin® Data Profiler
    New Product added to ERwin Modeling Family
    Integrates with ERwin Data Modeler
    Can also be used as stand-alone product
    Distribution agreement with Exeros (
    Derivative of TDWI winner of “Innovative MDM Product of the Year” 2008 Exeros Discovery
    Provides Cross-System Data Profiling
    Robust Column-level Profiling Statistics
    Cross-system Data Analysis
    Primary-Key Foreign Key Discovery
    Export to CA ERwin Data Modeler – linking model design with data values
  • 21. CA ERwin Saphir Option
    Extracts and stores cryptic metadata from ERP/EAP packages such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel
    Reduces reliance expensive consultants lowering costs
    Ability to browse & subset metadata and export into an ERwin DM model
    Leverages the visualization and design capabilities of the industry leading data modeling solution
  • 22. CA ERwin Data Model Validator
    Essential design and performance validation
    Valuable “Teach Me” facility
    User configurable
    Generates “fixes” for the database
    Works with ERwin Data Modeler models, schemas and/or databases
    CA ERwin Process Modeler
    Functional Decomposition(IDEF0), Workflow(IDEF3) and Dataflow Modeling (Gane and Sarsons DFD)
    Activity Based Costing
    Integration with CA ERwin Data Modeler
    CA ERwin Model Navigator
    Read-only access to ERwin data and process models
    Model analysis and metadata reporting
    CA ERwin Modeling Add-ons
  • 23. What’s in r7.3?
  • 24. CA ERwin® Data Modeler – R7.3 Enhancements
    ODBC-Based Metadata Access
    SQL Query Tool
    Crystal Reports
    Forward Engineering Template Editor
    Teradata Currency
    Universal File Close
    ERwin Bookshelf and Compiled HTML Help
  • 25. CA ERwin® Data Modeler – R7.3 Changes
    Complete Compare
    New options
    Incremental improvements
    Triggers – real vs. virtual
    Macros – TLX and EML
    Database and Operating System Support
  • 26. Teradata Currency
    Exploitation support for v2.6.x, v12 and v13 support
    Forward Engineering
    Reverse Engineering
    Complete Compare
    Teradata-specific check model validations
    12 categories of checks
    Almost 60 different checks
    CA worked directly with Teradata development Groups
  • 27. ODBC-Based Metadata Access
    ODBC read-only driver included with base product
    User controlled activation and deactivation (“Tools/Options/Integrations” dialog)
    Compliant with ANSI 92 specifications
    Only query syntax (SELECT statement) supported at this time
    Use with any standard ODBC query/reporting capable tool e.g.,
    Crystal Reports, Cognos (commercial)
    LogiXML, Pentaho (open-source)
    Excel, Access (MS Office apps)
    Current model, all ERwin Data Modeler metadata
    No database or repository required
  • 28. SQL Query Tool
    Built-in, easy to use facility to query:
    Current or other open model
    Database catalog
    Access to:
    Model objects and properties
    Metadata defining model objects and properties
    The modeling session Action Log
    Used to:
    CREATE and SAVE queries (.QRY format)
    Save query results (.CSV format)
  • 29. Sample Query Tool Output
    Query entry area
    Query results
  • 30. Forward Engineering Template Editor
    Create, view modify FE template files (.FET)
    Review and/or print default templates
    Define template customizations
    Existing macros and new TLX scripting language supported
  • 31. Template IDE
  • 32. Macros
    “Official” introduction of Template Language (TLX) – ERwin Data Modeler’s new template/macro language for FE templates
    Existing macros still available and accessible via macro toolbox
    Domain Dictionary dialog
    Model Naming Options dialog
    Pre and Post Scripts dialog
    Triggers dialog
    FE Template Editor provides access to TLX macro documentation
    New technical documentation – the Template Language and Macro Reference Guide (all macros)
  • 33. Universal File Close
    Replaces several different CLOSE dialogs in earlier versions
    Standardized “look-and-feel”
    Enhanced functionality
  • 34. Universal Close Dialog
    Session Files
  • 35. Updated Help Documentation
    ERwin Modeling Bookshelf
    Replaces “deprecated” Windows HELP
    Full search and indexing capability
    Comprehensive table of contents
    Easier Navigation
    Context sensitive HELP (<F1>)
  • 36. CA ERwin Modeling Bookshelf
    “Clickable documentation links
  • 37. Complete Compare
    Optimized “Three-way” merge (ERwin MM)
    New advanced options:
    Auto-Resolve Missing UDPs
    Display Unified Attributes
    Select Active Subject Area
    Ignore Code Comments
    Miscellaneous improvements:
    Compare only ALIGNED objects
    Type resolution wizard (new – replaces previous dialog box)
    Demand loading optimized and used for all DB Sync operations (cannot be changed)
    "Hide Unselected Objects“ added to the Object Selection panes
    Range selection functionality
    Type Selection filtering applied during compares
    "Explain" Button Added
  • 38. Triggers
    Can create “real” trigger objects from ERwin triggers
    Trigger objects can be:
    Used in ALTER scripts
    Included in Complete Compare scenarios
    Associated with model templates
    New checkbox on “Model Properties/RI Defaults” dialog
    FE can automatically generate MISSING RI triggers
    RE can include “generated” triggers in process
  • 39. Database and Operating System Support
    Teradata v2.6.x, v12 and v13
    Oracle 11.x
    Microsoft Vista
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team System for Database Professionals
    Ingres 2.5
    Oracle 8i
    Progress 8.x
    SQL Server 7.0
    Windows 2000
  • 40. CA ERwin® Modeling Questions?
  • 41. Bottom Line….
    In today’s tough economy, IT resources are being asked to do more with less:
    More databases to manage
    More platforms to support
    Fewer people to do the work.
     CA ERwin helps you face these challenges and look like a hero in their organization by:
    Reducing the amount of time and money spent learning to code for every platform
    Improving database performance through visual design
    Increasing data quality through standardization and reuse
  • 42. Bottom Line…
    More Database Platforms to Support
    Most organizations have more than one database platform—it’s hard to be an expert in all
    The number of databases is growing, with more and more applications to support
    CA ERwin can manage multiple databases from a single, graphical design.
     Fewer Staff and Resources
    Most organizations are cutting back on IT staff, making it difficult to manage these growing databases.
    Skill sets for individual databases are very specialized. It is unrealistic (and expensive) to have multiple experts for all platforms.
    CA ERwin can replace the need to have experts in every platform—by managing multiple databases from a graphical model.
  • 43. Bottom Line…
    Migrating Database Platforms
    Many organizations are trying to consolidate databases into a single platform
    CA ERwin can help in the migration process by translating the data structures from one platform to another.
    Integrating Data from Multiple Sources
    Many organization are trying to integrate multiple systems – as a result of mergers and acquisitions, or for data warehousing,
    CA ERwin helps create a single view of these data structures and creates standards
  • 44. CA ERwin Data Modeling Licensing
    CA ERwin Data Modeler (Main), ERwin Process Modeler, ERwin Model Navigator, ERwin Model Validator
    Licensed per user
    No concurrent licensing available
    CA ERwin Model Manager (formerly known as Model Mart)
    Licensed per user –installed on server (Oracle or SQL Server DB)
    CA ERwin Modeling Suite Bundle
    Price book sku created to sell 1 user license for ERwin Data Modeler, ERwin Model Manager, ERwin Data Model Validator and ERwin Process Modeler under one sku at a discount
    DOES NOT include ERwin Model Navigator nor ERwin Saphir Option
    Special Maintenance Renewal Upgrade Sku to Bundle with 3 yrs Maintenance
  • 45. Let’s Test Your ERwin Knowledge!